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On strengthening the management of human resources, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

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[Abstract] in the era of knowledge economy, the increasingly fierce competition among enterprises, for the performance of the enterprise core competitive power.Therefore, constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, is a strategic choice to keep the competitive advantage of enterprises.The first resource element of the human resource as the most creative and initiative, has a direct and decisive role in the core competitiveness of enterprises.The author discusses in this paper the strengthening of human resources management, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
[keyword] human resource management; core competitiveness; talent configuration

[Abstract] Nowadays knowledge economy, knowledge-base economy times, the competition between enterprise more and more fierce, show for enterprise core competition competition. Therefore, ceaseless lifting enterprise core competition, is that the strategy keeping the enterprise competitive edge chooses. Human resources is the enterprise that creativeness composes in reply have most activity first resource key element, the competition lifting has the direct decisive effect to enterprise core. The tray has talked about an author in culture reinforcing Human Resource Management, lifting enterprise core competition.

[Key words] Human Resource Management; Core competition; Talented person deploys

In the era of knowledge economy, the increasingly fierce competition among enterprises, for the performance of the enterprise core competitive power.Therefore, constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, is a strategic choice to keep the competitive advantage of enterprises.The first resource element of the human resource as the most creative and initiative, has a direct and decisive role in the core competitiveness of enterprises.In order to in the fierce competition continued to lead, enterprises should be how to strengthen and improve the work of human resource management, is an important research topic.

1 of the modern human resources management understanding of

Modern human resources management is forecasting, planning the organization's human resources needs, recruitment, assessment, selection of human resources, organization and effective allocation, assessment, improve performance, distribution and payment of remuneration, and induced, effective incentive, combined with organizations and individuals need to carry out effective training and development, continuous improvement, keep the competitiveness of human resources to give full scope to the talents, things get people, personnel affordable, and ultimately achieve the whole process of the optimal organizational performance.Modern human resources management is always stressed to "human-centered", emphasize "human development, not the transaction management guidance".

The core competence of understanding of

The concept of core competence is Professor Prahalad in 1990 the United States University of Michigan Business School (C.K.Prahalad) and London Business School professor Gary ? Hamel (Gary Hamel) first proposed.They think that the core competitiveness is: "in an organization through the integration of knowledge and skills, especially how to coordinate diverse production skills and integrate different technical knowledge and skills".The core competence is actually implied in the company's core products or services which knowledge and skills, aggregation or knowledge and skills.
Generally speaking, the core competitiveness is a unique, not easy to be others the ability of simple imitation and received, is a combination of knowledge, innovation as the core enterprise some key resources or key ability.The core competence can make the enterprise to maintain long-term stability of the competitive advantage, to obtain stable excess profit.

3 human resources management and the core competitiveness of enterprises and the relationship of

From the point of view of social development, is one of the most basic production factors, the most important, is the first resource of the enterprise, in a sense, human resources are the representatives of productive force, is the first productivity, the level of human resources is a reflection of the level of productivity.The era of knowledge economy, who won the intellectual who is the winner, intelligence is human creativity, human one's ability and cleverness, is human resources -- developed countries even called "human capital".An organization without human resource and development, management of human resources, all become empty talk.So, the competition of modern enterprises, is the essence of human resources management and the competition.
Competence is an enterprise to obtain long-term competitive advantage.Is the unique enterprise, can stand the test of time, malleable, and it is difficult for competitors to imitate or ability.While the carrier or ability is human, so, the substance of core competence is the human resources competition ability.To strengthen and optimize the human resources management, development, enhance the competitiveness of human resources, is the solution to effective core competence of enterprises continued to improve.
Therefore, strengthening the management of human resources is the premise and basis to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

4 of China's enterprise human resources management present situation of

At present, are common in Chinese enterprises do not attach importance to human resource management, human resource management is weak, the modern human resources management technology and basic data, data shortage, sustainable management of the business, scientific, standardization, internationalization development of serious adverse effects, and greatly restricted the core competitiveness of enterprises.Specific performance in the following areas:
The strategic position of 4.1 human resource is not obvious, restricted the play the role of human resource management.
In China, there are a large part of enterprises do not have the specialized human resources management departments, or have the human resources department, but it functions only the traditional personnel management, stay in the traditional personnel management, no modern human resource responsibilities and functions.
4.2 human resources management foundation work is weak.
Many enterprises do not have the detailed job analysis, job design, job evaluation, personnel assessment, personnel quota and other infrastructure work, no investigation, HR, no strategic human resource planning, the basic work of human resource is weak.The human resource management work become passive water, air, causing blindness, subjectivity, effectiveness of human resource management.
4.3, recruitment, selecting talents lack of scientific.
Recruitment of human resources is the main channel for enterprises to add fresh blood, and also an important method to obtain high quality talents and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.At present, the general lack of talent evaluation mechanism of science, system of Chinese enterprises, most enterprises candidates with a subjective feeling interviewers to judge talent.Therefore, the selection of suitable talents has great randomness and risk.
4.4 talent configuration is not scientific.
4.4.1 lack of scientific, systematic, effective entry test or examination mechanism, use, allocation of talent is the subjective feeling, is subjective and big risk.
4.4.2 over the pursuit of higher education, ignore the talents of enterprise identity.However, talent attitude decides everything, value the talents of enterprise values, management mode
The degree is not high, the work attitude and work performance is poor.
4.4.3 excessive pursuit of individualism, between the talent configuration is not scientific, mutual coordination degree is not high, organizations can not force the formation, resulting in 1 1< 2 effect, reducing the competitiveness of human resources and organizational performance.
4.5 the performance management implementation effect is not obvious, the performance interview, performance guidance, often not in place, resulting in the performance management can not effectively promote the individual and organizational performance, employee satisfaction on performance appraisal is not high.
4.6 the cost of training and training of human resources is insufficient, lack of development potential.Enterprise universal existence "useless training" point of view, did not see the training and development of human capital in a commanding position, cause the shortage of training funds, training and education system is not perfect, from the actual situation of training project.
5 measures for strengthening the human resource management of

5.1 to strengthen the strategic position of human resource, enhance the strategic role of human resources management.
5.1.1 improve the company organization structure, set up professional human resources department.To improve the human resources management department to the decision-making level, strategic level, develop the human resource strategic, planning, decision-making function.
5.1.2 clearly human resources management departments of the duties and functions.The human resources management plan, organization, supervision, incentive, coordination and control functions.
Control flow of 5.1.3 improve the human resources, the implementation of human resources comprehensive coordination function.
5.1.4 strengthen the human resource planning.Pay attention to investigation and study, the human resource development program to develop vision and stage of prediction and demand of human resource planning, build up the talent pool, provide scientific, reliable protection of personnel and intellectual support for business.
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