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Analysis of Jiangsu Province, regional innovation capability at all levels of match analysis

Author: ChenYuChuan ZhaoXiCang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-29 00:54:47 Read:
Paper Keywords: Regional Innovation match the innovation capacity in Jiangsu Province
Abstract: regional innovation capability at all levels of matching, mainly for regional innovation main innovation capability at all levels matching. Studies show that Jiangsu Province, entrepreneurial innovation capacity, R & D capacity, risk investment capacity of the cultural layer existing artifacts layer that matches the place not match any poor performance of the regional innovation capability artifacts layer find the corresponding genes from the cultural layer. System of regional innovation capability layer sole reason for existence is to adjust the regional innovation body in the artifacts layers innovation behavior, so that it reacts on the cultural layer, the progressive realization of the regional innovation capability cultural layer objects layer match.
Regional innovation capability is the main innovation of a certain area directly or indirectly involved in regional technological innovation, creative integration of regional innovation resources, innovation and investment into new products, new technology and the ability to achieve market-oriented. Objects layer, system layer and the cultural layer can be divided into three levels according to the different manifestations, regional innovation capability. The regional innovation capability at all levels is an organic whole, the three levels of the regional innovation capability is the the regional main innovation in the specific behavior of the three aspects of the area, the regional system and regional cultural performance (see Table 1). Three levels of the regional innovation capability, regional innovation ability utensils layer is the regional innovation capability is the most intuitive, the most explicit level, people are able to directly feel the level; cultural layer of the regional innovation capability is the core of the regional innovation capability, the most implicit level, the regional innovation capability differences between the nature of roots, one level can not be copied; system of regional innovation capability layer is connected to the regional innovation capability artifacts layer and regional innovation capability cultural layer bonds and bridges in the area The ability to innovate objects layer and regional innovation capability cultural layer plays a connecting role between. The three levels of the regional innovation capability only match each other in order to form a strong regional innovation capability. The regional innovation theory was founded more than 10 years, the focus of research scholars are mainly concentrated in the regional innovation capability artifacts layer, particularly focusing on regional innovation capability evaluation and specific regional innovation capacity building measures. Autio, Liu Hongtao, KuhlmannAnderson and Karlson, Porter and other research on the structure of regional innovation capability; M.Porter, and S.Stern, Yin Zhan Xiangdong, Zhang Xiuying, Maturity of the Evaluation Index concave on regional innovation capability evaluation research. Research scholars at home and abroad regional innovation capability system layer and the cultural layer is relatively small. Less deep research scholars on the relationship between the three levels of regional innovation capability. In this study, as the core, Jiangsu Regional Innovation main analysis of all levels of matching the regional innovation capacity in Jiangsu.

1 Jiangsu Province, entrepreneurial innovation at all levels of decision-making capacity of the match
The entrepreneur is a regional source of technological innovation, at all levels of the regional entrepreneurial innovation decision-making ability match, directly determines the the regional enterprise innovative ideas generated, determine the area of ??R & D achievements to the market to achieve. The regional entrepreneurial innovation decision-making capacity in the objects layer, system layer and the cultural layer has a different form of expression (Table 2), these manifestations of mutual restraint, mutual influence, joint decision of a regional business innovation strategy decision-making ability.

1.1 Jiangsu Province, entrepreneurial innovation decision-making capacity the cultural layer system layer matching
Wu culture, Jiangsu regional cultural integration intersection formed over thousands of years, while maintaining stability, features of Chong Xueshang Shi. Jiangsu regional culture in Jiangsu, unique geographical conditions, the formation of long-term historical accumulation, its regional characteristics in the Ming dynasty have affected the development of the businessman, are still affect the values ??of entrepreneurs, innovation and motivation and ways of thinking .
According to Joseph Alois Schumpeter, the entrepreneur is the new combination of factors of production, the introduction of the production system, the adventurous entrepreneurs the basic conditions. Entrepreneurs in Jiangsu under the influence of regional culture, lack the adventurous spirit and sense of innovation. Innovation capability of enterprises in Jiangsu Province from 2001 to 2005 in the national rankings tops the previous three, but the foreign economic drivers is the main reason, not strong capability of independent innovation of enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province from 1999 to 2006 the output value of new products , the proportion of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-invested enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises were 34.82%, 37.07%, 35.94%, 29.91%, 24.27%, 26.72% ; 31.96%, 39.49%, although the trend has fluctuated, but has continued to show a rising trend (see Figure 1). Same time, Jiangsu regional cultural "mercantilism culture", but pay more attention to the concept of "learning can become an official" According to historical records, "Twenty-Four Histories" pass more than 20,000, more than 6,000 man-made Jiangsu; 16 89 champion in the Ming Dynasty Jiangsu nationality, ranking the second place in the ranking of the provinces; 49 114 champion Qing Dynasty Jiangsu nationality, first place in the ranking of the provinces, Jiangsu Province, the total number of the Ming and Qing champion ranks first in the country in the provinces rankings (see Table 3).

Jiangsu Province in history, there are a number of officials, Jiangsu Province has a rich cultural heritage on the one hand, on the other hand, also shows that awareness of the "official position" deep-rooted traditional culture in Jiangsu. "Official standard" values ??Jiangsu Province achievements of the large number of feudal officials, but success can not be an entrepreneur. Only the "knowledge-based" values ??in order to create the innovative capacity of entrepreneurs. In other words, Jiangsu traditional culture gene does not support the birth of the entrepreneur.
To solve entrepreneurs bottlenecks in technological innovation in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu regional government has formulated a encourage entrepreneurs selection, use and evaluation system. Entrepreneurs selection system, Jiangsu Province, the "Eleventh Five-Year" Plan requirements, encourage and guide private enterprise system innovation and mechanism innovation, convert internal management mechanism, accelerate the establishment of modern enterprise system, improve the quality of entrepreneurs strengthen their self- innovation and technological innovation capability, enhance the competitiveness of private economic 2010, the added value created by the private economy accounted for the proportion of the national economy increased to about 40%. The entrepreneurs incentive system, Jiangsu Province, Su Zheng Fa (2006) No. 53 provides: "options allow the management of state-owned high-tech enterprises, the backbone of the implementation of incentives to reward the person concerned engaged in scientific and technological innovation activities and have made outstanding contributions to the economic and social development . " In entrepreneurial innovation performance evaluation system, Su Zheng Fa (2007) No. 26 document provides the innovation performance of the enterprise management personnel recognized by the market and investor. So, Jiangsu Province, has developed a complete system of entrepreneurial innovation chain.
Entrepreneurs are the product of market economy. To some extent, the entrepreneurs are naturally occurring. The regional entrepreneurs system protection only on entrepreneurial innovation, and can not create entrepreneurs. Fundamental soil, regional cultural gene in a culture of entrepreneurship gene is the entrepreneur the regional cultural gene entrepreneurial system does not match, even with the entrepreneurial system there is a conflict phenomenon, complete the regional entrepreneurs system even though, in the implementation process. will be greatly reduced. Traditional culture in Jiangsu gene Jiangsu entrepreneurs system exists not match the phenomenon, which is a deep-seated reasons Jiangsu Province, entrepreneurial innovation capacity is not high, only to overcome the traditional culture of genetic factors is not conducive to the growth of entrepreneurs, to take measures to form Jiangsu New The entrepreneurial culture gene, from the source to solve the problem of the core bottleneck in the Jiangsu entrepreneurs system chain during the execution.
1.2 Jiangsu Province, entrepreneurial innovation decision-making capacity system layer cultural layer objects layer matching
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