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Analysis of the human resource management of enterprise manufacturing labor

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[Abstract] play more and migrant labor in production is large, but the labor mobility larger enterprises to maintain stable production and management has brought some difficulties and challenges.How to improve the service industry and a sense of belonging to the enterprise and loyalty, has become an important topic of human resources management in manufacturing enterprises.According to a joint venture in Shanghai as an example, analyzes the structure of migrant labor, and put forward the corresponding countermeasures to improve the stability of migrant workers.
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[Abstract] Outside labour force effect bringing into play in giving birth to a child in enterprise is more and more big, but labour service labor flowability maintains stable turn out and manages by enterprise more to have brought about a few harassments and the difficult problem. How to improve the labour service labor feeling sum fidelity degree to the enterprise belonging to, already become the important problem creating the type enterprise Human Resource Management job. And the article takes some Shanghai joint ventures as example, structure having analysed the outside labour force, suggest that the corresponding countermeasure comes to improve the stability coming to a labour force externally.

[Key words] Outside labour force; Human resources; Make type enterprise

Due to historical reasons, migrant workers in the treatment and formal employees of the enterprise has the very big difference, the problem the same pay workers more prominent, and occupation prospects uncertain, often leads to some workers work enthusiasm is not high, the stability is not strong, lack of initiative service consciousness, only a sense of crisis, no sense of belonging, resignation or job-hopping phenomenon is more serious.The manufacturing enterprises will have serious consequences, the production schedule will be affected by changes in personnel, the quality of the products also have no way to guarantee, corporate human resources departments need to repeat investment amount of energy, time and money for the recruitment, training of workers, to supplement the labor vacancy often.How in the fierce market competition, production and management tasks are arduous circumstances, pay attention to status and role of labor workers in enterprises, and strive to build a harmonious labor relations, the formation of labor management system reasonable, ensuring stable production enterprises, enterprises have become a focus of.

1 migrant workers in the analysis of

Migrant workers have become the main force of enterprise production, migrant workers accounted for enterprise staff ratio gradually increased, to the Shanghai area Panasonic company as an example, table 1 shows the increase in the company of migrant workers.In 2008, a total of 5600 employees, the production line staff of 4450 people, foreign labor force 3350 people, accounting for the total proportion of 75%.

Age of migrant workers for: 16~35 years of age, 18~22 years old accounted for 68.25%, become the "new"

In the main, the main reason is migrant workers age corresponding smaller than Shanghai 5, 18~22 years old in the end of the school, golden years before employment.

Migrant workers and cultural level is lower, educated, very rare, different regions, different wealth gestate different regional culture, cultural level is uneven.

2 migrant workers in the stability of the

Migrant workers formed a variety of combinations to genetic combination, popularity and geopolitical stability combined combination, combination of personnel because of thinking, interests and cultural factors such as poor stability.Therefore, the stability of further analysis of migrant workers, production and business activities of enterprises is a guiding role to some extent to human decision making.
Stability of migrant workers was divided into six types:
2.1 fall apartment layout: about 10%, this kind of migrant workers in Shanghai, with family groups, some parents to Shanghai, hometown of land had been leased to others, to buy commercial housing or rental in Shanghai, to become the new "Shanghai people".This group of people in daily life, strong stability, full compliance and enforcement of social norms and standards, work hard to do, for the public.
2.2 entrepreneurial: about 6%, young people, it is the local outstanding person, dare to dare to accept continuing education, the will is strong, to new things, always enjoy it more challenging environment, human relations, sleep on the brushwood, aimed at Pengfei, this kind of personnel from among the staff, a strong promotion of desire, can soon become the boss of the right hand, to the important role of the production and business activities of enterprises, 2~3 years as in the enterprise not development, job-hopping tend be imperative.
The 2.3 type of migratory birds: about 36%, male accounted for the majority, the staff was "the tide of migrant workers" and the surging river, running Guanghu, but a typical family type, the body in Shanghai in the heart of the country, the phone every day constantly, the size of the home be very worried about things, spring harvest, harvest solar term is want to leave or resign home, this staff is very unstable, this kind of personnel stability in the years March ~1, human resource preparation rate according to this.
2.4 destination: about 26%, women are in the majority, the traditional concept of a strong staff secular, get married in regional tens of miles for Fangyuan, unwilling to become homeless in other countries, once married pregnant, immediately quit home, mothers, as unalterable principles.There are some years to make small men, independent self-care ability of a very low, confidence is not strong, without thinking that, of no fixed abode, once parents call, return home, but this kind of personnel of 2~4 years of relative stability.
2.5 empty type: this type of employee proportion is not small, too young, male and more, is in the "challenge and rebellion" adolescence, parents education deeply small problem, run away, came to work in Shanghai.Because of "challenge and rebellion" ambitious in the realities of life fast consumable, they eliminate ambition, then gradually to eliminate this as ambition, so usually do not to regard it as right, no ambition, work, and play this game in the chat, shopping, spend your spare time, more Hutu women promiscuous friends, or into the Qi Dao, or misuse of youth.But this kind of personnel is relatively stable period of 2~4 years.
The 2.6 type of Inferiority: this kind of migrant workers migrant workers, with the proportion of human resource structure of joint ventures is increased and the poly reduction, at present only the individual phenomenon, but before 2003, also accounted for a considerable proportion of.This kind of personnel in almost pure texture
The others of their own eyes, inferiority infinite earth filled with mental and soul, in the course of time, the lack of human soul and breaking windows communication with colleagues, like a stranger, barriers such as walls.This kind of employees will be instability induced by suddenly lurking, produce against the extreme behavior.

3 types of migrant workers employment

The 3.1 type:
Migrant workers from the traffic inconvenience, lack of resources in the mountain area, thought simple, due to the long living in closed ridge deep depression, see less of narrow, parents secular concept distant, a pioneering agitation, poverty will like collection, group purchase a whirring, exile, to the city expand.
Such labor culture level is low, slow thinking, introverted, but as pure as water, on the loss of social interpersonal complicated reactions, but compliance with the boss instructions, first impressions are strongest introduction dominating individual behavior and thought, will be stubborn to be strict in one's demands to perform, it is extremely difficult to.Such labor works real hard, want to work overtime, time for money.3.2 practical type:
Labor such from wealthier provinces, the thought is active, quickly adapt to the environment, mainly to local communities, three five collection, act in cooperation, practical money in Shanghai to live, both work and pleasure, life still youziyouwei.
Such labor culture medium, relative to new things rapidly melting, after a short period of time to adapt to the management mode.Clear thinking, labor law is familiar with, by small groups as a leader, often making waves in labor, such influence, is the first concern of enterprise human resources analysis, understand the labor such trends have important reference factors on enterprise production and management activities.Such employees polarization phenomenon is more serious, can become the enterprise production model of power for the enterprise management, the promotion of appreciation, also can become the hindering force often with bristles, disciplinary offence.
Labor such from urban residents, family condition is better, many parents will often give pocket, the main purpose of working out is an eye-opener, see the world, full of life.
Such labor cultural level is not a, fluctuations in thought, emotional ups and downs, extremely unstable, work can not afford to eat bitter, leave late at the heart.This is labor production work is the most difficult to process and arrangement.
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