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College students "village official" competency establishment and verification of feature models

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Author: Chen Shuyi Guan Di Xie Xinxin
[Abstract] the analysis of college students village official plan implementation focused on the status and level of political science theory, the field of human resource management to distinguish excellent and general performance of college-graduate village official competency model is a vacancy.The scope of this survey is part of Beijing District, Jiangsu city four students village official, Likert scale questionnaire survey to collect data through behavioral event interview, exploration, using t test and other methods of principal component factor analysis, reliability and validity of the questionnaire were tested, the results show that the results from this study has good reliability, structure and content validity.The final competency model including the will quality and job motivation, role identity of seven elements in three dimensions, and different gender, tenure, tenure village types were different in the dimension of manifestations of competency.
[keyword] college-graduate village official competency behavioral event interview and factor analysis of

1 literature review
1.1 college students as "village official" status and Study on
College students "village" as a force of new rural construction, has injected new blood for the majority of rural reform and development, has brought vitality, but because the university student professional knowledge limitations, lack of practical experience, especially in rural practice and agricultural knowledge, so in practice are often difficult to achieve greater results.More college students under the employment pressure, when the "village official" as a springboard for their own occupation career, for when the civil servants for the shortcut.With this motivation of college students village official to the rural work hard to put one's heart and soul into the national college students "village", hope to contribute to the construction of the new countryside intention will in practice at.So how to develop the student "village official" selection criteria, to construct the scientific and reasonable "village official" quality model is of great significance.
The existing research is from the macro level to the preliminary investigation on the practice of divergent thinking, the university student village official policy, and requirements for college students quality, effect of internal conditions of little village can become the new rural construction is the powerful force of college students and play a role, the competency model is a powerful model to distinguish the good performance the college students and the general.Although the competency model of human resource management is the development of a more mature, many research results, relates to the position, role of wide, but for the competency of staff, government and non-profit organizations at the grass-roots level is low, college students also do a research force model is vacant.
The competency model of
Competency research and the practice originated in the United States, represented by the McClelland1, American Management Association defined competency distinguishes outstanding performance and general knowledge, in order to motivation, traits, self-image, social roles and skills related to work (Hayes, 1979).General method of constructing the competency model of behavioral event interview method, functional analysis, situational method, the performance method, the behavioral event interview method is used, this method by using open behavior and retrospective survey technology, asked participants to list them in the work of the successful and unsuccessful events events, interviews through the analysis of the interview records, all kinds of competency in the report frequency, index of elite group and the normal group had statistical index and related to the degree of frequency comparison, find out the differences between the two groups of features, and then according to the significant difference feature, the establishment of performance excellence, competency model.

2 model
The 2.1 model is established in
In order to understand the actual college students with excellent performance and the general, this research uses the structured interview, interview outline for a pre-decided, interviewed students village official for behavioral event interview.Selected college students in Jiangsu, Beijing, one of the outstanding group of 10 people, the interview data all effective, normal group 10, 8 copies of effective interviews.In order to ensure strict accuracy in sample selection key, outstanding group to "whether the term obtained at and above county level government public commendation outstanding college students village official title of honor" as the basic criteria.Through the qualitative data processing, according to preliminary model of frequency to determine the initial college-graduate village official competency has the following 10 elements: the spirit of active learning, job identification, actively seeking external support, frustration tolerance, hard-working, success or failure is not evaluated in the people as the center, self-confident dare, make all-out efforts, to change the rural clear objectives.2.2 models of the construct validity of
This paper adopts the method of verification "construct validity", that the establishment of relevant competent Lite quality table as an evaluation tool, test results returned questionnaires extract elements of competency can distinguish excellent and general group of College students.
The survey questionnaire was once served as and graduate students are now working as village officials, the university student village official geographical distribution in the 9 main districts and counties of Beijing, Pinggu District, Shunyi District, Tongzhou District, Fengtai District, and four in 2007 in Jiangsu Province, Lianyungang City, Xuzhou City, Huaian City, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, the first batch of college students village official site selection.Beijing area in which the elite group of 33 people, the general group of 23 people, 18 outstanding group of people in Jiangsu area, the general group of 28 people, a total of 102 questionnaires were effective, strictly control the degree, determine the recovery of 96 valid questionnaires, the elite group of 48 questionnaires, 48 copies of general group, the effective rate of recovery was 94.1%.

The 3 data processing and analysis of
The 3.1 data processing tool
Using Excel, SPSS 13 for Windows as data storage, sorting and analysis tool.
The analysis results of
3.2.1 exploratory factor analysis of
In the factor analysis of the data, to KMO and Bartlett test of sphericity, the survey data of the KMO value is 0.746, which can be trapped analysis.Using principal component factor analysis method of varimax rotation (Varimax) according to the principle of extracting eigenvalue greater than L 3 common factors, according to the principle of selecting the load more than 0.40 projects, a total of 10 items retained.The results of factor analysis are shown in table 1.
Analysis the factor loading matrix figure we can see from table 1 principal component factors, 3 factors of the cumulative contribution rate of 57.279%, is generally believed that, as long as the explained variance rate of 55% to accept the results.Therefore, the three factor is the ideal structure.Among them, factor named, including self-confidence dare, with civilian give priority to, make all-out efforts, actively seeking external support, the variance accounted for 23.535%, factor to reflect the interests of the people first, is not success or failure by the people evaluation values, and confidence in their ability and idea, try your best to do it for the well-being for the people of things, hence the name "motivated"; factor two includes the change of rural clear objectives, frustration tolerance, hard-working, variance accounted for 18.540%, factor two reflects one in rural dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased, not afraid of the rural working conditions, the living environment is unpleasant, withstand, life shocks, frustration can also as in the past adhere to the direction of the work, hence the name "willpower"; factor three include job identity, the utilitarian orientation, the spirit of active learning, the variance accounted for 15.204%, factor three to reflect the university student village itself value, role identity, on the job duties and positioning a clear understanding, to know that as a college students village official strengths and available resources, namely the support of one's own scientific and cultural ideological level and all levels of government, can use all the way from knowledge supplementThe body of knowledge and skills for the benefit of the people, the firm faith, not eager for a quick success, not only focus on short-term results, hence the name "role to correct".
The 3.2.2 questionnaire reliability and validity analysis of
The measure of a questionnaire of quality is mainly from the reliability and validity of
Two aspects of evaluation, the survey questionnaire for the Karen Bach coefficient (Cronbach ) to test the validity, main index for the structural validity of the questionnaire. The results of exploratory factor analysis.

1) reliability analysis
The total coefficient of questionnaire was 0.850, is generally believed that the reliability of greater than 0.70 is acceptable (Devellis, 1991; Gay, 1992), and the questionnaire is credible.
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