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Existing problems and Countermeasures of human resource management in real estate enterprises

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[Abstract] Based on the current world financial crisis as the background, analyzes the present situation of human resources management in China's real estate enterprises, combined with the modern enterprise human resources management theory, puts forward a few methods on improving the efficiency of human resource management of the real estate business advice.
[keyword] financial crisis; real estate enterprise; human resource management in

[Abstract] The main body of a book have taken current world financial crisis as background, have analysed our country real estate enterprise Human Resource Management current situation, having submitted several suggestion about improving real estate enterprise Human Resource Management efficiency in terms of method combining with and modern enterprise Human Resource Management.

[Key words] the Financial crisis; Real estate enterprise; Human Resource Management

1 Introduction

At present, the United States subprime mortgage crisis triggered by the financial tsunami has spread around the world and continue to affect the real economy, the global economy is experiencing great challenges.In many of the world famous financial giant announced bankruptcy at the same time, the economic crisis spread in various industries, a great impact on the real estate industry.In China, in recent years the real estate industry bubble expanding, many city prices artificially high.However, with the arrival of the economic crisis and the real estate bubble has burst, many real estate enterprises are facing huge financial pressure.Then, in the face of the global financial crisis, China's real estate enterprise human resources managers how to find and deal with the current real estate enterprise human resources management problems through the impact of the crisis, is a topic worthy of concern, is also need to face the challenges.

2 the current Chinese real estate enterprise human resources management present situation of

The real estate industry has the characteristics of professional and strong, high - risk, large amount of investment, the investment recovery period is long, complex work relationship, is manpower intensive industry.From the trend, the real estate industry competition has transferred to the competition of talents.Currently, the real estate industry mainly has the following problems in the human resource management:
Many 2.1 employee, but the comprehensive management personnel and professional management personnel shortage.The real estate industry as a sunrise industry, formed an industry is only in recent years, objectively impossible to accumulate a large amount of comprehensive management and professional management talents.The profit of the stimulus, a large number of Real Estate Company to gush, making the real estate industry surge in the number, but the comprehensive management personnel and professional management personnel due to the long time development, can not meet the need of the development of the industry in the short term.At present, China's real estate practitioners of education on the whole at a medium level, education level of junior high school to college in between, the number of employees accounted for 85.9%, the overall structure of low degree.Highly educated, experienced senior management personnel, the gap is about 25%.With the arrival of the economic crisis, the objective requirements of real estate enterprises to improve their quality of personnel in response to the economic crisis, thus exacerbating the real estate enterprises for comprehensive management personnel and professional management talents.
2.2 pay attention to "human", ignore the "education", the high rate of talents flow.At present, although the real estate enterprises have been fully aware of the importance of talent for enterprise development.But because of the current real estate enterprises in the project operation as the main, cycle short, quick, enterprises prefer to have experience, can get started candidates more than even several times the salary, also is not willing to cultivate talents.This caused the majority of enterprises only focus on how to introduce talents this, simply think that as long as the need to attract talent in it, neglect of human resource management and development and how to better.Therefore, in the real estate business has come in personnel did not keep, even to the original talent loss situation.
Thinking and method 2.3 human resources management concept, management relative lag.At present, many real estate enterprises human resources department only exercise the management personnel, and wage plan, management of personnel files, static management functions, in terms of its function, role, and regards human as a kind of resource development, utilization and management requirements and a large gap.In addition, control and limit the amount of real estate enterprises in human resource management also remain in the simple attendance, rewards and punishment on staff allocation, etc., has not been upgraded to a "people-oriented" level.The employee is on institutional constraints and force, is also "the vertical management", lack of humanistic management thinking to play interactive emotion management staff potential and enthusiasm "".
2.4 lack of professional human resources management talent.The introduction of the real estate enterprises generally focus on professional and technical personnel, while ignoring the introduction of professional human resources management personnel.Although many companies have specialized personnel department, but many personnel managers also only stay in the filing, annual evaluation of these procedures, the formulation of the work, the lack of professional knowledge of human resource management, most people do not through human resources management specialized learning, and such human resources management team is difficult to to adapt to the requirements of modern human resources management.3 to improve the human resource management of the real estate business suggestions for

3.1 combined with the development needs of enterprises and employees work content, occupation career planning, training and development of design system for it, to provide staff development skills and opportunities to develop themselves, so as to improve the overall quality of the real estate enterprise human resources.Training should pay special attention to the comprehensive management personnel and professional management personnel, to build a platform for the development of the occupation.In the practical management, attention should be paid to create challenging jobs for them, give each a comprehensive management personnel and professional management personnel to provide adequate space for development and growth time, enable it to have the sense of achievement and gradually grow.
3.2 to establish and improve the scientific management system of human resources, attract, retain, encourage talents.At present, the real estate enterprise job-hopping frequently, how to attract talents, retain the core of talent, reduce staff turnover rate, improve employee's return rate of human capital is put in a realistic problem in front of us.Therefore, the real estate enterprises should make human resources recruitment and market butt joint, multi-channel, all-round introduction of the selection and appointment of personnel; the establishment of performance evaluation and compensation system dynamic, fair; pay attention to scientific and effective training, the development of human resources, to provide staff with a certain space for development.
3.3 attaches great importance to human resources management, change idea, establish a "people-oriented" management philosophy.Real estate enterprises to establish the human resource is the first resource management idea and the concept of "people-oriented".Through the management of people, the enterprise human resources management from "external incentive" to "self motivation" change; management change management by forced management to emotion.By means of fundamental change management ideas, methods,, to attract and keep talents to.At the same time, the enterprise should establish a "human resources", emphasizing on human resources issues in the system, a global view, the human resources management into the enterprise development strategy, so that it and the enterprise organization structure, enterprise culture closely, in order to achieve in the short term to promote enterprise performance improvement, long-term strategy to achieve the goal of promoting enterprise.
The introduction of 3.4 pay attention to professional human resources management talents and advanced human resource management tools.Now, more and more real estate business leadership gradually realized the importance of human resources management, also gradually increase the investment in human resources.For example, by selecting the appropriate e-HR system can help the real estate industry human resource managers to find ways to update the view, update method.And through the implementation of the software, the increase of staff
Participate in the management consciousness, improve enterprise culture.


In conclusion, human resource management has become the most important aspect of the core competence of real estate enterprises, real estate enterprises to manage their own business activities of market in the fierce market environment, achieve the improvement of economic efficiency, not only to improve the financial resources, material resources competition, more attention should be paid to the enterprise talent competitiveness.Particularly in the current context of the global financial crisis, as the human resources manager, must save, at any time according to the internal and external environmental change, adjust human resource management strategies and methods, for the enterprises to meet the challenges of the future ready.
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