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Analysis of human resource management in Colleges and universities of our province

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[Abstract] is an important part of college management is the human resources management, in my province colleges and universities, many problems still exist in current human resource management process, must adopt appropriate policies, measures to solve, is of great significance to the development of my province colleges and universities.
[keyword] University; human resource; management of

[Abstract] The important component that colleges and universities manages is human resource management, in my province colleges and universities, current human resource management process returns a lot of deficiency back to existence middle, have importance to development of my province colleges and universities to come to resolve additionally must adopt appropriate policies and measures.

[Key words] Colleges and universities; Human resources; Management

Human resources of colleges and universities, is to promote the development of higher education, and the role in the economic and social development have intellectual labor ability and physical labor and the floorboard of the people at work and training specialized personnel.College human resources include teachers, managers and service personnel.We will work to my school -- Guizhou University of Finance and Economics about our province university human resources management.
Combining with the reality of our university, the present situation and future development, work in human resources management, to establish our school Party committee puts forward "a concept, the two work together, implementation of the four measures of" spirit.For our human resource management in the past few years after the experience of effective practice.

1 my school human resource management characteristics of

1.1 human resource management is the school strategic, foundational work.Adhere to the "party manage talents" principle, continue to implement the "talent strong school" of the spirit, and vigorously to create a "respect for talent, respect knowledge, respect labor, respect for creation", introduction, cultivation, use good talent environment, the human resources management as the central work of school party Committee always.
Adhere to standardized, institutionalized 1.2 my school human resources management.Perfect the relevant systems and regulations of human resources management in our school has the focus, formulating and revising the relevant high level talents introduction way, teachers' in-service education and training programs, teachers troop construction plan, key disciplines and academic leaders selection management, discipline, discipline leaders and professors allowance measures of teacher incentive, promotion way etc..The formation of human resources management management standards and effective incentive mechanism, make the outstanding talent makes into, stay, in favor of outstanding talent talent showing itself to create a good working environment.
1.3 to establish main committees and administrative leadership for the work in the construction of human resource management leading group responsible for the unified leadership and organization, our school human resources management.The organization, personnel, finance and related branch, Department, mainly responsible for the work of human resource management of the person directly responsible, work related to the work of human resource management in the concrete implementation, the implementation of various policies and regulations of the central, province and school personnel work.
1.4 to improve school conditions, provide good working environment.To solve the introduction of talent of long-term residence and the turnover of housing; the network into the whole staff and teachers apartment, improvement of education and teaching conditions, to beautify the campus environment.
Human resource management of university is a long-term, arduous work, our adhere to the implementation of human resources strategy, continuous improvement and improve human resource management in our school work, and actively create good conditions to introduce and cultivate more talents, to build a structure optimization, good quality, full of vitality high-level talents.

There are 2 of my province of problems in human resources management of

In recent years, with the reform of the management system in Colleges and universities of our country deeply, human resource management in Colleges and universities have also carried out many useful to explore and try, has made some achievements, but with the development of China's colleges and universities also does not adapt, in my school human resource management can see some problems existing in our province to work in human resource management, mainly as follows:
2.1 the lack of power of personnel management, human resources management in Colleges and universities power basically still controlled by the government, colleges and universities can not get their required human resources according to their actual situation, at the same time, without the need for the human resources of colleges and universities, as the government rights of intervention, had to receive.
2.2 the current university human resource management is mainly in the form of the traditional personnel management, lack of scientific human resources management.Because of the undergraduate teaching evaluation in Colleges and universities in the majority, Shen big big events such as period, so the excessive pursuit of human resource quantity and speed, only considering how many employees, the number of graduate students, how many, how many professors; in the aspect of performance assessment of human resources, the various indicators to quantify, I had to fill out all kinds of countless every year several major forms, several small quantify, ignoring the characteristics of human resources management in Colleges and universities, and inhibit the University Human Resources Initiative, creativity, initiative.
2.3 in recent years in order to attract and stabilize the human resources, many universities have taken some measures, but are often too much emphasis on material treatment, for example in attracting talented people, mostly to the square meters of the house, how much the installation fee and other measures, for the high school staff calendar, high Title also gives many the material aspect of subsidies, although the material benefits are more Datong increase, but the lack of a human resources to maximize the potential of the human environment, many colleges and universities in the loss of talent, there are also many is because interpersonal factors caused.
2.4 with the trend of global economic integration is becoming more and more obvious, excellent human resources are flowing to the economically developed regions, and even some of the surplus that waste phenomenon, for example, in some economically developed areas of the University, there is mention of political instructors phenomenon doctoral, and especially for like me province economy is relatively backward areas though large, outstanding gap of human resource demand, but because of their conditions, it is difficult to meet their needs.The 3 school, education, human resources is the key to

Human resources management is one of the basic construction of local colleges and universities the most important, it is a strategic measure, it is the urgent task of local colleges and universities.In order to make our province university towards a more healthy direction, can take the following measures:
3.1 to the first position of human resource management in university management, in the knowledge economy and under the background of market economy, human resource is the most important resource in all resources, especially in the field of higher education.Secondly, to establish a "people-oriented" management concept, to how to develop human resource itself value in the first place, the establishment of a harmonious human resources role in human resource management in Colleges and universities can give full play to the environment.Thirdly, set up the "talent first, the teacher first" mentality, making intellectual labour to be respected, to create a good atmosphere of respecting teachers.
3.2 to establish and improve the scientific human resource management system.To solve the current university human resources management problems, one of the key is to establish a scientific human resource management system.Reform of the personnel system in Colleges and universities as a breakthrough, establish scientific incentive mechanism, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the human resources; set up scientific mechanism of talent flow, so that the human resources reasonable disposition; to establish a scientific assessment system, make use of human resources performance can be fully reflected; establish a scientific mechanism of talent competition, truly "could be".
The 3.3 scientific and reasonable to do human resource management.
Row.In order to strengthen the management of human resources in higher education, must develop good human resource management and long-term planning.According to the actual situation of the university must be development, formulate strategic long-term planning, a clear human resources management basic principle, basic task, carries on the reasonable localization to the human resource management from a strategic height, and on this basis, according to the phase of the task decomposition for short-term plan.
3.4 stable human resources is the foundation to attract human resources.None of the existing human resources team stability can not be attracted to other areas of human resources.Because want to attract excellent human resources, we must expand the propaganda, let the field to understand the situation in our province.The field of human resources in the flow front is also bound to the understanding of the region's political, economic and cultural environment and working conditions through various channels, so as to make a comparison and their circumstances, measure their strengths and interests.They need to understand the situation of human resources and policy in the region, to understand the extent to meet the existing on the environment and policy and flow, so, the outflow of human resources is the existing personnel with the policy environment and the most powerful note, therefore, can not stabilize the existing human resources team do not attract other human resources, the stability of human resource is the basis and prerequisite for attracting foreign human resources.
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