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Our government human capital investment

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[Abstract] the government human capital investment is an important basis for government to improve administrative efficiency, achieve personal development of civil servants, but the government human capital investment effect is not significant, the investment gap is still large.This paper uses game theory analyzing method of government and civil servant's decision, respectively, cost-benefit analysis from the perspective of government and civil servants by the option theory, and proposes the corresponding countermeasure, establish the system of human capital investment of science.
[keyword] human capital investment; option game;

[Abstract] The government human capital investment is the major foundation for government raises the administrative efficiency and public official realizes the individual development, but at the the present, the effect of government human capital investment is not remarkable, the investment gap was still very big. This article utilizes the game theory to analyze government and official 's decision-making and carries, on the cost-income analysis using the option theory from the government and official' s angle, thus proposed corresponding measures, so that to establish the human capital investment system.

[Key words] Human capital investment; Game theory; Option

Human capital refers to the specific behavior can be obtained through investment and can realize the value of the sum, attached to a person's knowledge, skills, physical value stock.Is that our government human capital in the management of public utilities in the government department staff, comprehensive capacity increase can bring the social public interests and public satisfaction with the knowledge, skills, culture.Because the government to serve the public, on behalf of the public interest, in order to ensure the government human resources that the quality of the civil service, civil servants must invest in human capital, through education and training of civil servants, improve human capital and political quality, professional quality and comprehensive quality, so as to improve the efficiency and quality of government, to provide basis for the construction of talent powerful service type government.

1 game theory

Game theory is the study of how the parties to conflicts of interest and decision-making results, also known as game theory.Specifically refers to some individuals, teams or other organizations, faced with certain environmental conditions, according to certain rules, simultaneously or successively, one or more times, through careful calculation of profit or utility function of their own, choose from their behavior or strategy allows selection of the process and to be implemented, respectively to obtain the corresponding results.The game requires the following elements:
The 1.1 game of the participants.The person or organization that is in the game to have several independent decision-making, independent bear results.
In the rules of the game is determined, the parties are equal.
The 1.2 game information.How much related to the correctness of the decision-making information.
The 1.3 game.That game is game for what kind of decision.
The full set of behaviors or strategies 1.4 player can select the.
The 1.5 game of the order.In the game, when there is a plurality of independent decision making, sometimes the game must also make a decision, but the game most of the decisions are separate.
The 1.6 game of benefit.Corresponding to each of a set of possible decision to choose the game, have a result obtained the game in the strategy combination and the loss of [1].
Investment in human capital for government departments and civil servants have different rate of return, the game between government departments and civil servants, in this process, the government is a decision maker, and the game process is smooth, so the civil service, human capital investment is a complete information dynamic game.The core problem of game is: decision-making body side, namely the government to take action, to participate in a side of the game that the civil service will take action; and a combination of participants each optimal strategy is what [2].

Game analysis of 2 government investment in human capital and

Suppose the government and civil servants with fully rational, are the pursuit of maximizing their own utility, under conditions of complete information, set the government for A, the choice has two, namely investment and less investment, named a1 and a2.For the civil service (B) in four cases:
2.1 whether the government how to choose the work, denoted as b1: {hard, hard};

2.2 no matter how the government chooses not to work hard, denoted as b2: {not hard, not hard};

2.3 government investment on the hard work, no government investment would not work hard, denoted as b3: {hard, not hard};

2.4 government investment would not work hard, no government investment on the hard work, denoted as b4: {hard, hard}.
Dynamic game path diagram of government and civil servants are as follows:

1:{investment {efforts, efforts to}}; {investment {efforts, not to}}
When the choice of government investment, make b1 and b3 decision in the case of civil servants, civil service selection is hard work, the government and civil servants of the utility is denoted as (M1, R1);

2:{investment {hard, hard}}; {investment {hard, not hard}}
When the choice of government investment, civil servants to make b2 and b4 decision, the choice of civil servants is not hard work, government and civil service utility is denoted as (M2, R2);

Don't invest in {hard, 3:{to}}; {investment {hard, hard}}
When the government opted not to invest, make b1 and b4 decision in the case of civil servants, civil service selection is not hard work, government and civil service utility is denoted as (N1, S1);

Don't invest in {to 4:{, not to}}; {investment {hard, not hard}}
When the government opted not to invest, make b3 and b2 decision in the case of civil servants, civil service selection is hard work, the government and civil servants as the utility (N2UB>, S2);

Game matrix corresponding as shown in the following table:

When the government of civil investment, civil servants can choose to work hard, actively participate in the government's education and training, improve their working ability and service quality, and will train through knowledge learned, are applied to daily work, improve work efficiency and quality, so as to lay the foundation for a raise and a promotion; the government can through the human capital investment and development, bring benefit and education human capital output external benefit, so that government personnel overall upgrade, improve the satisfaction of the work of the government.If the government chose not to work hard, then the government human capital investment of the utility of 02
< M1, utility is not negative because the government through the investment to build a learning environment, civil servants will finish their work should be completed in this environment, at least not lazy, and once to give encouragement and mobilization, they will also have the possibility of hard work.For the civil servants themselves, do not work hard, not through education and training to enhance their ability, will lose a raise and promotion, so R2< R1.When the government opted not to invest, civil servants can choose to work hard, sufficient conditions for the government human capital investment is civil servants "charge", civil servants in their occupation career planning, must learn through a variety of ways, pay 100% to work hard, ability in planning on the road more walk more far, self realizing the need.So S1> S2.And when the servants choose not to work harder, due to a lack of government incentives to its, work efficiency will decline, or even lazy, sabotage, longer in charge of the phenomenon, resulting in the government inefficiency, the masses satisfaction is not high, credit to reduce the serious situation, so N2< N1.
For the government, in the absence of human capital investment, civil servants regardless of the choice of effort or don't work hard, work efficiency and the effect as well as the working enthusiasm of nature than the education and training of civil servants, nor of human capital investment to bring the utility, therefore, M1> N1, R1> S1; M2> N2, R2> S2.On the other hand, due in no investment in government, civil servants working hard to choose not to work harder to bring opportunities for promotion and treatment improvement than the government investment, so the S1> R2; while the government human capital investment, cost, since the civil service do not work hard, yield less than the cost of investment, compared with less investment, the cost is 0, the civil servant to work hard for the net income, so M2< N1.
According to the analysis of Nash equilibrium under the introduction of specific examples to find out the game between government and civil servants dynamic game path, as follows:
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