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To cultivate and promote enterprise sustainable development of high-level talents

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[Abstract] high-level technical talents are important human resources of enterprises.The sustainable development of the enterprise, is an eternal vitality of development.This paper presents the concept of high level talents, and understanding from the deepening personnel, combined with the actual needs, combined with the need of development and the establishment of incentive mechanism of four, discusses a high-level skilled personnel training, to promote enterprise sustainable development theme.
[keyword] the sustainable development of high-level talents in enterprises occupation training
To deepen the understanding of 1 talents, improving
high-level technical talents
High skill talents, refers to the production and service the first post, master professional knowledge and technology, with superb skills, and be able to solve the key technology, process and operation problems in the practice of the work personnel.Mainly including senior technicians, technicians and senior technicians country occupation qualification certificate and a corresponding level of technology and skills of staff workers.
High level talents, refers to technicians and senior technicians national occupation qualifications of personnel in high skill talents.They are in high level talent team of talents with high skills in.
The financial crisis is past, the economy of our country is entering a new period of growth.Enterprise also need to create a large number of high level technical talents to adapt to the new requirements.Due to historical reasons, China's high skill talents still exists serious shortage situation.According to the "China talent development report" pointed out in 2009, with China's sustained economic development and the upgrading of industrial structure, high technology has been applied to the production process of modern enterprises in the enterprise, the demand for highly skilled personnel and the high skill talent shortage has become a major obstacle to further economic development in china.Specific performance in the following three aspects: first, the market supply and demand of the talents with high skill is not balanced; second, the structure of high skilled talents is not reasonable, it is industrial structure is not reasonable, two is the age structure is irrational; third, the training mechanism is not mature.The existence of these problems, has seriously affected the application and the quality of the products of new technology and new process, the improvement, which restricts the survival and development of enterprises.
Along with the country's social and economic development, enterprises will continue to introduce new technology, new technology and new equipment, and thus on the staff, especially has put forward higher requirements on the high level talents team.Therefore, enterprises in order to meet the need of sustainable development, we should do well the talents with high skill especially high-level skilled personnel training, as an important task of the staff training work.

2 with the actual needs, improve basic skills training and
2.1 according to the demand of enterprise production technology and process equipment in developing training plans for
The cultivation of high level talents according to the demand of production technology and process equipment development, considering the needs and appropriate reserves, determine the types, grades and the number of required, make scientific training plan, in order to make the training of high-level talents and use play to the best benefit.Therefore, iron and steel enterprises should be combined with the requirements of production technology and process equipment development, based on in-depth research and forecasting, planning for training high level skill talents in enterprises, to do a good job of training high-level talents.
2.2 according to the national occupation skill standards to carry out good basic skill training.
The national occupation skill standards "(referred to as the" "standard"), the general technical trades and trade technicians and senior technicians have occupation standard.The main production type of iron and steel industry, the country has no occupation skill standards.Therefore, before training, to invite the trade authority of the technical personnel and skilled workers, combined with the actual, according to common types of high-level technical talents training of the "standard" to develop training program.In the training process, to ensure that their qualifications and teaching theory course teacher, to ensure the implementation of the hardware requirements for training and skill training requirements, to ensure that the requirements of the quality of training high level talents standard.
2.3 regularly carry out high-level skilled occupation skills contest activities
The skills competition activities, an important form of belonging to the job training, is to improve and enhance high-level technical talents of theoretical knowledge and practical skills is an important means of.The level of competition mainly depends on can achieve true part of theory and implementation of standards.The training and competition in one form, through the organization of factory (company) level and industry level of competition, high level skill training will play a strong role in promoting.
The cultivation of high level talents
2.4 in practical work
In middle school, learn to do, this is the best way to improve skills.Enterprises should be based on high-level skill talented person's knowledge, skills, arrange production jobs, give them tasks, task and responsibility, to display their talent platform for their.High level talents should take on heavy responsibilities, give full play to their one's ability and cleverness, in promoting the development of enterprises at the same time, the knowledge and skills development.3 combined with the development needs, pay attention to the cultivation of comprehensive skills
3.1 culture solution of complicated production process and operation skills of the ability of
According to the requirements of the national occupation standard, reach level two (technician), should have the ability to skillfully production process and operation skills of the work of the.Most of the enterprises and to technicians and senior technician training, it still stays in improving the operation skill level.Therefore, in the training, the country has published formal training work, should be strictly in accordance with the organization of occupation standard and textbook contents of teaching, there is no formal training materials for jobs, before training, should be strictly in accordance with the occupation grade criteria for the selection of the preparation of training materials appropriate alternative teaching material or the organization of the professional work theory and the skills of experts (notes), then the strict organization of teaching.
3.2 culture production process and operation skills of the innovation ability of
High level talents real knowledge comprehensive application of the types of work, can continue to create new knowledge, new skills, and make a real contribution to the sustainable development of enterprises.Therefore, the cultivation of high level talents should not only adhere to the post skill training, but also through to learn new technology, new achievements, new high level talents innovation technological reform as the theme, to build a broad platform for the training of high-level talents.
3.3 culture international general production capacity (IMMP) and
The international general production capacity, refers to the organization, coordination and management of the production site in the process of the production, to ensure that the manufacturing process, to achieve a comprehensive production capacity of purpose.High level talents, is the direct participants and the leading enterprise production site, their general production ability, directly affect the production organization and management, production process and production task completion.Therefore, according to the enterprise actual, international general production capacity of high-level skilled personnel training, to enable them to play a greater role in the production practice in enterprises.
3.4 training the skills to teach "coach" ability of
High levels of occupation skill training, is a coach art, the theory of (knowledge) through teaching, and the operation (should) often only through the demonstration teaching and training to achieve the ideal effect.Therefore, the high level talents to systematic training plan making, teaching organization, teaching theory, the actual operation, skill demonstration, evaluation and other aspects of training, so that they have the ability, theory teaching practical demonstration of the capital and advanced training level, as the Senior occupation skill training.

4 to establish the incentive mechanism, and promote the cultivation of high level talents
4.1 enhanced training cost consciousness, encourage employees to participate in the high-level technical talents training
Paid during training costs include training, teaching materials, identification of costs.Let trainees bear some of the costs, will enable students to cherish the training opportunities, study hard, strive for the training of qualified evidence.
4.2 the incentive pay and skill level and actual contribution to match the
The salary is mainly to solve the post skill salary and reward, and mainly solves the salary can not solve the good work and contribution to the larger treatment.In addition, can also post operation leader, chief technician and senior technician appointment system, the salary and bonus pay and high-level technical talents of skill levels and actual contribution to match.
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