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Innovation of system mechanism for personnel

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[Abstract] in June 7, 2008, the establishment of municipal medical group Ma'anshan City, in the establishment of large-scale comprehensive medical group in the province, the medical cause of Ma'anshan City Historic leap.The medical group before the reform, the hospital leadership appointed by the municipal Party Committee Organization Department management, Vice President Selection City People's hospital is the group cadre system reform after the first selection, for Ma'anshan municipal medical group has just set up, according to the new management system with what party is particularly important with the type selecting cadres is, for strengthening cadre team construction group, have very important practical significance and long-term significance to speeding up the reform and development of medical and health undertakings.In this paper, the selection and appointment of project and main practices, promote a summary, for reference.
[keyword] medical group; cadres; selection of

[Abstract] Ma An Shan City has set up medical treatment Corp. on June 7, 2008, being founded, has taken the lead in setting up large-scale comprehensiveness medical treatment Corp. in the whole province, has accomplished historic striding over of Ma An Shan City medical treatment cause. Medical treatment Corp. reforms front, the hospital leads organized group to be managed commission by municipal Party Committee Organization Department without exception, choosing city the people hospital subdean is that the first time of the Corp. reform of the cadre system queen chooses, set up medical treatment Corp. to forming Ma An Shan City being founded juat now, appear especially important according to that what way new management system uses to choose the cadre easy to finish matching for this time, ranks of cadres builds, accelerates the also have very important practical or immediate significance and long-term significance pushing forward medical and health services reforming and developing to reinforcingCorp.Will choose this time appointing a project and main method of work, promotes the sales of the main body of a book giving the brief summary, confession reference.

[Key words] Medical treatment Corp.; Cadre; Choose

To actively promote the reform of the personnel system, medical group medical branch cadre, the full implementation of the reform and development of medical and public health undertakings spirit, in combination with the reality of public hospital reform in Ma'anshan City, improve cadre selection and appointment, to make the work more scientific, democratic and institutionalized, promote the talent showing itself, providing organization and the strong guarantee for the healthy development of Ma'anshan City health, in Ma'anshan City leaders care and Ma'anshan municipal Party Committee Organization Department under the guidance of municipal Party committee recently, medical group of social attention in the city people's Hospital, 2 vice president candidate for a month of public selection and appointment.From the results, to achieve the expected goal, has received very good results, choose a pleasant, also-ran convinced, employee recognition.

The 1 main methods of

The 1.1 scheme.According to the "Regulations on the work of selection and appointment of leading cadres", "party and government organs and competitive work Interim Provisions" requirement, combined with the practical condition of municipal medical group city people's Hospital, municipal Party committee to study medical group, repeated brewing, extensive solicitation of opinions, and communicate to Ma'anshan municipal Party Committee Organization Department report, formally issued. "Candidate for vice president Municipal People's hospital medical group of open selection of work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation plan").
1.2 open enrollment."Implementation plan" published on the website group carrier, city people's hospital attaches great importance to the positive propaganda and mobilization, to meet the requirements of the comrades registration, unified thought, improve knowledge, eliminate time speculation doubts.Registration deadline, a total of 6 comrades to attend.
The 1.3 qualification.Control "qualification plan" provisions and relevant personnel files, on the application of personnel were eligible for review, and carefully check the personal files, 6 comrades of all eligible.
1.4 democratic evaluation and recommendation.City People's Hospital of middle-level cadres and nurse within the organization to carry out the democratic evaluation and recommendation, recommendation is the written recommendation and individual talk recommendation.In accordance with the requirements of the program, control evaluation and recommendation, 6 people to take part in the speech the respondent conditions.Group Party committee evaluation and recommendation result in writing all truthfully inform the candidates.
The 1.5 lecture.Lecture the score, to percentile calculation results.Speech by the candidates on a resume, for reasons and advantages, the position and the preliminary idea in this work and planning, the second part is the interview questions.
The establishment of 2 judges group.Expert panel group a group please include the Municipal Health Bureau, the municipal Party Committee Organization Department and other relevant departments and experts composed of 7 people, another group of 7 representative random people's Hospital in the city of more than 100 middle-level management personnel and the nurse range from hospital staff of the group.Two judges group at the same time to lecture to score.
Interview the respondent to answer by lot first is generated randomly after speaker, speaker answer the same question.Problem set 2 questions, including the business infrastructure, comprehensive analysis of the problem.Paper commissioned intermediary close out.Speech integrated performance by expert judges were the representatives of the staff and workers of the evaluation panel of judges score and hospital according to 7:3 weight calculation.In addition to the gallery is also provided, welcome each branch municipal medical group staff to attend.Ma'anshan City Commission for Discipline Inspection, attended the lecture will and the full on-site supervision.
1.6 organization study.For the players lecture score was published statistics, and announced the 4 difference between the study object on the spot according to the lecture score.Municipal Party committee of medical group study group chose the city people's Hospital, director of leadership, serious illness at the Department of functional department at the District, district nurse, serious illness inspection object to key personnel conducted a comprehensive inspection, investigation group interview 38 people.
1.7 determine the candidates.Group Party committee to study group's report, on the candidates are carefully discussed, by comparison, advantages and the principles of selection of matching, in accordance with the post and, and the vote and ultimately determine the aspiring candidates corresponding posts.
1.8 publicity office.Office
The candidates are identified, in accordance with the relevant provisions, the 2 candidates on the open selection of publicity.Publicity after the end of the period, the city people's hospital team leader cadre conference was announced, and will serve to the municipal Party Committee Organization Department for the record.1.9 former conversation.Group party secretary, general Dean Comrade He Shaofeng and comrade will serve as the conversation before.
In order to do a good job of convergence, to ensure the public selection of competitive mount guard work ended, aspiring candidates are identified, we do the following work: a follow-up with the city people's hospital communication selection, please hospital support selection up comrades do the handover of the work; two is also do other participate in public selection of cadres is not selected ideological work; three is to find open selection of outstanding talent into the talent pool, reserve of talent.

The 2 main features of

2.1 based on the reform, focusing on the long term.Since entering the new century, facing the big background, the trend of health care reform, how to combine the actual situation of Ma'anshan City, deepening the reform of the medical and health system, is not only a major issue facing the health sector, but also is an important work of municipal Party committee, city hall high attention.Leaders at all levels and all the concern and support, the first half of this year the success of the formation of Ma'anshan City medical group, a major breakthrough in the management system, took the lead in the city medical group belongs to the existing hospital hospital administrative levels, it is also the first case in the country, caused no small stir in the health system.Therefore, under the new management system in what way chosen with the city people's Hospital of leading cadres, is particularly important to the just established municipal medical group, to strengthen the construction of cadre team to speed up the group, has the extremely important practical significance and long-term significance to promote the reform and development of medical and health.
The 2.2 leaders' attention, standardized operation.The medical group before the reform, city people's hospital leadership appointed by the municipal Party Committee Organization Department management, vice president of this selection is the group cadre system reform after the first selection.Therefore, city leaders are very concerned about the selection and appointment, specifically to hear the work report, put forward ideas, emphasize the requirements.Group Party committee of several meetings to study, specifically to the selection and appointment is a test for Party cadres management ability, is an embodiment of the party's credibility, is a specific practice of Party of reform and
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