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Application of "active" hypothesis in management of College Teachers

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Abstract: giving priority to the development of education, to build a powerful country of human resources, is the primary task to promote social construction to improve people's livelihood.
College Teachers' enthusiasm, initiative and creativity can be brought into full play, is directly related to the realization of this goal.Only update their concepts of education, understanding of human nature, the implementation of scientific, effective management of university teachers, who could give full play to the role of teachers in Colleges and universities.This paper is based on previous recognition on human nature, proposed the "dynamic" hypothesis, to fully understand the people's initiative, the implementation of scientific management with humanism on college teachers, to promote the scientific development of higher education.
Keywords: "dynamic" hypothesis of college teachers people-oriented scientific development of

The report of the Seventeenth National Congress give priority to the development of education, building strong human resources country goal, pointed out the clear direction for the development of higher education.Institutions of higher learning to fulfill this mission, we must give full play to the initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of teachers, and strive to achieve its own scientific development.The scientific development and realize the people-oriented is to fully understand the nature, establish good management mechanism, so that all the teachers do their best, give full play to their initiative and creativity [1].This paper puts forward the "dynamic" hypothesis, its meaning is initiative, according to people adhere to the people-oriented, the implementation of the management of teachers, in order to realize the scientific development in Colleges and universities.

1 "active" hypothesis to establish

1.1 "active" hypothesis of the theoretical basis of
Fully understanding of human nature is the realization of human resources management in Colleges and universities, teachers play the role of "human soul engineer" is the basic premise.In the realization of humanity mainly has the following three kinds of views, which construct the theoretical basis of "active" hypothesis.One is Adam Simy's "economic man" hypothesis, the assumption is that both sides or both sides of the contract, each party in order to realize the benefit objective, must let a person feel is beneficial for themselves, it must have true altruism, give them "what you ask," do not harm or benefit, economic exchange activities to long-term maintenance; [2] two is Maslow's "self-actualizing man" hypothesis, he believes that people need to play to their potential, show your ability, only the people's full potential, people can fully show, people will feel the greatest satisfaction; [3] three is Edgar Shen's "complex man" hypothesis, the view as people's needs and potential desire is varied, and the need to model changes with age and the development of the living environment changes.[2]
1.2 "active" hypothesis of the present
According to the view of human nature, this paper holds that human is not only rational economic man, that is human instinct will draw on the advantages and avoid disadvantages, and belongs to society, social constraints; as a senior animal moral people, and is the ideal, the pursuit of the spirit, constantly updated, self-actualizing person; or complex, people with changes in the environment and age, demand is also changing, therefore, should say is "active", namely people facing the outside stimulation will make due to reflection, but not passively received, but can be counter-productive to the objective world.When the outside world for people to evil stimulation, will cause people dislike, and may answer blows with blows; when the outside to give people good stimulation, usually has a comfortable feel, corresponding to the friendly reflect."Active" meaning is "active" is not only able to adapt to changes in the environment, including natural and social environment; and the "dynamic" to transform the environment, change environment for excellent environment, and can create the environment, to open a new world.Moreover, this activity will be reflected according to the size and different, that is to say, the ability is stronger, his initiative is higher, the greater role, otherwise the small.

The 2 teachers' initiative on the performance of the

Positive expression of
2.1 teachers initiative
(1) to achieve active pursuit of my goals.
Teachers are mental workers, is the "engineers of human souls", they know things have a certain depth, face the reality has certain creativity, autonomy and high personal qualities, deeply aware of their own should shoulder social responsibility, for the young students, as long as the harmonious and rapid development and make greater contribution.In the aspect of teaching scientific knowledge to students, teachers are selfless, not only he unselfishly impart his knowledge to students, but also try to get more, better scientific knowledge, to train the next generation, the latecomers become the first.; also hope to achieve their own people to get physical, social respect and approval.Pay special attention to the three material motivation, achievement motivation and spirit motivation of the perfect combination, and achievement motivation for weight.
(2) advocate the fair, desire for equality.That the fair theory American anthropologist Adams: people meet the degree of compensation is a social comparison processes; a person of his work is satisfactory, not only by the influence of absolute value of compensation, but also by the relative value of return (horizontal comparison of individual and others and personal history longitudinal comparative); people need to maintain the distributive justice feeling, only have a sense of fairness will ease of mind, hard work; and in a sense of injustice will be filled with grievances, complaining, or even give up work.[4]19 also reduces the play a positive initiative.Teachers as a strong group, more than any other social groups advocate fair, more want to be treated fairly and fair pay, more eager for their own reasonable need be satisfied.Because of this, take scientific measures to encourage teachers, will lead to their psychological reflection, and to impart knowledge and educate people through their positive action, to realize scientific development of teachers and school.
Negative performance of
2.2 teachers initiative
The professor is a university teacher in teaching experience, knowledge structure, comprehensive orientation to many aspects such as scientific research and evaluation, is also a teacher from immaturity to maturity.The professor at this stage, it is easy to appear occupation "plateau phenomenon", namely in the title not "unknown", on the ship to the pier car station.Teaching without power, unwilling to give lessons, not even the class or not to engage in scientific research, a series of slack behavior shows the weakness of human nature.
In various colleges and universities are the implementation of the "higher low employment, low high school recruits", "bottom out" personnel system reform ideas, each teacher are different degrees of impact: Senior worry annual research task cannot be completed, can not reach the school rules evaluation index, in order to ensure that the title, treatment etc. not affected, put main energy in the scientific research work, unwilling to take on the task of teaching.Results the young teacher's task is increasing, most of them at the same time as the two courses, the teaching quality can not be fully guaranteed, plus the teacher qualifications requirements gradually increase, so the young teachers in the struggle to cope with the teaching, study and research the multiple pressures, suffer unspeakably.Under pressure, humanity will be distorted, or even hate teaching psychology.The teaching burden of pressure on young people who obviously unfair and science.
Some professors even for years with no scientific research outcome, they give up the reason of research in addition to the scientific research work hard, the unit can claim for publication, publication costs are often run behind one's expenses, not to mention the reward.Coupled with some colleges and universities for research and teaching only incentives, no restraint mechanism, the professors have lost the motivation.In the teaching and scientific research environment, how the college students quality education one can imagine, no wonder the supervisor of master student complained that: in recent years, the quality of undergraduate students in fall.If things go on like this, human resource power goal is just empty talk.3 according to their initiative, take effective measures to implement the scientific management of

3.1 incentive measures
Think of Herzberg's "theory of double factors": take some incentive measures (health care), does not necessarily bring people to meet the demand, must use the incentive factors lasting (job satisfaction, attention, work, etc.), to provide more growth, development, promotion opportunities for the members of the organization [3]299, enthusiasm to adjust moving.Have been limited to single material incentive.According to Skinner to strengthen the theory, implementation of incentive for teachers, in order to achieve to James argued, the ability not only to play the incentive from 20% - 30% to raise the level of incentive after the 80% - 90% level, therefore to give full play to the initiative of teachers in Colleges and universities, to promote the development of education career, has important significance to construction to promote human resources power.

(1) the fair and appreciate the
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