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Y, why not high efficiency high salary

Author: ZhouWei WangTianHui From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-29 13:38:28 Read:
[Abstract] this paper through the analysis of Y company in the implementation of "high salary, high affinity, high benefit" of the "three high" strategy of the reasons for the failure, points out that the managers in the formulation of employee compensation, absolute value should not rely solely on increasing salary increase employee satisfaction, improve employee performance, bring benefit to the enterprise.But should fully consider the impact of internal factors and external factors of employee compensation, combined with human resource management means, through training, welfare policy, improving the corporate culture and other non-monetary incentives, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees, motivate employees to work hard, realize enterprise's development goal.
[keyword] staff needs; salary system; salary equity; employee motivation and

[Abstract] The cause the main body of a book is passed analysing put "high salary money into practice, high Y company attraction, high beneficial result," "high efficiency, high quality and high benefit" tactics failure, points out a director when working out employee salary payment, should not depend on the absolute value improving salary payment to increase employee degree of satisfaction only, improves the employee achievement effect, brings beneficial result to beneficial result enterprise. But should consider the factor and external factors affecting employee salary payment inside sufficiently, various administration of at the same time be tied in wedlock human resources means, passing training, welfare policy, perfecting corporate culture and so on is not that currency stimulates way, mobilize employee 's enthusiasm, urge an employee to work hard sufficiently, attain development of enterprise' s objectives.

[Key words] The employee is needed; The salary fulfils system; Salary payment is impartial; The employee is stimulated

1 cases of

Y company established the first factory in southern China seven years ago, the main food and beverage, whose parent company is the French-owned old food and beverage business.Y company has just put into operation two years, business is developing rapidly, the economic strength of enterprises has been greatly improved.However, in recent years due to domestic enterprises emerging, food and beverage industry in the fierce market competition, Y company is facing great challenge.In order to better retain personnel in key position, arouse the enthusiasm of the staff, and attract more high-quality personnel into the enterprise, Y company's human resources director Zhang Feng first put forward "high salary, high affinity, high efficiency" of the "three high" strategy.With other companies to put different high benefit in the first strategy, Y company by virtue of a high salary, to improve employee's willingness to work for employees, increase the attractiveness of the company, eventually achieve high efficiency.Y company for many years of adhering to its long tradition, employee pay monthly, only at the end of the year according to the employee's performance level must pay the bonus, the bonus to total wages is relatively low, the staff also smaller gap between.In view of this, we modify the original salary system, and to improve the position salary all is according to the proportion of the total wages, greatly improved, coupled with the Y company in the industry of original visibility, soon gathered a large number of professionals with experience in the industry.
However, the fact is not such as Zhang Feng expected.After two years, the departments of staff performance did not make a spurt of progress, some of the old staff performance still remain stagnant, and the employee's performance is not just as one wishes, this is a direct result of the whole benefit of Y is not as expected growth momentum! At this time, Zhang Feng had to re-examine their own originally developed by the "three high" strategy, the high salary bring high efficiency of the original intention is not really feasible? Facing many employees of the company, Zhang Feng fell into a meditation, what employees need?

Analysis of 2 cases of

The salary incentive purpose is to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of staff, stabilize the talent, attract talent, to achieve the best allocation of resources and staff salary contribution, achieve thereby contributing to organizational goals.To achieve this goal we must fully exert salary incentive system, maintain the effectiveness and long-term incentive program.In the example above, Y company adopted the "three high" strategy failed, failed to raise chips effectively motivate employees by, improve the effectiveness of the company, the reason mainly lies in the following aspects:
2.1 employees incentive mode single, lack of strength, not the salary structure design.
According to the American scholar Herzberg's "theory of double factors", to raise the enthusiasm of the staff wages and welfare treatment and other health factors is necessary, and none of it will lead to dissatisfaction with the staff, but even if it is satisfied, it often is very limited, not lasting.To mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, motivate employees effectively, not only pay attention to material interests and external factors such as working conditions, more important is to pay attention to the work arrangements, spiritual encouragement to the staff, giving praise and recognition, to provide staff development, development and promotion.
In this case, Y company paid monthly salary, only at the end of the year according to the employee's performance level must pay the bonus, the bonus to total wages is relatively low, the staff also smaller gap between.The salary structure of Y company has the fixed compensation ratio is too large, variable compensation proportion problems, and failed to effectively align employee variable compensation and performance.This kind of salary structure design directly affects the employee's salary satisfaction and working enthusiasm, resulting in "failed three high" strategy.2.2 compensation design of lack of fairness.
Archaism cloud: "not with scarcity, uneven distribution".Absolute value influence the incentive effect not only reward, and reward the relative value.The management personnel in incentives, to seek justice, try to eliminate the error of subjective judgment.In this case, Zhang Feng as director of human resources, not able to focus on the performance of individual employees, according to the distribution.The same difference position of competent, qualified and unqualified, will these differences in the salary system to reflect, cause the staff to have no common idea.
The implementation of "three strategies" failure according to the case of Y company, this paper thinks that the Y company should be "high salary, high affinity, high benefit" strategy to move closer to the "high salaries, high affinity, high benefit" principle, should not be limited to increase salary absolute value, but should through the construction of the atmosphere of culture and organization of enterprises, to construct a diversified reward and incentive system, design the reasonable and effective compensation system, in order to build long-term incentive power source in the enterprise.The specific measures are as follows:
2.2.1 establishment and implementation of incentive mechanism, multiple runways.
According to the incentive mode single in this case, you can reference the Legend Group
Incentive mechanism, the multi-level multiple runways.Lenovo has always believed that incentive mechanism is always open system, only the incentive of a runway will be crowded, must encourage multiple runways, so that employees can really feel at ease in his best position.At the same time, Lenovo to incentive means is flexible, develop different systems according to different work, different people, different situation, not a single system.In this regard, Zhang Feng can be based on the actual situation of Y company, in the implementation of the "three high" strategy, in order to raise salaries for grasper, while the implementation of professional training, employee occupation career development planning, incentive measures, faster and more effective incentive strengthening effect, put off the salary to be cost-effective.
2.2.2 building structure and reasonable compensation system.
The improper design salary structure of Y company, its in the redesign of compensation system should be based on the nature of the set position, fixed income and variable income ratio of different types of employees, and the variable and the performance appraisal of organic combination, reasonable salary structure.For the production of position, company Y should be combined with the labor market conditions, to ensure that the basic wages and market remained relatively consistent, increase employee income security; according to the sales staff, should strengthen the performance appraisal, on the performance of high, big contribution employees were amply rewarded; for the project team members, in its performance and salary at the same time, for the successfully completes the project members also paid a certain amount of bonus to exceed the standard, improve working enthusiasm of the entire team.
2.2.3 design a fair salary system, strengthen effective communication with the staff.
A fair salary system requirements of salary and job characteristics, personal ability and quality of staff and the actual job performance associated.Among them, the different requirements on employees' ability and quality differences, engage in the same position of staff's personal quality may be different, ability may also be quite different.This, in case Zhang Feng should not take make no exception to improve employee compensation practices, but should focus on employee's personal quality, ability, for investment enterprises and its corresponding performance given differentiated rewards, try to make the input and output of each employee's ratio close to in order to achieve fairness.
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