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Study on Mechanism of human resource development and management

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[Abstract] from the process of human resource development and management, including management mechanism of human resources development: talents evaluation mechanism, selecting mechanism, guide mechanism, with six aspects of mechanism, education mechanism, retention mechanism.
[keyword] human resources; development and management; mechanism of

[Abstract] Looked from the human resources development management's process that the human resources development management mechanism includes: The talent evaluation mechanism, chooses the person mechanism, to direct the person mechanism, the personnel mechanism, to nurture the person mechanism, to keep the person mechanism and so on six aspects.

[Key words] the Human resources; Development management; Mechanism

From the process of human resource development and management, including management mechanism of human resources development: talents evaluation mechanism, selecting mechanism, guide mechanism, with six aspects of mechanism, education mechanism, retention mechanism.

1 to establish a socialized scientific talents evaluation mechanism of

To establish the performance as the basis, composed of moral character, knowledge, ability and so on all kinds of talents evaluation index system.Improve the personnel evaluation means, strive to improve the level of scientific talents evaluation.
1.1 the establishment of Party and government personnel appraisal system of job responsibility.Party and government personnel evaluation is accepted by the masses.Establish a scientific outlook on development and a correct view of achievements, adhere to the masses is accepted, attaching importance to actual performance principle.To further improve the democratic recommendation, evaluation of democracy, democratic evaluation system, to the opinions of the masses is an important criterion of evaluation of government personnel.For different levels, different types of government personnel responsibilities norms, with the establishment of the cadre performance evaluation system and the evaluation standard of the scientific outlook on development.
1.2 carry out occupation qualification of professional and technical system, speed up the construction of the practicing qualification system.Professional and technical personnel evaluation focuses on the social and professional recognition.Actively explore the professional and technical personnel evaluation of social work.
Occupation managers quality evaluation system of 1.3 exploration of socialization, evaluation on enterprise management talent market and investor.

2 to establish the scientific selection mechanism of

2.1 to establish selection criteria.Adhere to have both ability and political integrity principle, the moral character, knowledge, ability and achievement as the main measure of talent, not only education, not only the title, not seniority, not only identity, not to stick to one pattern selection of personnel.Encourage everyone to make contributions, everyone can become.
2.2 the human scientific method, such as psychological tests, intelligence tests, management assessment, evaluation and management style.
2.3 to improve the selection mechanism.
2.3.1 deepen cadre selection and appointment system reform.To improve the selection and appointment system, improve the appointment system, standardized test system, the implementation of appointment system.Improvement of open selection, competition for posts.Increase the selection of outstanding young cadres, provide a 'fast-track' for their growth.Gradually implement the party and government cadres post term system, establish and perfect the cadre normal withdrawal mechanism, survival of the fittest, strengthen cadre team activity.
2.3.2 deepening institution reform of the personnel system, the employment system and post management.Supervision in accordance with the separate, autonomous people, individual jobs, the government in accordance with the requirements, set up in line with the characteristics of all kinds of institutions in the system.The implementation of post management system, standardize on-demand Shegang, posts, determining the payment according to the post, contract management, and gradually achieve the staff could get, post, treatment of low energy.
2.3.3 to promote the talent market, enterprise management, occupation of.Broaden our horizons, to attract the best talents to serve domestic and international enterprises.Vigorously support the outstanding management talent actively undertaking.

3 to establish the fetching mechanism of

3.1 vigorously to attract foreign and overseas high-level talents.To attract international talent, supporting innovation, establish the returnees entrepreneurship policy, focus on attracting talents of high level and the shortage of talent.Can learn from the successful practices of Multi-National Corporation: the hunt for talent headhunting company. to set up R & D institutions in the field, the use of local talent. attract talents through cooperation in running schools.
3.2 further eliminate various restrictions on the flow of talent in the domestic talent circulation channels, dredging.Development of personnel agency, personnel file management system reform of the household registration, household registration, to relax the access policy, to promote Shanghai development, to the introduction of talent as the leading work permit system, on the public management service system to establish social personnel files.Talents' soft 'flow to encourage the professional and technical personnel through part-time, regular service, technology development, project introduction, technology consulting and other methods.

4 to establish the mechanism of human

4.1 rational allocation of human resources.Do: personnel and post matching, capacity and job matching, matching, performance and remuneration of chief position and the deputy team match, match.
4.2 take a scientific performance management system.To establish the index system of evaluating performance as the main content; establish and improve the cadres, the elimination mechanism can be out of the.
4.3 to establish a scientific salary management system.The general distinction between professionals and senior personnel salary system, the salary system is the general talent structure salary or job skills wage system; senior personnel salary system is the annual salary system.Long-term incentive mechanism to establish a high-level talent, including: reducing the proportion of fixed salary, performance salary increase floating salary or the proportion of the implementation of management; technology shares, shares, stock option plan, share grant program; improve the welfare security system, establishing flexible benefits system etc..
The competent units Lenovo is a Chinese Academy of Sciences, bold bonus shares in return for Lenovo founder, let individuals linked development and business results, only the top 100 electronic today for the first time; now Lenovo is spare no effort to retain talent, out of 5~10 after-tax profit as the welfare incentive fund.Hisense Group to implement the annual salary of precipitation, Hisense Group Manager annual salary ranging from 150000 yuan to 500000 yuan, the manager annual salary will be divided into four blocks, then can only take 30 of cash, the rest 70 of precipitation down, 5 years after the payment.Paid only a short period of time, reflect the relationship between supply and demand of human resources market, equity can reflect the enterprise long-term commitment to employees.

5 the establishment of scientific education mechanism of

The core of cultivating talents is the capacity building of human resources.Keep learning and practice, training and using a combination of talents, promote the continuous growth of knowledge in practice, improve ability.
The 5.1 government agencies to strengthen the professional skills construction.When the recruitment of civil servants, should pay attention to professional counterparts, avoid the underemployed, avoid the waste of investment in education, but also conducive to improving the quality of civil servants.Especially when company, should consider the professional skills, to avoid the layman leadership.
5.2 enterprises to help employee occupation development plan design.Help employee occupation development plan design, needs and enterprise staff coordination, to achieve common development and the development of individual and enterprise.
5.3, strengthen the education and training investment, perfecting the training system.Attaches great importance to the construction of high-level talent team construction, promote the talent team.Through the cultivation of high level talents, promoting the construction of the talent team, as soon as possible to form a complete, echelon reasonable, quality excellent, old and new, fully meet the needs of economic and social cohesion
Development needs great talents.

6 to establish a scientific retention mechanism of

6.1 employment equity to keep people.Equal treatment of every employee, to eliminate the discrimination, age discrimination, gender discrimination, wage discrimination, discrimination in promotion.
6.2 labor management to keep people.To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, such as the employment rights of workers, labor remuneration right, the right to rest, labor protection, occupation training, right to social security and other related labor rights and interests.
The 6.3 Synod of retention.Want to do business to give the opportunity, can cause to the post, do business to reward, do big business for the position.
6.4 career.The real talent, need more than money, more important is to have a stage play, a promising enterprises, harmonious team and good management.
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