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Research on the human resource management strategy of enterprises

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[Abstract] the human resource is the first resource of the enterprise, is the core competitiveness of enterprises.Along with the establishment and deepening of China's socialist market economic system, the government functions and enterprise management mode have changed greatly, and put forward the new requirements for the enterprise human resources management.Under the market economy, how to carry on the effective management of human resources, related to the survival and development of enterprises, is the enterprise to in-depth study and solve the issue.
[keyword] enterprise; human resources; management; strategy of

[Abstract] Human resources is the first resource of enterprise, is the enterprise core competition. Deepen unceasingly with the fact that our country socialist market economy building-up draws, from government function to enterprises operation and management, all very big turn around happened in way, and Human Resource Management has brought forward new call for to enterprise. How market economy carries out effective Human Resource Management under the form, with the survival being related to enterprise developing, be the problem that enterprise requires to study in a deepgoing way and solve urgently.

[] Key words Enterprise; Human resources; Management; Tactics

In recent years, the human resources management of enterprises has become increasingly by experts and scholars and managers attention.A comprehensive study of the status of human resources management, establish and improve the modern enterprise human resources management system, has an important significance to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

1 the concept of human resource management in

Human resource management has become the important content of the enterprise management, but people for what is human resource and human resource management, and what are the core issue of human resource management, do not seem to know.Practice shows that, between the enterprise, because management awareness of this problem is different.So take the management methods and Strategies of different.Lead to different results.Therefore, it is necessary for us to discuss the concept of the problem.Human resource management, is based on a profound understanding of the people in the social and economic activities in the role, the human resources is the most important, the most precious wealth, put forward the theory of individual demand and mental health, in practice, and actively implement the people-centered management.Specifically, it mainly includes the following meanings:
1.1 people -- new ideas on management.
1.2 in respect of each individual is the business purpose of the highest.
1.3 the development of human potential is the most important management task.
1.4 create high-quality staff is the foundation of organizational success.
Therefore, human resource management, but also for the return and realize one's own value of the effective means of.

The 2 China enterprise human resources management present situation and the existing problems of

2.1 human resources management concepts backward.At present, the foundation of human resource management in many enterprises is relatively weak in China, the idea is backward, and the traditional personnel management is different.The traditional personnel management is in as the center, failed to establish the concept of people-oriented, emphasis on the control and management of a static, its purpose is to control, the staff considered by management and control tools; is a closed, do not pay attention to the training and development of employees, lack of incentive and backward management concept the backward concept, has been difficult to adapt to the development of market economy, the results will inevitably lead to the loss of talents in enterprises.The establishment of the market economy, China's enterprises are facing severe challenges, but also brought opportunities for us, and will make our enterprise human resource management concepts updated.
2.2 failed to establish a scientific, perfect human resource management system.Department of human resources management in many enterprises to work as usual, policy basis, system is not perfect, leading to say, human resource department busy affairs to deal with general, lack of enthusiasm and initiative; framework for human resources management system is not perfect, the function is not perfect, management confusion, unsystematic.Some human resources management departments only to do the formalities, registration and attendance, staff salaries up, not outstanding human resources management planning, organization, coordination, integration function; some human resources management department staff have never conducted training, low quality of employees, can not meet the need of market economy development.
2.3 Department of human resources management of the.Department of human resources management in many enterprises positioning low, leadership is not pay attention to, think that human resources management is to do the formalities, not essential, fundamental to participate in management decisions.Because of labor and personnel management in the traditional way of existence, human resources management functions are restricted, communicate with other functional departments failed, not the whole unit of human resources, the important status and role to highlight the Department of human resources management, human resources management failed to rise to the status of strategic management.
2.4 failed to establish an effective incentive mechanism.Under the planned economy system, one is all too tight, limiting the initiative of enterprises and employees; on the other hand is the staff to eat the "mess", enterprises have the "mess", active managers and producers are not very good.Income distribution equalitarianism serious, single mode of distribution, the relationship did not handle the seniority, position, ability, contribution factor in the distribution system, it is difficult to motivate the staff to work hard.Human resources management the mechanical type hard to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of employees.

