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Supply and demand status of customer service and management talent.

Author: ZhengXiuYun From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-30 01:23:08 Read:
[Abstract] the customer economy era to Chinese enterprise, enterprise to a large number of high-quality customer service and management talent.Based on in-depth research in the present situation of supply and demand of talent service to customers in China at the present stage and administration, analyzes and summarizes the characteristics of customer service and management occupation post, the customer service and management talent market demand remained strong, broad prospects, and the culture behind the status quo is fundamental, put forward some constructive opinions of opening a client service and management in the higher occupation colleges.
[keyword] occupation post; demand analysis; developing status of

[Abstract] Customer economy times lays bare the high-caliber customer who has arrived at Chinese enterprise longing for a great quantity in front of enterprise, serving and managing talented person. But analyse the characteristic having summed up a customer serving and managing occupation post on basis being in progress surveying in depth in the talented person supply and demand current situation serving and managing to our country the present stage customer, the market demand having made clear that the customer serves and manages talented person continues for exuberantly, the prospect is vast, train current situation but be the ultimacy lagging, have brought forward constructive idea establishing a customer serving and managing special field in advanced occupation universities and colleges.

[Key words] the Occupation post; Talented person need analysis; Train current situation

With the improvement of people's living level, the market more and more independence, pure product and technology can no longer meet the customers increasingly personalized, diversified, multi-level needs.To customer demand as the center, in order to conduct the operation of enterprises and the allocation of resources of the customer economy emerge as the times require.Multinational companies are highly pay attention to customer -- the limited resources, the global top 500 enterprises will be "customer service center" as the core of Department of construction, "how to face this landmark project customer economy" to the contemporary Chinese enterprises, enterprises eager to a large number of high-quality customer service and management talent.
Customer service and management of the rapid development as a new occupation categories, caused widespread concern in the community.The author through the customer service and management talent recruitment data for a period of 6 months of tracking and acquisition of chinahr.com, the Strait of Fujian talent network and other famous talent site, at the same time, telephone (letter) survey, interview the manufacturing industry, finance and insurance industry, industry, communication industry flow related departments, IT digital and other dozens of enterprises., for customer service and management talent supply and demand situation made a preliminary investigation on.

Analysis of
1 customer service and management of occupation

Due to the employing units to customer service and management job nature, hierarchical name setting although each are not identical, but through surveys, customer service and management occupation post can be divided into two classes and three types "".
According to the nature of the work can be divided into sales and services such as the two major categories of customer service.Sales customer service is mainly responsible for the customer development, sales, service orders, sales functions, business customers are mainly responsible for answering calls, complaints, accept the order transaction function.
According to the post level can be divided into management type, technology type and skill type three kinds of customer service and management position (see Table 1).

2 customer service and management talented person's demand analysis of

With the aggravation of the market competition after China's entry into WTO, especially the empirical world top 500 enterprises have specialized customer service management, through the service for customers is becoming more and more important, to "take the customer as the center" concept has been accepted by more and more Chinese enterprises.At present, manufacturing industry, financial industry, consulting industry, retail, logistics warehousing, postal, IT digital communication, advertising media, electric power and other industries generally exists on the number of customer service and management talent considerable demand.
2.1 customer service and management talent demand continued strong, broad prospects.
In recent years, domestic enterprises will be customer service as an important part of the core competitiveness of enterprises building.Customer service management center is no longer limited to communications, civil aviation, banking and insurance industries and large enterprises, but extended to all walks of life to the small and medium-sized enterprises; customer service jobs is no longer confined to the traditional call center call the agents' position, but expanded to almost all larger enterprise market business department.
Our customer service and management talent demand continued to show strong momentum.In 2004 the Ministry of human resources and social security to determine customer service manager occupation standard, also stressed that "the domestic directly engaged in the customer service management staff estimates that more than 1000000 people, it does not include indirect customer service management personnel".According to the manpower shortage (China) annual survey results released in 2007 shows that: China's shortage of talent in the ranking, a customer service representative in the sixth row.In 2007, Shandong talent network database statistics released also show: a marketing position in Shandong enterprises demand top positions in marketing, and the shortage is the marketing and customer service of two general types of job vacancies, the number of customer service jobs for nearly a million.According to a report released by the Shanghai municipal labor and social security departments of the "occupation of labor market supply and demand situation analysis in 2007 report" shows: the recruitment needs, job demand customer service is in second place.The press, in the talent market talent recruitment website, customer service job advertisements meet the eye everywhere.In 2008 7~12 month chinahr.com customer service and management post recruitment number for an average of about 25000 (see chart 1), demand show sustained stability.
Fujian Province in recent years customer service and management of talent demand continued to show strong momentum.According to the analysis of data statistics released on the talent market in Fujian province talent market supply and demand: 2005 to 2008 quarter, customer service and management talents in Fujian province talent demand list showing a rising trend for four consecutive years, the occupation in demand list ranking has been in the top ten, during the talent demand of customer service and management talent demand quantity proportion is respectively 1.5%, 2.2%, 2.9%, 3.8%, 2005 ~ 2008 demand are respectively 10800, 15500, 29100, 3
470000 (see chart 2, 3).In 2008 7~12 month in chinahr.com Fujian customer service and management post recruitment number averaged 339.
The basic component of call center staff as customer service and management personnel, statistical data shows, at the end of 2000, China's call center agent for a total of 80000, by the end of 2004 has reached 180000, to 2007 the domestic call center agent quantity to break through 320000, every year compound growth rate of 22% increase.According to the Fujian provincial graduates employment public network reported: currently in the call center industry, because there is no available seats, the average vacancy rate of more than 20%, according to the calculated, which has nearly 60000 jobs.The 2005 Shanghai emerge as the times require the first specifically for enterprise to recruit the customer service personnel dispatch Service Corporation -- "Shanghai Weibang Services Limited company", is a situation that.

Personnel of customer service management outstanding is more serious in short supply, into the workplace "popular", whose value is also constantly on the move, to become the city's emerging white-collar class.According to the "full-time wage price guide published the Labor Department of the Shanghai talent market report" published the display, customer service position regardless of high school low position price are higher than those of other position salary average level.There is reason to believe that, with the development of the electronic wave and information technology support and other factors to promote and facilitate the further development of China's economy, customers will, customer service and management talented person's demand will enter a period of rapid growth.
Analysis of the quality requirement of 2.2 customer service and management talent.
The traditional customer service is the main agent service incoming calls, resulting in the eyes of many people, compared with the research and development technical position, customer service position with "high school or technical secondary school diploma, appears to be relatively low threshold".Through the statistical requirements for the first half of the year customer service jobs chinahr.com in 2008, more than 65% enterprises require undergraduate and junior college degree, including: college is the largest proportion, accounting for 37.43% of the total number of positions, followed by the bachelor degree or above, accounting for 28.4% of the total number of jobs; 60.22% of the positions are for customer service and management work experience.
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