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Building a marketing professional teaching system based on employment orientation

Author: ZhaoXiaoLing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-28 13:17:23 Read:
Keywords:   the job market; marketing professional employment oriented teaching system
Abstract: features of the new employment market orientation on the construction of Application-oriented University Suihua University and marketing professional graduates based, around a target, establish three systems, take four safeguards, the implementation of the five measures, building a marketing professional teaching system based on employment orientation, adapt to the needs of economic and social development.
The new requirements of , orientation and employment demand
University should what to teach, how to teach.Cannot lump together different university, the differences in the strength of running a school, the source structure, service orientation, orientation.What to teach and how to teach on the situation and different.Each different, each has its own characteristics.
Suihua University is a is located in the country's largest commodity grain base, China's cold black core district of Suihua city college.The history, the strength of running a school, school sites, levels and other aspects of students and the old universities, such as Heilongjiang University, Harbin University of Commerce, Harbin University of Science and Technology, there is a big gap.As a local university, the school direction is determined "based in Suihua, facing Longjiang, serving for" local economic and social development, the development goal of "building applied university.Training applied talents".Objectives this school decides the development of the college to seek survival and development between the old colleges of Higher Vocational Colleges and the emerging two space, focus on the local, prominent application, find the market dislocation.Also decides the teaching system can not blindly Suihua University marketing professional in the provincial capital of the old college, also cannot accept a second best is similar to the higher vocational colleges.
From the demand of marketing talents in recent years in Suihua and its surrounding cities look.There are some new characteristics.We need to actively respond to, the teaching system reform of marketing major.
One is the change of market demand for talents knowledge structure.The enterprise demand of personnel changes from heavy degree for heavy ability, students excellent professional knowledge, good occupation accomplishment; proficient in theory, and will be operated; practice experience, innovation, and to cooperate with people.
The two is the vast majority of the enterprise to the students put forward the request, for local graduates are welcome.Interested in local economic construction, may seek the development in career, home, stay, do long, not afraid of tired.Can bear hardships, understand folk, known the situation of university graduates in favor of enterprises.
Three is the social requirements for the employment of college graduates to change.In the past, as long as the students complete a teaching period of learning.Get the diploma, you can go to work.In the new market conditions.Enterprises require graduates graduation certificate holders and the skill of "double certificates" Mount guard.
Four is the employment demand time forward.According to the Convention, college graduates are usually in July each year the normal graduation.At present the market demand of talents in the time forward.The enterprise before graduation year winter began to "raise or enlarge an army" in the student, "time to ask the teaching work of the school and the social demand for talents".
Five is a special product marketing talents Wang xing.Marketing professional in the domestic history is not long, the university marketing is specific to a particular industry a kind of product of teaching is more rare.But the employer require applicants to have a product knowledge and marketing skills of the phenomenon of large increase.
The principle of
two, teaching system reform
The new characteristics of the development of higher education. The new situation summary of Suihua University graduates employment facing marketing.Reflection on teaching practice for many years, to adapt to the teaching reform of marketing major should follow the following principles:
(a) to establish the guarantee mechanism, the prominent practice characteristic.Marketing is a professional application of a strong.Only in the process of teaching, the prominent practice characteristic, can we cultivate students' working ability.It should be said.Suihua University marketing professional is more solid in the theoretical teaching, curriculum setup is complete.Theory of teaching system, teacher knowledge.However, in the combination of theory and practice, in practice, practice, practice is of not doing enough in place, through the reform of teaching system.To establish the corresponding mechanism to safeguard.
(two) around the occupation needs, determine the curriculum standard.Marketing course standard, should proceed from post to post, task group as the main line, taking the post occupation qualification as the basis to determine.In order to achieve the employment-oriented curriculum objectives.
(three) focus on the ability training, adhere to the combination of adaptability and sustainability.The reform of teaching system to cultivate students' ability to focus. The students in enhancing the position to adapt to the requirements of the occupation ability.Training to strengthen students' core occupation ability.Enable the students to have the stamina to work, innovation.
(four) follow the law of education, stick to the combination of unity and diversity.The basic goal and curriculum standard training to state college.Under this premise, according to the regional characteristics of Suihua University graduates, so teaching system to more fully reflect the local and is convenient for students to adapt to the employment flexibility.
three, meet the employment needs of the teaching system composed of
Constitute the marketing professional teaching system suitable for the reality of Suihua University.Around one goal, establish three systems, take four safeguards, the implementation of the five measures.
(a) the target training employment of talents.The teaching system for training the marketing professional talents to embody the characteristics of employment.The teaching system of each part are beneficial to students' employment.In order to student employment, every stage of teaching system should focus on improving students' employment ability.
(two) three sub system of teaching system.
The 1 theory teaching system.The system of post occupation qualification as the basis, in accordance with the theory of level design to post occupation skill qualification documents required course.The theory of curriculum system includes the basic theory of quality module, post occupation ability module, core module occupation ability.
The basic theory of quality module.Cultivating students engaged in basic theoretical knowledge of marketing professional.The module to moderate compression in the class arrangement.The utility, the principle of sufficient.This module courses are mainly applied economic mathematics, accounting, statistics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, management, financial management, economic law, basic computer, University language.
Post occupation ability module.Students practice ability, product sales customer relationship management capability, e-commerce capability, the ability of marketing research, marketing planning, business negotiation ability, public relations ability.The course mainly in marketing, consumer behavior, market investigation and forecast, marketing planning, international marketing, channel management, negotiation and selling, marketing case analysis, advertising planning and management.At the same time, increase marketing channel development and management, sales management, design and management, store chain business management courses.
The core module of main occupation ability, training students' employment pressure bearing capability, communication and coordination ability, spirit, team cooperation consciousness.The courses are mainly military theory and training, ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis, the basic principle of the Marx doctrine, the outline of Chinese modern history, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" introduction, sports, university foreign language, situation and policy.
2 practice teaching system.The system in the whole process of teaching system, to realize the combination of theory and practice at the same time.Highlight the practice link, is the student in the fourth year all into volunteer work in the enterprise, practicing professional skills.The system includes three aspects, training, internship, post practice.Practice with theory teaching three years of development, in schools, by the teacher according to occupation ability training requirements, to subject as the form, write "training manual" occupation ability training, according to the training target, content, methods, requirements, procedures, evaluation and other projects to instruct students to operate.Practice in the holiday.Teachers arrange students to different practice base or by the students to choose company internship, each student must take a "problem" to go, come back with "the answer", and "report" in the class, teachers and students together to review by the.Post practice in university the fourth grade school teachers throughout the year, by specific guidance specified.Post practice is the student formal work in a post enterprise, to hard exercise, compared with the official staff of enterprises, the difference lies in the post practice students voluntary work.Post practice also solve the "forward" problems of the employment demand. Many students find jobs in the practice process, solved the problem of employment.
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