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Incentive Countermeasures of coal mine workers

Author: LiuLi KeXing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-28 11:25:41 Read:
[Abstract] this paper from three aspects of coal miners working environment, job characteristics, job motivation to analysis of coal mine workers, and thus to find sources of motivation from three levels of enterprise, social, personal, according to sources of motivation, puts forward corresponding countermeasures include compensation incentive, incentive, incentive, incentive security job rotation the miners, to carry out occupation training and psychological guidance, promote the formation of a good social atmosphere of respecting the miners.
[keyword] mine workers; job analysis; incentive; incentive measures of

[Abstract] This paper analyzes the miners' job from job 's environment, specialty and motivation. And then find the incentive sources from enterprise, society and individual based on the analysis. Finally it raises the incentive countermeasures according to its sources. The countermeasures include salary Incentive, security Incentive, post-alternating Incentive, developing miners' Job training and psychology guidance; accelerating to have the atmosphere of respect the miners around the society.

[Key words] Miners; Job 's analysis Incentive sources; Incentive countermeasures;

Coal mining enterprises of the products relatively simple, mainly the production of coal.Coal production is used mostly underground mining methods.Labor organization of coal enterprises are mainly coal mine downhole operation labor organization.The coal miners working environment, work process, work motivation and so has a special and workers in other industries are different, so the incentive measures of mine workers should according to the characteristics of different.

1 coal miners work analysis of

1.1 work environment.
Coal mine workers in underground work environment is a special environment.This is in the ground depths of tens to hundreds meters buried coal deposit formation, dark, damp, and can not see the sun, space is limited, the air is restricted, gas, coal dust, flood, fire, roof and other natural disasters often threaten the lives and safety of miners.The miners work in underground low and dark environment, heard was the roaring sound of the machine, is in contact with the wet water, wind, gas and those can cause deadly poison, miners in single operation labor intensity big, because of the requirements of high operation processes and strict security procedures, very small miners work degree of autonomy, can only follow the prescribed order and is passively in the tedious operation.Psychology research shows, long monotonous stimulation could induce human psychological fatigue, mental fatigue is more difficult than physiological fatigue recovery.
1.2 characteristics.
1.2.1 mobile operation.
Underground coal mining working face and the tunneling working surface and its equipment, always follow the work constantly move forward.During the operation, advance every cycle, working surface and all kinds of machinery, tools and mobile facilities to move forward.When a working surface after mining or roadway through to the overall move to the new location of work.In the process of moving hand brings fresh feeling to the workers, on one hand the workers in a new face in the process of adaptation.
1.2.2 high labor intensity.
Because the job environment, underground workers have not yet completely out of heavy physical labor.At the same time, the underground work environment and product color monotone, equipment operation noise and so on many kinds of monotone factor, the workers gradually fatigue.
1.2.3 danger more.
Due to the natural disaster, the workers will encounter danger in the work environment.These come unexpectedly danger, often make the workers in a tense mood.
1.2.4 labor auxiliary time.
Underground workers in addition to the provisions of the labor time, also spend time many non production process.Such as dressing, LED lamp, and the travel time and other auxiliary link accounted for a lot of time.So hard was psychologically creates a sense of irritability, to meet a certain link is not smooth, will affect the emotional labor.
1.2.5 shiftwork.
Because of the special nature of the coal mine enterprise production, miners work in rotation job, plus the underground production uncertainty.Shift work disrupts the normal biological rhythm, which can lead to physical and mental disorders.When the miners not enough time and resources to complete their tasks, work overload occurs.On the one hand, the working time is too long, the work and the preparation time is too long, taking up a lot of time to rest, and often drag class extension work, holidays and weekends are few holidays, miners can not be normal rest, lead to physical, mental confusion; on the other hand, the heavy task, time is pressing, lead miners labor strength is too large, the heart tired.Miners simple mechanical operation so that miners feel boring and neglected, and tired of work, and ultimately reduce the ability of emergency response.
1.3 the motivation to work.
Motivation is the reason of personal behavior.Coal mine worker motivation is very complex.Coal mine workers' motivation is associated with occupation motivation, mainly has two kinds: one kind is a type; one is the cause of the.Belongs to the living type work motivation of workers, most efforts to grasp the operation technology, adhere to the normal attendance, obey the command, to complete production tasks, in order to get more salary and bonus, make the person live full rich.This kind of workers from rural contract workers.A cause - labor motivation of workers, in order to make certain achievement or success in career, occupation will strong, the business in the first place, as long as the good result, again painstakingly again tired also is not afraid of.Such people often than living type workers Technology Business harder, work harder.And the grass-roots workers most of the coal mine belongs to a type.

2 excitation source of

The 2.1 factors of enterprise.
2.1.1 organizational justice.
Organizational justice refers to the individual or group to treat their perception of fairness.Justice is a very important factor in motivating the.When the miners felt cadres can not deal with the problems, such as: fair to cadres and workers underground bonus income gap, unfair distribution, uneven distribution of tasks, some people busy people idle status, security personnel punishment random phenomenon, will cause the miners not full of emotion.
Security management of 2.1.2 /
Safety management is directly related to coal mining enterprises of the enterprise all the miners. a lot of coal mine enterprises form is put safety first, but the actual work is light weight production safety, to complete production appears many illegal command, the neglect of safety production of such phenomena, the miners work in the lack of a sense of security environment. because of frequent coal mine accidents, resulting in a lot of coal mine enterprises metaphysical engage in security management, no rule without Cheng Fangyuan, but the rules too much, too cumbersome, always afraid of problems, the miners fear is punishment.
Most of the coal mine in the fine as security management means the targets and tasks, some cadres to find "three violations", will not be any reason to give the miners to open "three violations" ticket, the miners' psychological nervous, insecure, because of a mistake, the
Will be sent off several days of wages and bonuses, the miners at heart uncomfortable. many cadres quick profit forget method, heavy production, light weight, safety, efficiency of light input, the miners work tired, lead to lower job satisfaction, and ultimately affects the working efficiency.
2.1.3 enterprise support.
Enterprises to support the work of a great relationship with the working enthusiasm.Mainly displays in: cadres do not understand the miners work tasks and task difficulty, work task is not combined with the actual situation, work arbitrarily increase the workload, leading to miners work overload. miners are discriminated against in the mine, the mine office work is very difficult, but, encounter unfair events, enterprises have no channels to help resolve the unjustice, cadres will not take the initiative to understand and care about the miners living conditions, in the course of time will be worker produces resistance. miners promotion opportunity is very small, even do a good job, might do a lifetime or in the underground miners also did not increase, but also in the work without people take the initiative to help the miners to improve operation skills.
2.2 social factors.
The miners work is a typical social demand and social support an occupation is contradictory.
2.2.1 in the coal mine enterprises because of the miners of lower social status, compared with other industries, various benefits miners are very low, the miners work very tired, but not to other occupation staff agree.Miners and supervisor communication may be a least communication occupation in each occupation, miners and the lack of communication makes the lower ideas can not be timely, effective communication, some working methods are simple and crude, and even foul-mouthed Tourette, hurt the miners self-esteem, also can cause the miners depression.
2.2.2 miners working in a small environment, nonworking time few gatherings, miners also lack of communication that miners lack of emotional support.
2.2.3 miners work time is too long, less social time, the lack of opportunities to communicate with friends and relatives, so that they lost relatives, friends of emotional support.
Speaking of the society, whether in the physical or mental, the miners' social support is not enough.In contrast to the community to provide treatment and miners labor pay for miners brought a sense of loss.
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