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The developed countries are worthy of our reference university recruitment

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[Abstract] Aiming at the university with the characteristics of the proposed system, constantly improve the recruitment, the recruitment to scientific form, is a good university talents construction first.Suggestions and introduces several foreign has been widely used in some advanced, scientific mode.
[keyword] University; recruitment; from

[Abstract] Characteristic specifically for colleges and universities currently in effect servant system, put forward improves and perfects unceasingly recruiting way, make colleges and universities recruit the first turn off tending to scientification in form unceasingly, being that talented person builds good colleges and universities in talented person. Suggest that a few drawing lessons and introducing that several kinds are put into use abroad already broadly detailedly are advanced, scientific way.

[Key words] Colleges and universities; Recruit way; Draw

Now the domestic public colleges and universities, because of higher income and more stable, the staff of less liquid.In the process of recruiting once determining the recruitment of personnel, as long as in the later work does not appear larger errors, are generally not be dismissed.This makes the colleges and universities in the recruitment selection mistakes once, very long period of time caused by the negative impact will continue.So do the talent construction first, will be an important work in the human resources department in Colleges and universities.On the one hand, some developed countries abroad through than China's long journey, in the recruitment of the formation of some advanced, we should learn from the way.As can be known and combined with the actual situation of their universities to use, to constantly improve the recruitment, the recruitment to the scientific benefit form.The following details in several ways.

1 avoid appoint people by favouritism, take the recruitment committee consisting mainly of personnel selection system of

Based on the hypothesis of "evil human nature", American University in the use of people generally established a committee to the recruitment of personnel selection system.There are two main advantages of the system.First, by the recruitment commission rather than by employing boss to candidate selection, at least from the system to reduce the possibility of "appoint people by favouritism".Secondly, by the representative committee rather than a others to choose talents, especially the selection of the school of the future of a department, it is in fact for future President-elect can smoothly into the work.To put it another way, if you or your colleagues participated in to your future boss selection and appointment process, so when he took office, even if you're on his performance is not satisfactory, you treat him with the possible conflict or degree will also relatively light.After all, he is your own pick to! This and the United States of America elected president of the principle is the same: because the president is you and other voters voted together; he never let you down, you can only blame the other half of the people at that time not and you be of one heart and one mind; if you belong to that more than half of the people, then you only have yourself to blame.

The 2 candidates and position matching degree test

According to the theory of human resource management of foreign research in this area, the more popular view is: the matching degree candidates and post higher, candidates for the post value is bigger.Matching degree candidates and the post and is embodied in two aspects: job fit (Job Fit) and organization fit (Organization Fit).Job fit refers to the applicant and the job matching degree, including whether it has complete professional knowledge necessary to work; ability to should have to do the work (initiative, judgment and originality); and whether intrinsic motivation should have this work is consistent.Organization fit is the matching degree candidates and job characteristics, conditions and atmosphere including positions will let the candidates feel most satisfied; whether jobs has let the candidates feel most unsatisfactory, the most resistant to aspects and so on.
Generally, the recruitment target is to find and recruit job fit and organization fit are relatively high, will only focus on the two fit any of the parties are harmful.Job fit and suitable organization degree is low, is what we often say "do not want to do", but is "do not do", this neither post welcome.
In addition, the job fit and organization fit high people move into position, further deepening the degree to lay a good foundation for him and post matching.For example: job fit higher than job fit low person easy to get satisfaction from work, so as to maintain a higher job satisfaction; organizational fit high than the person organization fit low person easy and post to establish good psychological contract, keep strong organizational commitment, and is willing to keep the job members have long identity, and job satisfaction and organizational commitment of people can maintain a higher level of performance, and form a benign circulation through the post performance evaluation.While the job fit and organization fit low employees tend to show low performance, work and high turnover behavior.
Comparison with reference to some college are: individual teaching enthusiasm high teachers lack the expression of teaching ability; on the contrary, some expressions with good teaching ability of teachers are not interested in teaching, coping with the completion period.Especially the current employment situation is relatively tight, the position of a steady income and attracted a large number of candidates, whether many of them for teachers not enough understanding of their own.At the same time as the personnel department, in a large degree Title meets the basic requirements of candidates before the selected object for the post.Job fit (Job Fit) and organization fit (Organization Fit) two reference index is significant.
Therefore, if the analysis work in human resource management and job better, then it in recruitment targets will be more clear, there will be a match to find more possibility and enterprise development.Therefore, the recruitment work in the front, the work and job analysis as a basic work of building, is one of the important responsibilities of the human resource department.3 targeted to take for the job requirements of the IQ test or IQ test, a test using
not blind

In the recruitment of the written examination, according to the recruitment targets, combined with the recruitment of time, money, manpower budget and other personnel selection means, adopt the combined recruitment written strategy in line with the actual needs of enterprises, and determines the degree of each test method, strive for gaining more output with less input.
Since the civil service exam taken application ability test, many colleges and universities in the recruitment of the time, regardless of their position belong to the nature, administrative or teaching, use the most afraid of is to imitate the civil service examination papers were written form.This kind of test functions:
The reaction speed of 3.1 can be inspected and agile, although the subject is generally not too difficult, the reaction rate but different candidates are not the same.
3.2 this kind of test questions are generally larger, can inspect applicant in the task before the pressure to bear ability, general relatively calm, focus on candidates play will be better.
3.3 test questions some candidates who need to change an angle to think the problem can be solved quickly, so the applicant flexibility.
But foreign IQ test
Development has been basically these analysis, logical reasoning and other basic ability on the number of test form include.There are many foreign mature IQ scale, for the measurement of human intelligence, such as the Binet scale, raven reasoning etc..In a limited time, through the IQ testing can be rapidly screened a group of people.Because the well-known enterprise person much, although the IQ test scores high people can not well explain the candidates for future job performance, but the IQ test scores of poor people out for the team, can be regarded as a kind of reasonable, simple approach.Recruitment now use IQ or IQ test actually is no longer the original purpose of the test, can be seen as the dimensions of job fit (in logical reasoning ability, flexibility, ability under pressure) of the preliminary study.

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