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Problems and Countermeasures of the work of staff performance appraisal of construction enterprise

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[Abstract] along with the deepening of enterprise reform, how to strengthen the performance evaluation system, establish a scientific and effective performance evaluation system, further play the guiding role of performance appraisal, to promote the enterprises to strengthen management, improve efficiency, enhance core competitiveness and sustainable development, related to the profitability of construction enterprise ability.In this paper, the current performance appraisal of construction enterprises and the reasons for the problems are analyzed, and puts forward some corresponding measures on how to carry out the performance evaluation system.
[keyword] construction enterprise performance evaluation system of

To improve the operating efficiency of enterprises, enhance the enterprise competition, has long been exploring the theory, one of the main direction of the pursuit of the industrial world.Since the performance appraisal theory is applied in the actual operation of the enterprise, many scholars and business managers to the theoretical method is one of the magic weapon to solve the enterprise management problems.However, the theory of performance appraisal in the actual operation of enterprises in the course of the effect is not obvious.Investigation of relevant departments of the State Council report, the implementation of the performance appraisal in 1044 enterprises, 59.1% enterprises choose the general effect, selection is very good and very good combined ratio of only 20%, select the assessment effect very good only 18 enterprises, accounting for 1.7%.

There are 1 construction enterprise performance evaluation problem of
Due to the characteristics of professional construction enterprises, construction projects scattered, various complicated production process, resulting in performance appraisal work exists hierarchy index is various, complex, the big difference between the characteristics of work.The problems are mainly embodied in the following aspects:
(1) evaluation system is not enough, the lack of unity.Because of the coexistence of various appraisal system, performance appraisal, often by different departments for examination, the system of appraisal system complete, dismembered into a plurality of appraisal system compartmentalization, bring many disadvantages.First, different departments brought different assessment scale, affecting the authoritative appraisal system; secondly, in the appraisal process appeared the same index was repeated examination, the same event is repeated assessment of the phenomenon, appraisal and low efficiency, again as a result of the same event is repeated examination, often a violation will lead to many employees be fined, seriously affecting the worker mood.
(2) evaluation index is not accurate enough, the lack of specific.Performance appraisal index in the format state, general index, the index is less.The result is: on the one hand the performance target experience, goal setting is lack of science, performance appraisal target easily achieved; on the other hand, directly led to the examination failure, namely in the index is lack of specific circumstances, performance evaluation becomes a mere formality, appear in salary distribution, average main meaning of responsibility in the accident on shuffle phenomenon.
(3) assessment method is not flexible enough, the lack of timeliness.In the evaluation method is single, attendance system, leading the scoring system, the Department in charge of examination system is the main method of performance evaluation, it is difficult to conduct a comprehensive study of the performance of employees.In addition, department in charge of examination taken regularly carry out of the way, on one hand the examination department appeared to meet the inspection of speculation, on the other hand, regularly carry out assessment is difficult to carry out investigation and treatment of emergencies, resulting in inaccurate assessment.
(4) the assessment results are difficult to be applied, the lack of incentive.A lot of construction enterprises to carry out performance assessment work is time-consuming and laborious, but because the evaluation method is not reasonable, the assessment results can not reflect the real performance of employee, the assessment results are difficult to be applied, the lack of incentive.

2 construction enterprise performance evaluation system solution of

2.1 performance appraisal principle
The performance evaluation of construction enterprise work should reflect the "full, dynamic, value contribution" principle.
2.1.1 staff.Construction enterprise performance appraisal should include all of the company's two units, the project department and the competent departments, including management personnel, professional and technical personnel and skilled operators, to do the horizontal edge, vertical in the end, realizes the company general manager and the whole staff full coverage.
Dynamic 2.1.2.For each employee, the assessment indicators are dynamic, once the post adjustment, the corresponding evaluation index is adjusted; the evaluation index is dynamic, staff salary, post adjustment should be linked with the results of performance evaluation; index system itself is dynamic, job performance evaluation indicators should be continuously perfect according to the actual situation of enterprises.
2.1.3 value contribution.The position of each index set should reflect the contribution to enterprise value concept, to the value of contributions to the core set the corresponding index system.
2.2 performance evaluation mode of
Different performance assessment measures adopted according to the characteristics of different groups:
-- on the management personnel, to implement the responsibility system for the main contents of the performance appraisal method, the completion of the annual evaluation index focus on business.
-- on the professional and technical personnel, to implement the system of post responsibility and work plan for the main content of the performance appraisal method, the completion of the performance and the work plan on assessment system of post responsibility.
-- on skilled operators, to implement the labor quota assessment as the main content of the performance appraisal method, a quantified assessment, focusing on assessment of the actual workload completion.
Three groups of performance appraisal have different emphases, formed the perfect performance appraisal system.
The main 2.3 methods of performance evaluation of
2.3.1 management responsibility system assessment methods: management of staff to take "the risk of mortgage, monthly distribution, checking cash, income adjustment" assessment methods, the basic formation of responsibilities and interests, combined, business responsibility, risk, return matching.At the beginning of each year by the enterprise and the two units, the project department signed a management responsibility agreement, clear management index of each unit, as the year (or the end of the project cycle) to investigate.Assessment mainly based on the completion of a clear management responsibility indicators and the financial budget control, management responsibility of each unit in the contract, as well as the management target, management functions and plan measures the suitability, effectiveness and implementation.
Examination management responsibility system usually in tier two units or project department as a unit, the project department as an example, the key points are introduced:
The project manager department signed a management agreement with the company, to determine the target cost of item and contribution, on behalf of the company, responsible for overall control of project process control and management and the cost, and make the project settlement and the task of forwarding work.
(1) the project manager of the index and evaluation of
-- business indicators: Project contribution, target cost, settlement benefit.
-- management index: mainly including quality, safety, progress, cost accounting, the recovery of funds, the task of forwarding etc..
The project manager's assessment is divided into two parts management index and management index.
The assessment of operational indicators respectively by the company responsible for the finance department, business department and the audit department.
The management indicators by the enterprise appraisal committee is responsible for organizing the implementation of assessment, project execution "years, during the examination, the cash of the final examination honoured" system.Take the combination of the decentralization and centralization of project assessment, the relevant departments in the grasp of basic statistical data, materials, complete with the scoring form.
(2) > month predistribution
The project manager department team members of the wage income of month distribution, the monthly basic salary and annual salary, about I 50%.
(3) the project manager team years pre cashed the
Years the cash and the objectives of the project cost control, management targets linked project manager team, combined with the working time and attendance check cashing.When a project or a loss of unfinished projects according to the time schedule, not materialized; when the completion of the project objective contribution according to time schedule, to the cash, the cash of about I year around 30%
(4) the project manager team to realize
After the project is completed, the final cash and the objectives of the project cost control, settlement efficiency and management targets directly link project manager team.When a project or a loss has not completed the goal contribution, not materialized; when the project is completed or exceeded the target contribution, to be fulfilled, the actual contribution to cash and project, set
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