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Study on the problem of compensation management of private enterprises in Ningbo and Countermeasures

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[Abstract] this paper starts from the development and characteristics of private enterprises in Ningbo, comprehensively introduces the present situation of compensation management in private enterprises in Ningbo, a detailed analysis of the existing salary management in Ningbo private enterprises, and puts forward some countermeasures and measures, may be a reference for the reform of salary management of private enterprises in other provinces and cities.
[keyword] private enterprise; salary management; countermeasure research of

[Abstract] The main body of a book start with development of Ningbo non-governmentally operated enterprise course and characteristic, the current situation that the payment having introduced the Ningbo non-governmentally operated enterprise salary all round manages, has analysed Ningbo non-governmentally operated enterprise salary payment detailedly managing middle have problem, has brought forward countermeasure and measure, may be for other Province resident of a City camp enterprise salary payment 's managing use of reforming a reference and.

[Key words] Non-governmentally operated enterprise; Salary payment is managed; Countermeasure studies

As our country national economy an important force in the private enterprises, after years of development has made great achievements.It has been proved in the rapid development of Ningbo's history.However, it is undeniable that, China's private enterprises in human resources management, especially the salary management, there are still many non-standard and is not hinder the development of science.Especially in the current economic situation is not obvious.Because of private enterprises, workers compensation issues, undoubtedly one of the most sensitive and direct questions.Therefore, in the current economic situation, strengthening enterprise salary management is an important work of private enterprise management, strong pillar form attraction, cohesion is the private enterprise.

The 1 private enterprises in Ningbo, the development and the features of

Ningbo is one of the coastal open city in China, in 2002 the city has more than 54000 private enterprises, accounting for the city's total of 73.4% enterprises.In 2007 the city's GDP achieved (GDP) 343310000000 yuan, according to comparable prices, growth of 14.8% over the previous year.Ningbo private economy to create added value in the city which accounted for more than 2/3 of gross domestic product.These data shows that Ningbo private enterprises have become the important participants and promoters of Ningbo's reform and opening up.But Ningbo's private economy has experienced a difficult development process.
The development course of 1.1 private enterprises.
Ningbo is a big city, the private economy, the development of private enterprises is at the forefront of the country, the private enterprises have propped up half of Ningbo's economy.But Ningbo's private enterprises have also gone through a scratch, from small to large, a development process from weak to strong.According to the development of private enterprises in the process, characteristics, size and position, can be divided into the following phases:
The start development period (1978 to 1988); to encourage the development period (1988 to 1997); the rapid development period (1997 to 2008).At present, private enterprises in Ningbo, despite the impact of the international financial crisis, but still in a period of rapid development, some good conditions of private enterprises has become a regional and even national industry leaders, and Ningbo really emerged Youngor, Shanshan, waveguide, broad range, Haitian and a number of representative of private enterprise.
Characteristics of 1.2 private enterprises.The number of private enterprises in Ningbo, large volume and large are small and medium-sized enterprises, industries have obvious advantages, the private economic activity, a higher degree of marketization, institutional innovation ability strong, enough for future development.And the private economy with flexible operation mechanism, low production cost, good product quality, high degree of export-oriented, competition ability, system, dynamic leading, system features of leading, full of vigor, Ningbo private enterprises have become the main force of the reform and opening up the construction of Ningbo.

2 private enterprises in Ningbo current salary distribution mainly in the form of

Ningbo private enterprises pay management through exploration, these years of reform and development, has made substantial progress and breakthroughs, some advanced private enterprise has implemented the scientific salary mode, specifically in the following aspects:
Distribution mode 2.1 to post salary as the main form.
After years of reform, the salary management at present, private enterprises in our city are based on relatively good enterprises have established the basic salary system based on post salary, many private enterprises preliminary through competition, to post salary, post salary change, post wage base reference for the price levels of labor market, wages income mainly by the jobs and work performance to determine, preliminary solved the problem, incentive wage restraint lax problem.Specific practices are:

2.1.1 posts.Break the traditional "cadres", "workers" identity boundaries, transformation of identity management to post management.
2.1.2 reasonable position setting.Preliminary analysis of post and post setting, making "job description" optimization of human resources.
2.1.3 job evaluation.Through the post evaluation of the relative importance of the different positions of the business to achieve business objectives or relative value objectively reflected.
2.2 structural wage model.
Salary management pattern that began to consider technical factors in enterprise distribution, unified title subsidies, subsidies that skills into the salary management, employee salary = base salary post salary title (technology, skills) salary allowances performance bonus welfare.
2.3 capital participating in enterprise income distribution pattern.
Capital participating in enterprise distribution mainly in capital investment, direct participation in profit distribution of enterprises.
From the salary management present situation, should say, the reform of salary management of private enterprises in Ningbo has been at the forefront of the country.These advanced salary management idea and evaluation system is conducive to the mobilization of all employees, especially managers, technical staff's sense of responsibility and initiative.
The above is the better of the private enterprises in Ningbo some of the practices and ideas, but the salary management mode and idea of most private enterprises are still relatively backward, need to reform and innovate further.

3 Ningbo private enterprise salary management problems and analysis of

Thus, Ningbo private enterprises pay management after the reform and practice of a few years, there has been a breakthrough of great, great achievements have been made, but with the western developed country advanced management mode and concept still exist many problems.Concrete analysis is as follows:
3.1 staff salary gap, unfair distribution.
Due to the lack of strategy and according to pay, different enterprises, enterprise ability to pay different, resulting in different levels of enterprises in different periods, different relationship, into an employee salary gap between companies is bigger, 10 times the difference between the largest.In the enterprise internal, between employees with the senior management of the enterprise, income gap is
Large, managers and employee income gap in dozens of times is common phenomenon.
Twisted 3.2 allocation scheme, each production factors participate in the distribution of serious imbalance.
At present, in some enterprises allocation efficiency only not fair, contrary to the principle of efficiency and fairness; the distribution of enterprises have become entrepreneurs decide, "the boss" say, in many elements of the allocation of capital factors, preference, highlight the capital, the labor element into the not essential position.
3.3 salary distribution of lack of fairness.
Most private enterprises are still not perfect salary management system, staff salaries, mostly by the owner of experience and personal preferences determined in the staff when negotiating with, randomness, thus causes the enterprise internal staff salary standard confusion.The internal management system of private enterprises is not standardized, unequal pay for equal work and equal pay different phenomenon is serious, so that employees have a sense of unfairness, which greatly dampened the enthusiasm of employees.3.4 on behalf of the staff salary less than, red.
Private enterprises, especially small and medium-sized private enterprises boss is keen to send packets habits, the need for "assessment" at the end of every employee, determine the number of each person's red, because red packets are sent via unspoken rule, employees don't know how to make an effort to get a large red through the normal work, so the staff to improve skills, business training, improve performance of lost the direction.
3.5 salary is not science.
At present, some private enterprises in the performance evaluation criteria of specific work also is not very clear; performance appraisal scheme leads to inconvenient operation, performance evaluation is often as a mere formality, sometimes even "boss" say.Lead to weaken the incentive of compensation.
The 3.6 pay less reasonable structure.
At present the enterprise salary, wages relatively fixed parts still occupies a large proportion of variable compensation coefficient, gap is not different Gang stage, variable pay as a performance pay very limited influence.Reflect the knowledge elements, technical elements, capital and other factors is not enough, less to reflect the differences in personal ability, inhibition of knowledge type staff enthusiasm.
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