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Thinking of perfecting the incentive mechanism of government personnel.

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[Abstract] "for politics should, lies in person.""The primary reason people" is to accurately observe people; "determinants" is mainly manifested in the party and government personnel at all levels to implement the higher level decisions and resolutions creatively, to maximize the positive effect of policy, the negative effect is minimized.All of these depend on whether to establish a set of scientific party-government talent incentive mechanism.This paper aims at the pointed countermeasure and improve the incentive mechanism to put forward, in order to create a favorable environment for talent talent showing itself as a force.
[keyword] party and government personnel; incentive; mechanism of

[Abstract] "wanting of for the political, lies in the human." "results in the human" the most important premise is observes the human to be a good judge of character accurately; "the determining factor" the main performance can creatively carry out higher authority 's decision and the resolution for all levels of Party Politics talented person, causes the policy route' s positive role maximization, negative effect minimum. Whether are these decided by establish a set of scientific party politics talented person incentive mechanism. This article is for the purpose of proposing target-oriented the consummation party politics talented person incentive mechanism 's countermeasure, is advantageous take the time as the creation in the talented person blooming personnel environment makes contribution.

[Key words] Party politics talented person; Drive; Mechanism

Human resource management is to stimulate people's potential, to maximize people's subjective initiative and creativity, promote organizational and individual goals.And development, make good use of talent resources, we must adhere to the people-oriented, establishing a set of scientific and effective incentive mechanism, to form a "good situation of talent, give full scope to the talents".

1 to establish and improve the talent selection and appointment mechanism, the activation of Party and government personnel activity of

1.1, continue to implement the open selection and competition system.The open selection and competition is one of the party and government personnel selection and appointment mode.This reform can make the power of government personnel from "above" become more "below", the party and government personnel big change occurred in the work attitude, work style, work efficiency.And transparent, impartial selection process, also make people feel "in the democratic".The necessary improvement has: open selection and competition for posts must be in accordance with the vacancies and the actual situation, in accordance with the provisions of regulations "cadre appoint" in the program.The open selection and competition for "officer" requirement is very high, should be established a political quality is excellent, with rich practical experience, be of noble character and high prestige, fair and equitable staff special investigation group.The study way, way to objectively and comprehensively, through individual interviews, the questionnaire, democratic evaluation, field investigation, consulting data, special survey methods, follow the mass line, extensive and in-depth understanding of the situation, make a scientific evaluation on the object of study.
1.2, to further expand the appointment system of democracy.The appointment system as an important way of our party and government personnel selection and appointment, in the party's history has played a positive role, will be one of the necessary ways we selection and appointment of Party and government personnel (about important and leading personnel, special jobs should implement the appointment system).But the appointment system is not a person or several people say, attention should be paid to expand the scope of candidates, increase the transparency of the work, the open selection procedures, take the initiative to accept supervision of all aspects of.
1.3 with the election procedure implementation of selection and appointment system.In the selection process, first through the preliminary candidate democratic recommendation, and then through the organization control decision formal candidates, finally submitted to the people's Congress elections.This not only reflects the Party cadres and the principle of democratic centralism, and avoids the limitations and unwholesome tendencies.
1.4 to further improve the examination system.To set up a scientific and rational examination content on the basis of introducing talents, scientific evaluation system should also, on the selection of the object to conduct a comprehensive study, such as character, temperament, personality, psychological quality.The test system but also from the system to regulate.Since the selection examinations, must strict procedures, strict requirements, strict discipline, adhere to fair, just, open, competition principle, according to the provisions of serious operation.
Age 1.5 standards correctly grasp the talents of Party and politics.To train, young party and government personnel selection and used to determine as a long-term strategic objectives, do pay attention to the age of not only age, especially can not ignore the ideological and political consciousness and other important standards of quality.Especially middle-aged government personnel, their life when be in the full vigour of life, as long as the heyday, have both ability and political integrity, outstanding performance, should also be with the Youth Party and government personnel as the appointment.

2 to improve the evaluation mechanism of government personnel, give full play to the role of incentive effect of

2.1 implementation of assessment work specialization, professionalization.First to establish government personnel management department and working mechanism.The main duties of government personnel management department is responsible for directing all units to carry out regular assessment, including the collection of government personnel at ordinary times examination material and the unit assessment professional personnel training.Must have sufficient time to understand the grassroots examination departments, collect all kinds of information and reflect, the effective implementation of daily understanding and assessment of Party and government personnel.
2.2 to achieve accurate, regular assessment work.Mainly has: scientific evaluation index system for the assessment content.The first is the "tailored" assessment index.In order to make the assessment more objective, accurate, effective standard, should establish departments Post Classification Manual, and as assessment basis, scientific setting the annual work targets; the same unit in different positions to set different criteria, such as at the side on nuclear know good people, coordination, dealing with the complicated situation. Ability; Deputy Assistant to the chief of staff, focus on examination organization and coordination ability; talent general Party and government should pay attention to check its hard and finish the task implementation.Secondly, detailed quantitative assessment content.Such as "de" can be divided into political and ideological, ethical, occupation morality etc..Political ideology and morality can be subdivided into politics, world view; ethics can be divided into morality, dedication; occupation morality can be divided into principle, discipline, policy etc.. through various channels to expand evaluation participants.Should be related to the superior departments in charge, the unit personnel, business service objects are included in the assessment of participation in the scope of the subject, and will lead the review, peer review, review, review of subordinate service object and other personnel appraisal unifies, assessment model for the formation of multi-dimensional; the window departments of the party and government personnel, should be appropriate to increase the evaluation of business relations the style and ability appraisal work, increase the proportion of the masses.The use of the usual monitoring system that the assessment results.Including the implementation of Party and government personnel usually registration system.According to the party and government personnel management authority, respectively by the competent authorities, the government personnel department according to the "Germany, can, attendance, performance, cost, and truthfully fill out the"
Writing, especially in the handling of major events to fill, and then by the competent leadership to regularly review and comments, in a certain range of publicity.
2.3 the implementation of timely, effective use of assessment results.Rational use of performance appraisal results is the inevitable extension assessment work, and the political behavior of Party and government personnel has strongly influenced the.Therefore, the following three basis not less: according to the assessment results of the implementation of reward and punishment.The performance of outstanding party and government personnel, should adopt various forms to recognition awards (such as the bulletin commends, performance evaluation results and Pingxianpingyou and annual target management award hook); for the general performance of Party and government personnel, in the feedback of examination results at the same time, help the cause analysis, indicates the direction of the party and government personnel; performance is poor, take disciplinary measures, depending on the circumstances to give a "yellow card" warning or organization shall be demoted to adjust; in evaluation were identified as incompetent order of Party and government personnel; on the annual democratic assessment incompetent rate reached 25% or competent and incompetent basic rate reached 35% of the party and government, as the case may be adjusted or of Jiemian; not qualified rate reached 40% of the leadership of the party and government, the masses have strong be removed.The selection and use of Party and government personnel according to the assessment results.We should give full play to the party and government performance appraisal of the "baton" role, through the rational use of examination results, the real "promising a".The assessment is outstanding, recognized by the masses of Party and government personnel, timely promotion, entrusted with the task; also can make full use of appraisal results in open selection, competition for posts, under the same conditions, the results of the annual appraisal outstanding priority promotion. according to the assessment results strengthen the party and government personnel management and education.After the assessment should be timely to the assessment results and analysis, the summary of advantages and disadvantages for assessment of the object, to study the rectification measures, targeted to the party and government personnel training and exercise.
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