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Research on software project management of agile methods

Author: GuanZhongCheng ChengGang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-29 18:10:17 Read:

Abstract: This paper discusses the origin and the adaptability framework project of agile project management; and discusses its application in software projects.Then the adaptive project framework plan contrast extreme project management are expounded in detail.
Keywords: the agile project management; adaptive project framework; limit the project management of

First, the introduction of

Have a high risk, high change in software development project, also has low change project objectives are clear, clear solution.According to the characteristics of different projects, different style of project management is the key to the success of the project.Agile project management is the management method of uncertainty in the software project has to deal with frequently changing.Agility, flexibility, dynamic, adapted to the specific circumstances, to change and to improve themselves.The article discusses contrast traditional application software project management framework of agile project management in project management and the adaptability of limit of the project, and puts forward some suggestions for improvement and plan adaptation programme framework control.
The concept and origin of two, agile project management
Agile project management concept is derived from agile software development.With the development of agile software development, software project management (also known as extreme project management ExtremeProjectManagement or RadicalPro - jectManagement) and agile project management (also known as flexible project management AgileProjectManagement) concepts and methods have been proposed, and still in the continuous development.In fact, referred to as the agile project management is all kinds of agile software development methods of project management, only for the software project, not a general project management method (also some general concepts, agile project management but are not widely accepted).Extreme project management and adaptive project framework from the model of elastic project DougDe - Carlo released in 2000 (FlexiblePorjectMode1) adaptation.Inspired by the adaptive software development method of elastic project mode from the agile software development study.Now two has been developed into a general theory of project management.Extreme project management for changes, high complexity projects.The traditional project management is suitable for low change, low uncertainty item.In between the two is adaptive project framework.Although the agile software development methods all are considered to belong to the ultimate project management category, but from the recent agile software development can be some agile methods that are not all belong to limit the category of project management.But extreme project management often because too radical, is not practical, and cannot be senior management especially accepted by CIO, and in the large projects can not be valid argument.Most of the research of agile project management are steering adaptive project framework trend.So, although the agile project management usually refers to limit the project management, but it is believed to be collectively framework including extreme project management and adaptive software project management in the two part, limits and is a special case of adaptive project project management framework.
Adaptive project framework for
three, agile project management
Adaptive project management framework is a management method to the customer as the center, the customer driven.Extreme project management is more complex than adaptive project framework, a management method of high changes more uncertain.The two difference is that, adaptive project framework is to have clear goals but no solution to the project, and the project management is the limit method for exploring two aspects are very fuzzy in the case of A.Adaptive project framework only requires the customer to participate in the project at the end of each iteration cycle, not to participate in the project.
Adaptive project framework is divided into the definition of project scope, project cycle plan, project implementation, project review, customer check after five stages (Figure 1).

The scope of the project including project satisfaction conditions, project profile specification, functional requirements prioritization, middle WBS.Middle the work breakdown structure is decomposed into functional level, rather than the task level, as long as can confidently estimate every function of the time and resources needed is enough.Because of the changes often unpredictable task, to write a complete WBS is a complete waste of.To develop the project cycle plan is going to be a detailed plan for the next cycle of dependence, with the task of detailed planning.The implementation phase of the project including the development of micro schedule, implementation, supervision and adjust the implementation schedule.At this stage, to cancel the current cycle and adjust the plan can be implemented, can reduce and avoid loss.By the middle of three stage repeatedly, finally can solutions to achieve customer satisfaction.
However, adaptive project framework does not indicate when the project change, how to accomplish the task in time cost under the condition of limited.It still follow the method of limit cycle of project management, formulate detailed plan, if necessary, discard some functions to be completed.The difference is increased the middle-level project plan.Middle project plan according to the range of time constraints, can accommodate the number of iteration cycles, and according to the specific function of cycle within the quantity and quality of adjustment cycle time.Although there is a risk analysis, but does not embody and within the framework of integrated into the project cycle.If according to this plan to determine the project delivery date, when changes occur, it is easy to get into the traditional project management difficulties, even using the iterative process, is also very difficult to deliver on schedule.The iterative process can do is only to change or risk appeared in advance, and the iterative cycle after the improvement, the schedule is usually the overtime or additional resources, this would cost.And the quality improvement is of such projects with an uncertain factors, it will take time and cost.If low quality products until late in the project, due to time and cost resulting from changes in consumption may be fatal, will increase the cost of maintenance.Adaptive project framework does not improve process quality into consideration, but neglect the initial iteration cycle effect.The initial iteration cycle is complete is the best period of adjustment plan, because it is the true embodiment of the actual situation, the actual situation of iterative cycle even after the initial period and biased, but also not too deviated from, but as the iteration proceeds, the uncertainty will reduce.So the best plan is to make gains the primary factor security.Improvement of software application to adaptive project framework is mainly in the process stressed the importance of risk management and quality management, and modify the plan, and put emphasis on the effect of initial period.The biggest risk of this project is to changes in demand rework cost, time cost, the need to ease and quality control to management on risk.So, the focus of improvement is to adapt to the changes in demand.
Adaptive project framework for software development project as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2 is mainly to increase the risk of buffer after the baseline plan, requirement change cycle and quality improvement cycle.Requirement change cycle and quality improvement cycle is long enough to affect the progress of the activity.Periodic change function demand is due to business needs change, is likely to implement specific functions or improved.Quality improvement cycle difference in periodic change function requirements of the work, this is in after a certain period of time, to design of the internal personnel were summarized according to the completed project function learning and experience, improve the quality of the work being done, or in order to adapt to changes in the technical improvement.Baseline risk buffer after the risk buffer time increased in the middle plan basis, including estimated time requirement change cycle and quality improvement cycle.Separation of the implementation period and a modification period because prediction time and cost implementation cycle is relatively accurate, but changes the cycle time and the number of iterations is difficult to predict.In the two iteration cycle is a cycle that quality improvement, quality improvement in multiple functional cycle.In the improved, need to assess the improvement of risk, to weigh.The period after the end of the product is considered to be the release of an incomplete function.Each iteration cycle is the same and adaptive project framework, including planning, implementation and customer inspection cycle.Another difference is that adaptive frame only by asking the customer participation in customer checkpoint, and here requires full participation, at least should participate in requirement analysis during the early stages of a project, is a steady demand in a certain extent, if completed function again need to be modified, the cost and
Too much time will.If there is a range of changes and customer agree to adjust the baseline plan.

four, based on the software project management of agile methods of planning and implementation of
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