3 to improve the modern enterprise human resources management strategy of

3.1 construction of the legal system of the perfect human resource management.After new China was founded in 1949, we passed the Constitution on labor issues is explained, in practical work, mainly uses the administrative mechanism to replace the legal means to the coordination and management of labor relations, labor laws and regulations is not standard and perfect.Since 1978, the beginning of reform and opening up the system overall construction of labor law, enable the human resources to the improvement of the legal system.1994 promulgated the "labor law" of the people's Republic of China, after the continuous improvement, formed with the "labor law" as the main body of the labor laws and regulations system, by the method of coordination, standard law, security law is composed of three parts, which further defined the employment rights and obligations of both sides.Through the construction of the human resource management laws and regulations, to create a good legal environment in coordinating labor relations in enterprises; to mobilize the enthusiasm of the enterprises and the staff of independent coordinate labor relations in accordance with the law; enhance the effectiveness of the three party to coordinate the labor relations, to improve the "three mechanisms" for the purpose of.At the same time, enterprises should also abide by the stipulations of "labor law", in accordance with the legitimate democratic procedure, on the basis of their own specific circumstances, establish and perfect the enterprise human resources management system, which is not only the basis of establishing modern enterprise system, but also the people's Court of labor dispute case.The government and the enterprises should strengthen the propaganda and education of human resources law and regulations, so that employees understand and be familiar with relevant laws and regulations, enhance the legal awareness, to clear their rights and obligations to ensure the implementation of the human resources laws and regulations.
3.2 more diverse methods of human resource development.Strengthen internal communication, improve the position transfer ability.
One is the enterprise internal communication should be extended to the general state-owned enterprises.Two is the communication range may wish to expand, requiring the exchange surface within a certain time limit should be.The development cost responsibility system, ensure the development effectiveness.On the implementation of the enterprise staff training, cost responsibility book before training, determine the responsibility of burden, the training effect is divided into different grades, for the poor training, examination unqualified person, should take the cost of own form, in order to show alert.The establishment of the learning organization, promote sustainable development.The establishment of learning organization in the enterprise, is to combine the realization of personal development, organization development.That we must take into account the development of individual employees will, let its free development space and possibility, and starting from the overall interests and observation, form organizational cohesion and centripetal force, training of personnel of state-owned enterprises system thinking habits, to achieve the organization's development.The flexible and various training methods, not simply limited to a single organization training form of training.Through the following methods: first of all employees for internal communication, because the production is a continuous circulation process, may not work for training, then the enterprise can be reasonable packet will be in production in staff and often exchange, let the good help the poor, advanced spur backward, then often organize internal labor contest, employee ego pressurization, by this method the incentive for self learning, self - initiative, free period of third by some technical backbone to explain the work of gains and losses, to perform live, directly reach the training through the theory and the practice effect.3.3 development personnel access.After entering the WTO, Chinese enterprises face a strong opponent has rich experience in multinational operations, not only face the shortage of qualified personnel, will also face the problem of brain drain.Therefore, Chinese enterprises should make full use of the enterprise outside talent, through School-enterprise cooperation, college and cooperation in the development of potential products and technology, high-tech personnel workstation means to make up for the development of science and technology resources shortage; through the external advisory, lack of hiring a management assistant, part-time staff, and guest professor of method to solve the management of resources problems; to use modern means, through cooperation between school and enterprise, enterprise internal personnel training plan.Changes in specific industry and occupation post for the ideas of training object talents, cultivate, introduce knowledge of international operation of the senior business, trade talents, and the talents with solid theoretical foundation and high R & D capabilities.On the other hand, we should accelerate the reform of wage system, establish and perfect the attractive salary system, to avoid or reduce the loss of senior personnel.
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