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Analysis of regional innovation system knowledge sharing Evaluation Model

Author: MaYongHong LiuXiaoJing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-29 07:26:49 Read:
Paper Keywords: Regional Innovation System knowledge sharing capacity evaluation Analytic Hierarchy Process
Abstract: Regional Innovation System theory and academic research. In regional innovation systems and knowledge-sharing concept defined on the basis of the knowledge-sharing capabilities between the principal elements of the regional innovation system as a starting point, a systematic analysis of knowledge sharing capabilities between the main elements of the regional innovation system, build regional innovation system knowledge sharing capability evaluation index system, and the use of the analytic hierarchy process for determining the weights of the various indicators, knowledge sharing capacity assessment for the regional innovation system provides a ideas and methods.
With the advent of the era of knowledge economy, knowledge has become an important resource for economic and social development. Regional innovation system among the main elements of the level of knowledge sharing capabilities directly determine whether the whole system running smoothly, but also determines whether the innovation capacity of the entire system can be maintained at a high level.
At present, China's regional innovation system among the main body has established a certain amount of knowledge sharing relationships, for example, annually by universities, research institutions constantly feeding the scientific and technological achievements to the enterprise; enterprises and research institutions to establish a joint Institute of joint research and development of new products, development of new technologies. In this process, the main elements of the regional innovation system tend to get knowledge of the other party, rather than provide them with the knowledge they have to form barriers to knowledge sharing. In addition, information asymmetry between the main property rights of knowledge, especially tacit knowledge is difficult to define, the lack of the factors prompted known only shared among the main incentive system, greatly reducing the effective communication between the constituent entities of the regional innovation system and the exchange of learning, is not conducive to regional innovation system as a whole to play its due role in knowledge sharing capabilities of regional innovation systems research is necessary.
A definition of the concept
1.1 Regional Innovation System defined
Since 1992 Philip Cooke Professor of Regional Innovation System (Regional Innovation System RIS) concept and a more comprehensive theoretical analysis and practical research, deeper and wider range of theoretical research of scholars and experts at home and abroad on the basis of the regional innovation system. In this paper, competitiveness and the definition of "regional innovation system", in particular economic area, a variety of innovative linked to the main elements of (innovative institutions and organizations), the main elements of (innovative material conditions required), as well as coordination the relationship between the various elements of the systems and policies network. Regional innovation system is the basis of the national innovation system, the regionalization of the national innovation system theory and specific, and is an integral part of the national innovation system support force.
Regional innovation system's main function is to promote regional knowledge innovation, technological innovation, knowledge sharing and application, the fundamental task is to innovation as the independent variables of the regional economic growth, promote the industry in a region rationalization of the structure, industrial structure was further upgraded and high-quality growth of the regional economy.
The main elements of the regional innovation system, including enterprises, universities, research institutions, governments and intermediary service agencies. Among them, the enterprise is the main body of the technology, knowledge innovation activities and benefits; universities, research institutions is the main source of innovation, talent training base; government as a facilitator or participant of innovative activities in the regional innovation system, the The main responsibility is to create a favorable environment for innovation and to promote knowledge sharing among the other main activities, the relationship between each of the main elements of the Harmonized System. Intermediary service institutions for knowledge sharing and interaction between the main elements to facilitate and enhance the vitality of the regional innovation system.
1.2 knowledge-sharing defined
Since the 1970s, some experts and scholars began to knowledge sharing more in-depth research. Famous management guru Peter Drucker that knowledge is an organized experience, values, information and insight into the dynamic combination of the framework of the portfolio can be assessed on a continuous basis and to absorb new experiences and information. Knowledge sharing system within the various experiences, values, technology and other related information and knowledge is open, the purpose is to make each subject to be able to effectively reach and application-related information and knowledge.
Knowledge sharing knowledge content, including explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge, explicit knowledge is relatively easy to achieve shared tacit knowledge. Through knowledge sharing. An organization can improve operational efficiency and reduce the risk and cost uncertainty, and ultimately achieve the purpose of full use of knowledge for efficiency and competitive advantage. Therefore, knowledge sharing has a high value for an organization, knowledge sharing is an effective way to make the value of knowledge is maximized.
2 Regional Innovation System knowledge sharing capabilities
Knowledge sharing capability refers to the ability to exchange and absorption and utilization of knowledge. It emphasizes that the knowledge of the two-way flow between the main elements in the regional innovation system, especially for the absorption of knowledge and application, rather than simple access. Because Government generally not directly involved or less involved in knowledge sharing in the regional innovation system capacity analysis of knowledge-sharing between the government and other actors, it is omitted in this article. Therefore, this paper put children knowledge sharing capabilities of the regional innovation system include: knowledge sharing capabilities between enterprises; knowledge sharing capabilities between enterprises and universities, research institutions; knowledge sharing capabilities between universities, research institutions; enterprises and intermediary service institutions of knowledge sharing capabilities between knowledge sharing capabilities as well as colleges and universities, research institutions and intermediary service agencies. Knowledge sharing relationships between subjects is shown in Figure 1.

Enterprises to participate in the process of knowledge sharing, without prejudice to the know-how of enterprises and the main premise of, on the one hand, to contribute their private knowledge, on the other hand, learning and digestion and absorption of other enterprises and other private knowledge of the main elements that can be contributed, innovation activities, generate new knowledge, into the next round of the knowledge-sharing process, and ultimately enhance their own competitiveness. Knowledge sharing between competing against each enterprise is extremely difficult because of the contribution to knowledge, and the competitors shared interested in corporate self-interest caused a great deal of loss. But even if the two sides there is a fierce competition, one company to the other contributions to the knowledge of the results that can be shared, will itself form a kind of invisible pressure, urging itself and continue to create new knowledge, in order to maintain the advantage of the knowledge to ensure competitive advantage long-term existence.
Universities, research institutions is a set of knowledge production, dissemination, knowledge-intensive organization, knowledge innovation, application as one of its core assets to create value. Universities, research institutions involved in the process of knowledge sharing, on the one hand, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions in the explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge integration, and then shared with the other main elements; the other hand, absorb and apply the other main contribution from explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge, from which constantly discovering new problems, propose solutions to those problems from a theoretical level, so as to achieve the purpose of rising universities, research institutions, scientific research level and strength, and enhance the universities, research institutions in the social and ability to contribute to economic development.
Intermediary service organizations because of its many institutions included, and the diversity in the nature. Their participation in the process of knowledge sharing and belongs to build a knowledge-sharing platform for enterprises, universities and research institutions in regional innovation systems, as well as provide the services of the various properties. Including: via an intermediary service, local financial institution scientific research into enterprise; feedback market demand information via the intermediary service agencies to universities, research institutions; intermediary service organizations to provide technical services, personnel training and other aspects of the content.
Knowledge sharing between the main elements in the regional innovation system can lead to the increase in the amount of the single main elements of knowledge, enhance their knowledge of the absorption and re-application capabilities, which continue to create new knowledge and promote the growth of the regional innovation system innovation capability and improve their competitiveness.
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