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Mode and Enlightenment of the development of the United States of America ROTC talent

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[Abstract] the United States of America is the world's first set up a reserve officer training corps state, mode and mechanism more perfect in the training system, source control, ensure the quality, after a long period of practice, has formed the.The practice and experience of the United States of America Reserve Officer Training Corps, for our country to improve national defense training system to provide reference.
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Practice has proved that the foreign military construction, all the tasks of the army colleges under the new situation has been unable to bear the military talents.Relying on local colleges human resources and knowledge advantage to cultivate military talents has already become the world trend of military training.The United States Reserve Officer Training Corps has a history of over 170 years, continuous improvement in practice, and formed a relatively perfect system.While China relying on the national education and training of military personnel to implement only 10 years [2], cultivation of national defense students is a new thing, is still in the exploratory stage, need to constantly explore in practice, and the training mode of the United States of America Reserve Officer Training Corps can provide useful experience and enlightenment.

1 introduction the United States Reserve Officer Training Corps
Speaking of cradle of American officers, people usually think of West Point, the Air Force Academy, military academy, however, the number of officers from the culture perspective, when the Reserve Officer Training Corps located in the local academy (the Reserve Officers Training Corps, abbreviated as ROTC).According to statistics, about 30% of U.S. forces in general and the 40% school, junior officers are set up in local colleges and universities in the Reserve Officers Training Corps training together.Especially in recent years, the newly appointed officers about 75% is the training team training after.[5]
At present, U.S. forces in the local more than 400 high schools and 650 middle schools and secondary specialized school set up "after the training mission", is divided into senior and junior department, allocation of instructors and managers about more than 6300.Reserve Officer Training Corps located in middle school and secondary technical school is the primary part of the U.S., active and reserve forces training officer seedling selection, size of about 300000; Reserve Officer Training Corps in Colleges and universities for the senior department, direct culture Lieutenant officer for the reserve force, a few outstanding graduates can be directly added active duty.The scale of training up to 60000 per year to 70000.

2 the United States Reserve Officer Training Corps personnel training mode of
The 2.1 system is complete, and sound
"After the training group" in the defense department responsible for manpower and reserve Affairs Assistant Secretary of defense in military leadership, by the services for manpower and reserve affairs assistant minister, military training department is responsible for the concrete implementation, its own system, system is complete, sound institutions, land, sea, air force characteristic.In the army as an example, the implementation of "headquarters - partition - brigade - camp" four levels of management system, the head is the deputy chief of staff of the army personnel, the functional departments of the army training and Doctrine Command under the cadet command.
Except for a complete system, the army has clear legislation for reserve officers training corps.As early as in 1916, the United States of America "National Defense Law" clearly defined, the services minister in accordance with the presidential decree in any private educational institutions to develop and maintain reserve officers' training plan.[5] government approved the establishment of a university, the local colleges and universities must be made to foster reserve officers, commitment, and to create the necessary conditions for the training work, accomplish given the task of training.Cultivation of reserve officers for relying on local colleges and universities, by the military into the annual defense spending in fiscal year budget, submitted to the Congress for approval after special dial.In addition, the local (state) and undertake the task to cultivate the college each year has given a certain amount of financial aid according to need.
2.2 control source, strictly selected
Students are training source, determines the future training of personnel quality.In order to ensure high-quality students, American troops were worth of using for reference in the selection of the training and personnel.
2.2.1 from the beginning of secondary school - culture.In the United States and the secondary professional and technical school more than 3000 secondary schools across the country to set up reserve officer training corps primary [4], and the annual spending huge sums of money on the use of radio, television, newspapers and the Internet and other media publicity, to encourage outstanding students to participate in a reserve officer training corps.Reserve Officer Training Corps junior department's mission is "to cultivate good citizens" national defence consciousness and sense of social responsibility, let students understand the military, civic values, personal responsibility and foster the sense of achievement, not to sign up to the army of [4], coupled with the rich and colorful of military culture and extra-curricular activities, so to attract a lot of thought to understand the forces, understand the society and enrich the life experience of students.Reserve Officer Training Corps and trained many students in the school choice, the army military academy or attend a university.Visible, the students picked up mode is very fruitful.
2.2.2 strict selection mode.To apply to join the ROTC students, according to the service condition of intellectual, psychological test, "the armed forces qualification test" and examination, testing qualified can be selected.Local college students must sign after graduation to the regular forces or the reserve army 8 year contract with the military, may be accepted as a reserve officer cadet.In addition, apply to join the ROTC students will open a can access confidential proof.[5]
In addition, students in ROTC training, still have to face the selection of a series of.Assessment is the main content of culture, the military and the fitness of three.The military physical training assessment, generally through two systems: one is between students or high school students to the lower grade student self-assessment, according to the standard score, ranking.Two is the instructor by trainees and subjective evaluation assessment grade, reserve officer training corps evaluation and assessment standards and West Point officer school uniform.To assessment and acceptance of each completed a training content, shall not be transferred to new training.New students training, the first unqualified can take three times unqualified, cancel registration.The implementation of the entire process eliminated during the period of school, the idea is to ensure the quality, quantity can be insufficient, thus eliminate the higher rate, the army reached 10%, the air force has reached 30%, the highest even reached 60%.[5]
2.3 to actively encourage, well-paid
To encourage students to participate in the Reserve Officers Training Corps, subsidies and scholarship by the military.The US military to provide scholarships and grants subsidies for reserve officer training college students.The scholarship is divided into four categories: one is the full scholarship includes tuition, books, fees, accommodation subsidies; two is a partial scholarship includes tuition, books, part of subsidies; three is to encourage scholarship; four is the book fee.Beautiful land, sea, air force uniform provisions student allowances for $150 per person per month.In addition, the military issued free training for uniforms and military books, travelling expenses reimbursement a prospector in the.To attend a summer camp training, can also enjoy the service for 2 years, Lieutenant 1/2 salary subsidy (about $800).Accept the scholarship students, requirements in the army general service for at least 8 years, of which 2 - 4 years of active service, reserve 4 - 6 years.[4]
2.4 the content of training targeted
The United States Reserve Officer Training Corps professional training pertinence, usually by force existing and recently made possible the development of new equipment for the technical training courses, and there are plans to organize regular to the army probation.According to the "USA Today" reported on December 23, 2008, U.S. troops on the basis of actual combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan and the analysis of the current national security, realize the importance of English, Chinese, Arabic, Vasily and other hot spots, reserve officers training corps subsidy scheme was carried out to study at school, any 10 important language focus regions of the world in a student monthly payment of 100 to $250 allowance.The plan was immediately effective, Marquette University Reserve Officer Training Corps commander, Lieutenant Colonel Randall Wickman said: "there have been thirty or forty students expressed their willingness to in the winter and summer semester studying Arabic or Chinese intentions."
2.5 pay attention to practical ability and leadership ability of
Practical teaching ROTC, generally an hour of theory teaching with 2-3 hours of practice or discussion forum.In four years of ROTC senior department as an example, their training includes junior officer duties, tactical, shooting, field survival training, 3 to 4 hours a week, 6 weeks per semester training, the training time is 480 hours, at least 4 years must receive 2000 hours of training.[4] in addition, students in the university three years
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