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On the main innovation resource-based city guide innovation system construction mode

Author: TianHongNa From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-29 14:07:41 Read:
Abstract: China's resource-based cities, many of these cities on the economic and social development face I Pro severe challenges, an urgent need to transform it to get rid of dependence on a single natural resource, to the pursuit of sustainable development. The construction of resource-based cities innovation system provides a new way of thinking to solve the transformation of resource-based cities in China. Guided by the main innovation of regional innovation system construction mode, the existing problems in China's resource-based cities innovation system, both from the main innovation capacity and economic strength of the resource-based cities innovation system construction mode choice.
Paper Keywords: resource-based cities; regional innovation system; construction mode

Resource-based cities accounted for about a quarter of the total number of cities in China, these cities has long been an urgent need to transition to the pursuit of sustainable development. Building regional innovation system is the substantial increase in the fundamental way of regional innovation capacity and competitiveness, resource-based cities need to rely on the regional innovation system and constantly open up new growth point of the urban economy, bring the whole city's rapid economic development and the improvement of the quality of economic growth.
1 main innovation guided regional innovation system construction mode
Regional innovation system construction is highly subject to the local economy and the level of development of the science and technology education, which determines they have a difference of innovative resources and the environment for innovation, investment in innovation and focus will follow different. Developed areas of the economic and technological education may become centers of innovation and underdeveloped areas of innovation is more dependent on the absorption and the introduction of external innovations. According to the region's economic and technological strength, we can construct a four-quadrant matrix of the main characteristics of regional innovation located in different quadrants of the main innovation innovation capability, there are also differences lead to its role in the regional innovation system construction. Accordingly, the construction of the regional innovation system can be divided into a government-led, enterprise-oriented colleges and universities research institutions led and value network four innovative body boot mode. As shown in Figure 1.

When a regional economic strength and technological strength is weak, then the need to rely on government support. Government-led model is top-down construction of regional innovation system. When a regional economic stronger and weaker technology enterprises in order to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage and become a major force in the regional innovation system construction. Enterprise-oriented model is the top-down construction of regional innovation system. Some regional economic development lags behind, stronger science and technology education, universities research institutions led the main innovation boot mode, which requires a lot of scientific research but can not be absorbed by the local use, it is necessary to other parts of the popularization and application of regional innovation system construction . When a region's economic and technological strength are strong, the region's businesses typically have leading-edge technology, closely linked with the areas inside and outside of other enterprises, universities and research institutions, have plenty of resources for innovation and a high degree of cooperation, as shown in Figure 2.

Thus, the government and universities - research institutions led the main innovation boot mode is the mode of transition, most of the main innovation of enterprise-oriented and value network-based boot mode is used in the developed regions or regional innovation system is more mature construction mode.
Problems in by the two resource-based cities innovation system
Innovation and existence of the subject
First, the main innovation fewer, loss of function. Many inland and central and western regions of the resource-based cities and long-term resource exploitation as the main guiding ideology, leading enterprises and research institutions within these cities are concentrated in the resource industries, there is not enough innovation the main alternative to industrial innovation. Second, corporate innovation is not strong, weak awareness. Most of the resource-based cities do not have the innovative hardware, lack of test conditions and fixed sources of funding. Enterprises themselves do not seek to blaze new trails, leading to lack of independent innovation power. Third, local governments do not play its due role, function orientation unreasonable. The resource-based cities in China are mostly large enterprises and small government structure, which makes it difficult for local governments to develop plans, policies, and technological infrastructure construction play its due role. Government micro-management function is too strong, too weak macro-control functions; the economic functions too strong, social functions too weak; social control is too strong, too weak service functions. Fourth, the slow development of science and technology intermediary, a single service. Of resource-based cities to support science and technology intermediaries public information infrastructure is weak; personnel quality is not high, the uneven distribution of dislocation phenomena; management and support of the government on science and technology intermediary; lack of promoting and regulating the technology intermediary development policies and regulations system, the market order is not standardized.
2.2 Innovation Resource Problems
First, the lack of creative talents. The technical staff of the resource-based cities are mainly concentrated in the resource industry, talent professionals constitute a single, high-tech talent and high-quality management innovation lack of personnel. And working conditions and living environment is inferior to the center of the city and open coastal cities, the lack of attractiveness of the innovative talents. Second, the innovation the talent sector and industrial distribution structure is irrational. Scientific and technical personnel of the resource-based cities are concentrated in the central enterprises, provincial enterprises and resource companies, local businesses, non-resource companies, the low proportion of scientific and technological personnel, weak in strength, excessive concentration of innovative activities and closed. Many resource-based cities single industrial structure, engineering and technical personnel is mainly concentrated in the resource industries, metallurgy, building materials industry and related industry research institutions and high-tech industries such as electronic information, biomedicine talent rarely. Third, innovation, insufficient capital investment. Resource-based cities are mostly weak economic foundation, limited financial resources, lower capital investment; compared with the developed coastal regions and cities, whether corporate or government investment in science and technology have a wide gap. Fourth, innovation resource allocation efficiency is not high. Development has lagged behind due to the resource-based cities main innovation, the innovation environment is poor, very low efficiency in the use of capital, technology, personnel and other resources for innovation elements. At the same time, the very slow flow of innovative information and technology. 3 resource-based cities of the basic construction mode select
Resource-based cities as a special economic zone, the theoretical support of the innovation system construction is the theory of the regional innovation system, innovation system construction mode should also be based on the regional innovation system construction mode.
selected by 3.1 main innovation ability construction mode
Regional innovation system to mature timing process from the establishment progressive, jump, in general can be divided into the creation, growth, maturity, innovation recession or four stages of continuous innovation. As China's eastern region regional innovation system establishment of early, most of them into the growth stage, and some even have a mature stage, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu and other provinces. However, most of our resource-based cities of the innovation system is still in its infancy, and some even did not form the basic framework, the main innovation of the innovation capability is not strong, is not closely linked, innovation lack of resources, the slow development of science and technology intermediary. Weak innovative strength determines they can not be the dominant mode of college research institutions as the dominant mode of promoting innovation system construction, but also determines its value can not be selected network mode.
3.2's economic strength construction mode selection
China's resource-based cities single industrial structure, slow progressive industry, reflected in the GNP, primary industry and tertiary industry (see Table 1);

Industrial structure, heavy serious; structure of heavy industry, mining industry account for a large proportion of upstream and downstream industries imbalance. With the gradual decline of the resource industries, the majority of resource-based cities into recession. Low economic efficiency. In addition, China has long been the implementation of resources invaluable, low-cost of raw materials, high-priced "price system, steering the process of market-oriented price formation, the state first liberalized the prices of processed products, coal, electricity and other energy and raw material price control by the national plan for quite a long time, really let go until the late 1990s. The price and value of the departure from the benefits of resource companies and resource-based cities is transferred to the downstream industries and regions, and the resource-based cities from the external input high-priced light industrial products, which resulted in the interests of "double drain", making the development of new The industry lacks sufficient funds, technology accumulation. The face of a gradually improving market economic system and the fierce market competition, many resource-based cities before considering the development of new industries to participate in the competition is very passive and powerless. Therefore, for the financially weaker resource-based cities should choose a government-led innovation main boot mode. But the choice of government-led resource-based cities can only select this as a transitional mode. The same time, there are still a part of the innovation system in the growth stage or mature, economically strong resource-based cities, such as Daqing, Heilongjiang Province.
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