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Analysis of military human capital combat effectiveness

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Author: Zheng Zhifeng Jiang Xinping Niu Jinglei
[Abstract] the new military revolution and the future information war brings forward new requirement on military manpower.The construction of military manpower development should be complied with the revolution in military affairs, positive innovation, implementation spans of military manpower quality, structure by adapting the mechanized war to winning local wars under the condition of informationization.
[keyword] military human capital; combat; effectiveness analysis of

[Abstract] New military change and future the information-based war put forward to the military manpower all new of request. Military manpower of construction should adjust military change of development, aggressive reform innovation, realization military manpower of character, structure... Etc. from orientation mechanization war to can win cross over of limited war under the information-based condition.

[Key words] Military manpower capital; Fighting strength; Effect analysis

Military human capital is the sum of knowledge, skills, reflected in health soldier quality factors.It is the foundation of all military activities, its ultimate value is the production of national security, its value is formed and improving the fighting capacity of the army.

1 of China's present situation of military human capital

With the development of world military reform implementation, military industry (especially in terms of military officers) become more and more knowledge-intensive industry.According to Hu Angang, Liu Xiong's analysis in the United States, Japan, India in Chinese military human capital in Shikoku amount is the largest, are more than two American soldiers in India; the highest total average years of schooling, the military human capital after china.But our soldiers' average years of schooling of third in four columns, military manpower quality need to be improved further.The new military changes, it is necessary for us to accelerate structural adjustment, to the quality of the army, through a variety of means to fully absorb the social human resources, make the whole society to become the most intensive military talents, education level of the highest
The average years of education the United States officer for 16.6 years, while China is only 13.6 years.Education level is much higher than the United States officer "of managers and professionals", while the latter is the six kind of occupation the United States Bureau of Statistics Classification (not including defense) of the educated class, see U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States:2001, P384. is in the United States is the highest level of Education officer the occupation of.

Our army have a college education officer ratio is 71.8%.At present doctor, master of less than 2%.Talent is the lag of promoting military reform with Chinese characteristics "bottleneck" problem.

2 military human capital combat effectiveness analysis of
Substitution effect of human capital on 2.1 military weapons and equipment.

According to the "marginal" theory, in a certain level of technology conditions, increase combat elements, structure benefit, military fighting with weapons and equipment, military material capital followed, the fighting capacity of marginal output rate decline, fighting capacity growth encountered a "bottleneck".However, the military human capital accumulation will lead to the improvement of efficiency by using effective labor input increases or weapons of national security in the production process, so as to improve the productivity of labor and equipment utilization rate of military and national security increased output.
On the one hand, the military human capital accumulation through increased military human capital production efficiency, enhance the military skill and tactics level, resulting in constant even in military technology, military physical capital investment and other conditions, effective military labor input is increased, fighting capacity is increased, the increased output of national security.As shown in Figure 1, OG is the material capital (equipment, training facilities) input, OL is a military labor input, military activity in the GL coordinates, the formation of combat effectiveness equivalent to line C.Suppose the military technology, material capital investment and the number of the same, with the military quality, namely, increasing the stock of human capital, the military human capital inputs the actual increased from L0 to L1, the fighting capacity increased from C to C1.
On the other hand, the military human capital accumulation can improve the material capital productivity, save the high-tech weapons and equipment investment.Update cycle of science and technology to promote the development of weaponry and equipment, shortening, complex structure, complex degree of military labor increases, the military human capital accumulation will allow the use of high-tech military equipment to improve the efficiency of the new, and the original equipment to play a greater effectiveness, to replace scarce high-tech weapons and equipment with effective military labor, improve output function.As shown in Figure 2, from the original OG0 and OL0 with output of fighting capacity equivalent to line C, while maintaining the original force, improve the military human capital stock, increased from OL0 to OL1, in the maintenance of C fighting ability, only need to invest OG1 physical capital (equipment, training facilities), physical capital saving G0G1, the whole battle force output efficiency saving R=OG0AL0-OG1BL1.
Effect of increasing marginal revenue of 2.2 military human capital.
Military human capital as a special element in the process of fighting force in production, its marginal productivity is increased, with increasing marginal revenue effect.First of all, Wu equipment elements is different from the production process, the military human capital has a non consumable.In the fighting capacity of the production process, condensed knowledge and skills in the military human resources of consumption and will not disappear, can be repeatedly used and spread, its cost as input frequency of use and spread gradually reduce.Secondly, the human capital is the accumulation and expansion.As the stock of knowledge accumulation, its production capacity will be doubled expansion, even a qualitative leap, lead to innovation, which may bring combat power production of major change or production capacity doubled.
Promoting effect of 2.3 military human capital on military science and technology progress.
Laborer is the most active factor of productivity factor structure, the most active, the productivity of other factors "alive" of the main productivity; labor productivity as the main body is composed of the physical, intellectual and labor enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, and other factors, will undoubtedly increase of human capital is very necessary for the dynamic role of the subject productivity.In the world of new military changes, the upgrading of fighting is mainly rely on military technology to achieve.Military science and technology promoted largely subject to the subject of human
Constraints.Military technology diffusion process in fact is the investment of military human capital and forming process.Military human capital is the foundation of military technology, the formation of complementary and application of new military technology, does not have the corresponding conditions of human capital, any military technology will not or cannot effectively.Increase the battle effectiveness depends on the military scientific and technological progress, increased military technology relies on military manpower capital, the military scientific and technological progress in the new military revolution effect is more important, the military and the role of human capital is more important.
The external effect of the 2.4 military human capital.
Military human capital accumulation on many aspects of military spirit, values, morality, behavior and way of life have positive effect, but also to create a favorable external environment for improved and sustainable development of military combat effectiveness.Soldiers during service by education and training, increasing political, science and technology, culture, national defense knowledge, not only by organizing and commanding ability, professional technical level and improve the skills, but also enhance the ideological consciousness, help to form a good style of work and the strict concept organization law, strengthen the officers and men of the occupation moral standards and social responsibility rich sense of power source, the combat effectiveness of the army sustained growth.Reproduction of these inevitable will on the majority of officers and soldiers of their reproduction and military capabilities to produce powerful effect.3 to improve the military human capital effectiveness measures of

3.1 to set up the new idea of military human capital.
To strengthen the market economy the concept of human capital.Only by fully understanding the property of human capital in the condition of market economy, to understand the characteristics of human capital investment and high returns, in order to strengthen the construction of military human capital investment.
The field of national defense is different in the economic field, under the condition of market economy, also has the property of military human capital, also has the advantages of high investment high return characteristics.This kind of change we must fully understand the role of the military manpower, not only the military manpower as a resource, but also as a kind of capital, from the economic behavior, economic benefits and market competitive perspective, to raise awareness of the importance of military manpower, should be good at training, and actively introduce, optimizing configuration, reasonable use military personnel management and development, try to minimize the cost to maximize the benefits.
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