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The private enterprise human resources outsourcing risk analysis and its prevention

Author: FengZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-29 01:17:10 Read:
Keywords: private enterprises; human resources outsourcing; risk prevention; outsourcing; information security
Abstract: with the support of national policy, in recent years, China's private enterprises have developed rapidly, in order to further enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, promote the enterprise to develop better and faster, more and more private enterprises human resources outsourcing, but a variety of risks also exist in the process of outsourcing.The risk of human resources outsourcing of private enterprises are analyzed, and on this basis to establish a scientific and effective human resource outsourcing decision, select the appropriate outsourcing, improve relevant laws and regulations of enterprise human resources outsourcing and the preventive measures.
with the recovery of global economy, the private enterprise "labor shortage" phenomenon appears again, especially the labor intensive industry demand for production line workers, private enterprises in transition and transformation process, increasing the project research and development, marketing, business management and other senior personnel demand.But many private enterprise development speed is slow, and the product has a certain periodicity, recruitment of full-time staff, and make the appropriate management of employees, is not suitable for the reality of the enterprise.Therefore, more and more small and medium-sized private enterprises, the choice of human resource outsourcing, human resource outsourcing mode this, to a certain extent can improve labor safety, reduce labor costs, improve employee enthusiasm and reduce risk.But it can not be denied, because of the current human resource outsourcing market is still not standardized, private enterprises in human resources outsourcing process still exists a considerable risk.
The concept and contents of
A, human resources outsourcing
The human resource outsourcing is refers to the enterprise in its limited resources, signed a contract with third party service providers, the human resource management of part or all of the work completed by the third party services, a way to trade enterprises to pay salaries.After the outsourcing, enterprises can have more energy into Yang and fierce competition in the market.The outsourcing contract comes into effect, the employer and the contractor that the establishment of the civil legal relationship, specifically, human resource outsourcing is a kind of contract relation.
Generally speaking, some technical and transactional work can choose outsourcing, these efforts have not involved in business secret, with strong professional feature and regular.From the functions of human resource management, it relates to the job demand analysis, job analysis, recruitment, selection, training, performance appraisal, employee opinion survey, compensation and benefits, employee relations and content.Among them, job analysis, recruitment, training, employee opinion survey, welfare pay most of the work can be outsourced, low-level personnel recruiting needs most, is also the most complicated, this business can outsource; national legal benefits, such as endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, housing provident fund and other transactional work outsourcing.While nuclear work on the construction of company culture, coordination, motivate and retain talents or not is also very difficult to outsourcing.
Two, the private enterprise human resources outsourcing risk analysis
Private enterprises in the process of outsourcing of human resources, will inevitably face a variety of risks.These risks include the following three situations: one is outsourcing risks, such as outsourcing motivation is not clear, the outsourcer selection improper; second is the process of outsourcing risk, such as enterprise confidential documents, information disclosure, internal staff of resentment have; third is the outsourcing risks, issues such as how to supervise and control the foreign contractor.
(a) outsourcing motivation is not clear
The private enterprises human resource outsourcing, must first be clear why project outsourcing, because it directly determines which items to outsourcing and how to choose what to outsource business etc..Outsourcing motivation is not clear, must make many risks.Such as the number of private enterprises in the outsourcing projects, ignoring the enterprises will be the real reason of human resource outsourcing, but will consider the focus on the "economy" and "efficiency", the blind pursuit of low cost and high efficiency, therefore in the outsourcing provider selection, excessive concern about the outsourcing price, ignoring the quality of service, the final lead outsourcing effect is not ideal.
choose outsourcing
Outsourcing service quality directly affect the future management quality, for private enterprises, outsourcing provider selection is very important, so enterprises must attach great importance to this key link.The human resources outsourcing industry to enter the threshold is not high, and the market demand is huge, so in recent years the emergence of a large number of human resources outsourcing, such as consulting company, headhunting company.But the service quality of the outsourcer provides unequal, outsourcing services and there is no uniform price standard, and their subcontractors do not understand the information, causes the enterprise to master the outsourcing business background, service level, and often the real quality of service must be detailed and precise analysis in outsourcing in the process of.
(three) the enterprise information security risk
The human resources outsourcing in China relatively late, the current domestic market is still relatively immature, outsourcing also exist between the disordered, not standardized, lack of honesty in competition, and the corresponding laws and regulations standard should be improved.In the outsourcing of enterprises will inevitably have to provide the relevant information of the enterprise to the outsourcing business, some of which is a commercial secret, such as business strategy, management status, this information is not disclosed - Dan out, is bound to bring a great loss to the enterprises.Because our country is still not perfect laws and regulations, monitoring measures to ensure the smooth and effective outsourcing work, so enterprises in the outsourcing to assume great risk, the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises vital to be effectively protected.
(four) from the internal staff of the risk of
Business process outsourcing, also faces competition from internal staff risk.High sensitivity of employees for human resources outsourcing, outsourcing project is bound to damage to a part of the vital interests of employees, such as to reduce some institutions, to dismiss some employees, this will make the employee anger, conflict and even opposition.If the enterprise to these employees ownership and interests are not handled properly, will not only affect the enthusiasm of employees, but also easy to make the interests of aggrieved employee discontent, even serious adverse consequences for the enterprise.
(five) there is a foreign contractor enterprise risk supervision and control to outsource some of project human resource management process, can make the enterprises have more time and energy to focus on core business, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises to cultivate.However, due to outsourcing and enterprise cooperation, principal-agent relationship, rather than a subordinate relationship, although the relevant contract signed between the two sides, but enterprises will inevitably face the foreign contractor to supervise and control the risk.Three, the private enterprise human resources outsourcing risk prevention countermeasures of
Though private enterprises has many risks in the outsourcing of human resource, but if we can take appropriate risk prevention countermeasures, private enterprises can better develop the enterprise outsourcing.In view of the above the outsourcing risk, mainly has the following countermeasures.
(a) to develop a scientific and effective human resource outsourcing decision in order to further clarify the motives of outsourcing, the enterprise must formulate scientific and effective outsourcing decision.Specifically include the following three aspects: first, outsourcing does not mean that the enterprise can let go, the enterprise should set up relevant institutions specifically responsible for decision-making of outsourcing, outsourcing project plan and provider selection criteria; second, made clear the need for outsourcing functions.For high value, high special project enterprise should not outsourcing, must have their own digestion; and for some standardization and daily activities should be outsourced, to help enterprises to cultivate and strengthen core competence cultivation; third, in the process of developing outsourcing decision-making based on cost-benefit analysis, scientific and rational. Last, we must enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises for the purpose of protection of human resource outsourcing, there is a clear motivation.
(two) select the appropriate outsourcing
Because between the enterprise and the outsourcing business information not countermeasures, so that enterprises in the selection of the easily produced in the process of risk.So the private enterprise should take the following measures to prevent risks: first of all, should pay attention to outsourcing service quality, the company's reputation and corporate culture, which directly affect the development of outsourcing work to complete even the enterprise.Once the outsourcing business will be the overall development of the enterprise information leaked to the competition on the gesture will affect the enterprise; secondly, according to the enterprises listed in the outsourcing business standard, the selection criteria focus on company performance, quality of service, professional skills, experience, occupation morality and service purposes, the list to select the object, enterprise responsible for outsourcing
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