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Some thoughts about human capital as an element of enterprise system

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[Abstract] in the capital market increasingly mature today, competition is more and more apparent "personal" characteristics, human capital has a profound impact on the enterprise property rights structure, corporate governance structure, corporate culture and other aspects, such as human capital inherent investment, profit, value and added value of property the surplus claim right and control of enterprises, human capital is an important factor of enterprise system.
[keyword] human capital; enterprise system; structure; factor

[Abstract] Be gradually mature in capital market today, the protruding cash competing more and more many "belongs to people 's" characteristic property, human capital has produced deep effect to property rights of enterprises aspect such as system structure, corporate management structure, corporate culture, human capital has been inherent investment, chases interest rate attributes such as nature, value and added value such as having decided the person having asking for right and the controlling power to enterprise surplus, human capital is an indispensable heavy enterprise system key element.

[Key words] the Human capital; Enterprise system; Structure; Key element

Human capital and human resources are two very easy to confuse the concept, in fact, is a difference between the two.Enterprises will usually human resources as the physical fitness, knowledge, skills, effective action which is formed by the combination of a "live" resources, it has the possibility, infinite, wear resistance and vulnerability.Therefore, human resource is the economic resource, is a strategic resource.Human capital is to get the residual value and put into production labor, it has other capital common characteristics: investment, profit, value, limitation and the increment and so on, as well as the material capital, human capital has the claim and the control right of enterprise human capital surplus, also need other people the labor value can.Therefore, not all human resources can become human capital, only engaged in technical innovation and technical invention, management, by others to use its invention, innovation and its management, that some people can create more value of Mahayana labor, can be called human capital.
However, as to an enterprise, only has the most advanced technology is not enough, there must also be a qualified operators to operate.Each enterprise managers have some management experience and knowledge, also follow the draw on the advantages and avoid disadvantages, what behavior rule, but only those who are keen, accurate analysis of the operator to make the right decisions, we call this kind of quality management for entrepreneurs.Composed of core technology professionals and entrepreneurs human capital has not only become a new factor of production enterprises and enterprises output growth has played a significant role, but, because it is a personification of the forms of capital, but also to the enterprise system arrangement has brought enormous impact and influence.The author in the next will be divided into three aspects carry on the analysis.

1 Effects of human capital on the enterprise property right system structure of

In the traditional enterprises, property rights to enterprise legal monetary assets investment as a symbol and a starting point, namely the investors according to their number of investors have property rights, and the manager, technical personnel only capital employed laborers.According to the workload of workers to obtain the corresponding reward, not the property rights of enterprises, there will be no benefits for companies and rights.The structure of property rights, currency capital is active, and the human resources in a passive, dominated by.But the human capital and the increasingly prominent role, the enterprise is no longer rule all the land monetary capital, human capital began to have part of property.And the relationship between the two has been reversed, monetary capital gradually becomes passive capital, and human capital gradually becomes active capital.Changed the structure of property rights of enterprises.
Compared with the western developed countries, have the property right of human capital in our country more slowly.Human capital investment has just started, and there are many limitations.The value of human capital is not recognized consequence is with human capital people lack of power for the enterprise work, decrease the core competitiveness of enterprises, resulting in loss of human capital discount.State-owned enterprises by the traditional concept of the impact of deep, therefore the problem of human capital loss is the most serious discount.The vast majority of loss is management, technical backbone personnel.According to statistics, the loss of the state-owned enterprise personnel proportion of the total number of employees up to 60%, while foreign enterprises and private enterprises, senior management personnel, technical personnel and skilled workers more than 70% from state-owned enterprises.Therefore, the key structural adjustment of property right of state-owned enterprises is to handle the relationship between money capital and human capital, to change the past, those who owned property only real asset to limit, allowing the use of assets were especially entrepreneurs and senior technical personnel in their own human capital reduction for shares, with part of the property.2 the effect of human capital on the corporate governance structure of the

The company's corporate governance structure is the operation mechanism of modern enterprise characteristic, its characteristic is the checks and balances, decision science and democracy, the power of which is closely linked with enterprise property rights structure.Since the formation of human capital impacts on corporate ownership structure, this influence will extend to the corporate governance structure.The western countries in the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CEO in addition to the enterprise management is directly responsible, but also has nominated internal director's qualification, it is generally believed that CEO has 50% ~ 60% chairman of power.CEO enterprise strategic decision committee leadership, and members of this committee is not necessarily the property owner, non-property people occupy a seat.This shows that in the Modern Corporation governance structure have begun to pay attention to human capital, instead of emphasizing the owner of enterprise control.
The independent director (also called external directors) system is a newly emerging thing.The independent director is not representative of investor, also do not represent the manager layer, which are often members of expert economic or legal aspects, responsibility is to supervise the enterprise and make their own independent judgment on major issues in company strategy, operation etc..Independent directors can provide suggestions for the development of the company by their professional knowledge and experience, provide a reference for the board's decision, so as to improve the level of decision-making for the company, to improve the operating performance.Independent director is a form of human capital in corporate governance.The empirical study shows that independent directors positive company operation than no independent directors of the company's more successful.

3 Effect of human capital on corporate culture of

3.1 the emphasis on cooperation and team spirit.
The development of science and technology, professional management talent, as well as the market environment is becoming more and more complicated, so that managers often lead is more professional than his subordinates, management is not familiar with their business areas.Therefore, the traditional "carrot and stick" type of command and control management method is out of date, the modern enterprise managers must fully respect employees' value, create a harmonious working environment for their.To achieve the goals of enterprise management, can no longer rely mainly on the assignment and command, rely more and more on the coordination and collaboration between members.
3.2 emphasize the differences in ability between members of the.
Modern management theory, not only has the ability of the differences between people, but the magnitude of this difference may be large, it is the ability of the differences lead to the division of labor
Different, resulting in the different contributions to enterprises.Motorola Company employees every quarter to make a summary, the first is: do you think the current capabilities of working with their own? This and our traditional perception to the contrary, we have always believed that there is no difference between people, the contribution of each individual is determined by the division of labor.
The 3.3 emphasis on earnings in different ways.
Because of the differences of employees greatly, which leads to their contribution to the enterprise are different, so the way of income is different.Human capital is not only to obtain the labor income, but also to obtain the corresponding property income, property income size to its value discounted shares to calculate.State-owned enterprises in strict observance of "distribution according to work" principle, for the special skills and entrepreneurs and technical personnel management can always to pay no heed, only admit their labor income, and do not admit their human capital income, consequence is that the enterprise operators try to expand the "consumption", kickbacks, betray confidential enterprise technology phenomenon generally, these actions brought about the loss to the enterprise, than admit the value of human capital and their assigned property part of the proceeds to.
3.4 emphasized the enterprise efficiency, not be absolutely fair.
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