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Analysis of Wuhan city circle regional innovation system of industrial clusters based innovative applications

Author: LiuHua WangTao From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-28 19:09:13 Read:
Paper Keywords: Wuhan city circle regional innovation system of industrial clusters innovation
Abstract: industrial clusters innovation is an important symbol of regional competitiveness, there is a necessary link it with the regional innovation system. The government can formulate policies to promote the development of industrial clusters innovation and regional innovation system integration policies, constantly optimize the regional innovation environment, enhance regional innovation capability. For the innovation of industrial clusters based on the regional innovation system, the economic development of Wuhan city circle "big but not strong, fast but not excellent" Therefore, strengthening the innovative application of industrial clusters based on the regional innovation system has a very important practical significance.
A regional innovation system and industrial clusters relations
A regional innovation system
Regional innovation system is within a certain geographical area in a country, the new regional economic development factors, or the introduction of new combination of these elements of regional economic system, to create a new, more effective resource allocation to achieve the new system functions more efficient use of economic resources within the region, thereby enhancing regional innovation capacity, promote the upgrading of industrial structure, the formation of regional competitive advantage, promote regional economic leaps and bounds. Regional innovation system consists of the main elements (including the region's businesses, universities, research institutions, service agencies and local governments), the functional elements (including the region's institutional innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and service innovation), environmental factors (including system, mechanism and regulation of the government or the legal system, infrastructure construction and security conditions, etc.) of three parts, with the output technical knowledge, material goods and benefits of three functions.
Industrial clusters
Industrial cluster refers to the relationship between competition and cooperation in a specific area, and geographically concentrated, interrelation, specialized suppliers, service providers, financial institutions, industry manufacturers and other relevant agencies such as the composition of groups. The degree of depth and complexity of the different industrial clusters are different. Represent between market and hierarchy between a new spatial forms of economic organization. The industrial clusters beyond the general range of industries, the formation of multiple industries within specific geographic range merging, many types of organizations interconnected symbiont. According to the existing research results and empirical data can be seen, the industrial clusters one of the most important advantage is the effect of its innovative, industry cluster is actually a special innovation system.
Relationship of industry clusters and regional innovation system
Enterprises within the industrial clusters and other agencies gathered in a particular area, and the conditions and environment of innovation and innovative activities between the various actors to the contact information of the network or system industrial clusters innovation and regional innovation system constitutes a necessary link. The relationship between the two is reflected in the following four aspects:
(L) the geographical association. Regional innovation system and industrial clusters belong to the field of regional economic scope of the study, the scope of the study are limited to a particular region. Head
Before China's Yangtze River Delta typical cross-regional innovation system to break the boundaries of administrative divisions, to achieve greater, broader and higher level of integration and optimal allocation of scientific and technological resources, the formation of the trend of the innovation system to build a large regional framework . Derived from the specific historical conditions, geographical features and characteristics of the industry the effective integration of industrial clusters tend to appear in a specific area, with obvious regional become a new form of regional economic development industrial layout
(2) The structure of association. The main innovation of enterprises, universities, intermediaries and environmental factors have a lot of overlap. Industry cluster core unit is the enterprise group and interdependent enterprise network; basic body of the regional innovation system (universities, enterprises, government and intermediaries) in a cluster area will constitute the main elements of the industrial clusters, network of contacts in the main building and learning mechanisms, industrial clusters and regional innovation system in common.
(3) functional association. Regional innovation system's main function is to promote the production of new knowledge and new technologies, diffusion and application; industry cluster innovation is the main way to establish an effective network of cooperation to promote the spread of knowledge in the local flow. In this sense, industry clusters and regional innovation system in facilitating the flow of knowledge and technology diffusion function has a lot of overlap. Promote the flow of knowledge and innovation in the region of the main interaction is a common function of the regional innovation system and industrial clusters.
(4) target association. The direct regional innovation system is designed to promote the efficient allocation of resources, and promote industrial innovation and development, the ultimate goal is to improve the regional innovation capability, the formation of regional competitive advantage. Industrial clusters combine to reflect the characteristics of industrial and regional economy by gathering the formation of the external economy, significantly reducing the cost of innovation, improve industrial and regional competitiveness is closely related to the goals of the regional innovation system. Industrial cluster is the basis of the regional innovation system and effective way, the vitality of the diversity and characteristics of industrial clusters is the regional innovation system.
Second, the Wuhan city circle regional innovation system and industrial clusters Analysis
Wuhan city circle Regional Innovation Ability of
Wuhan city circle is within 100 km of Wuhan and its surrounding Yellowstone, Ezhou, Huanggang, Xiaogan, Xianning, Xiantao, Qianjiang, Heavenly Gate City, should the region accounted for 33% of the province's land and 51.6% of the population, urban density, good economic foundation, environment and favorable natural conditions, is the largest city in Hubei Province and the middle reaches of the Yangtze River area, Hubei economically strongest core area.
In recent years, with the accelerated pace of China's regional economic development, the construction of city circle has become a strong driving force and an effective way to enhance regional economic competitiveness, its development has given rise to government and economic circles generally attention. The City Circle economic integration is the main carrier to promote regional economic development. Construction of Wuhan city circle, and promote the urban scale rationalization of the structure and regional economic integration, open the power to promote the economic development of Hubei engine, not only make the development of Hubei always walk in the forefront in the Midwest, and For Hubei achieve the first rise in the central region of significant .
After planning, marriage, division of labor, stereotypes, start-up and development of Wuhan city circle economy rapidly growing, comprehensive strength has improved significantly, but compared with other cities in the country circle, Wuhan city circle in terms of urban agglomeration scale, the size of the central city, urban system, inter-city links, industrial development, attractiveness and sustainability are some gaps. According to the competitiveness ranking of Chinese cities, the clever urban agglomerations Wuhan city circle among the middle, far better than the eastern city group; in the central city group, behind the urban agglomeration, stronger than Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration and Hefei city group Clearly, the Wuhan city circle is still in the stage of polar bundle wrapped in cloth, great space for growth and development.
Wuhan city circle regional innovation capability due to insufficient Wuhan city circle industrial clusters, one cluster at a low cost-based clustering, has not yet formed a relatively complete industrial chain; enterprise innovation is not strong; Third, the lack of leading enterprises, the low concentration of manufacturing industries; Fourth, poor management methods; Fifth industrial cluster lack of talent, quality is not high; Sixth, there is no formation of a healthy and strong industrial culture. Wuhan city circle most of the production technical imitation than innovation, many individual and private and contracting companies are targeting tight imitation, plagiarism, lack of long-term strategies. Clusters exist within the cut-throat competition, leading to the fragmented nature of the enterprises in the cluster and cluster internal friction. Many enterprises bigger and lost business, passion, enterprises gradually lose its vitality. Intrinsic interests of managers to drive short-term, lead to one-sided pursuit of short-term profits at the expense of long-term development of enterprises.
2 Wuhan city circle industry the cluster status quo
Since the reform and opening up, the Wuhan city circle industrial clusters from scratch, the development of faster, especially in recent years, the Wuhan city circle industry is developing rapidly, and made a contribution to the rapid economic development of Hubei . Wuhan city circle of industrial clusters is roughly as follows:
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