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On the application of equity theory in human resource management

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Abstract: equity theory is an important branch of modern organizational behavior motivation theory of process, an important motivation theory is the modern human resources management, it focuses on remuneration of people working enthusiasm, motivation and perception is the.When people put their input and he paid when compared to the comparison results, will be judged in the psychology, and whether the sense of fairness.In a fair environment, working enthusiasm of staff inspiration, so that the work performance and work efficiency is improved; work actively instead it will attack people, have a negative impact on the development of the organization.So in the management of human resources, research on equity theory has an important guiding significance for reality.
incentive equity theory return of human resource management
In the modern human resources development and management process, the people of modern management concept has been updated."People-oriented, highly satisfied employees incentive mechanism", has become a hot spot now human resources management.Human has more by the organization's attention, and has become the key factor to realize the strategic objectives of the organization.

The main content of the 1 equality theory

In the process of organizational behavior theory, equity theory and social comparison theory, proposed by American behavioral scientist, psychologist Adams, it focuses on the effects of compensation for people working enthusiasm, motivation and perception is the people, is one of the important theory of modern human resources management.The theory is an important guarantee of organization incentive employee, the pursuit of high efficiency to achieve the organization's objectives, in human resources development and management process, has the important practical significance.
The main content of justice theory is rational, fair compensation distribution have on staff motivation, the main content is:
(1) when people put their feelings with others paid remuneration feeling compared, available equation:
Where: Qp on behalf of their remuneration feeling; Ip represents their personal investment is made.
Qo on behalf of their own to others the reward feeling; Io represents himself to others do into feeling.
As for inequality, may have the following two situations:
(1) Qp/Ip > Qo/Io in this case, he may be required to reduce their pay or at the beginning of automatic do more work, but in the course of time, he would have to estimate their technology and work, finally realized he really should be so high in the treatment, and his work will return to the past.
(2) Qp/Ip < Qo/Io in this case, he may be required to increase their income or reduce their future effort, so that the left increases, so that both sides of the equation are equal; he may require the organization to reduce comparing like income or let the future increase in order to make the right effort is reduced, so that both sides of the equation tends to equal to.In addition he can find another person as the comparison objects, in order to achieve psychological balance.
(2) based on the transverse comparison, people often do the longitudinal comparison, namely their current investment efforts and ratio of the rewards, with their past investment effort and reward ratio obtained the past compared.When the two are equal, people will think is fair,
Available: Qpp/Ipp=Qpl/Ipl
Where: Qpp representative of your personal now paid feeling; Ipp representative of your personal investment feeling now.
Qpl representative of your personal past paid feeling; Ipl representative of your personal sense of past inputs.
As for inequality, may have the following two situations:
(1) Qpp/Ipp < Qpl/Ipl and when this happens, people will have a sense of injustice, causing work enthusiasm drops.
(2) Qpp/Ipp > Qpl/Ipl and when this happens, people will have a sense of injustice.But don't feel to get more pay, but will take the initiative to do more work.
(3) the fair representation of
Adams pointed out that the fair has two forms: one is the distributive justice, employee in with others or his past comparison, feel the reward and labor are the same.Two is the fairness of the program, namely of the employee performance evaluation, promotion and discipline management program that is fair, equitable.
Equity theory, that everyone will be consciously or unconsciously, will you pay the labor and reward and others pay the labor and reward for comparison, will put yourself now pay labor and reward and his past labor and reward are compared, and the comparison is the normal psychological reflection.
A sense of fairness and unfairness is a social psychological phenomenon.It is a purely human psychology in the subjective, the reaction.The psychological basis is the human perception for the motivation relation.Employees are compared to its inputs and he has paid, judge of this comparison results in the psychology, and whether the sense of fairness.Therefore, the equity theory the basic view is the objective existence, but the fair itself is a very complex problem.

Effect of
2 equity theory in human resource management

In the modern human resources development and management process, the fair principle plays an important role, is shown in the following several aspects:
(1) to excavate their potential, and make the performance is significantly improved.Fair process affects the employee's work attitude and behavior, the fair management can make the employees of one's ability and cleverness and bring into full play the enthusiasm of big power, their sense of innovation will continue to evolve in such incentives, so as to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of work, but also make the organization more competitive.
(2) to enhance the cohesion of the organization, to promote the coordination of each part of the organization.The fair management will increase the staff's sense of belonging and sense of responsibility.Employees will be voluntary cooperation with organizations and others in the work, and gradually formed the organization good communication and communication environment, in unison, coordination, organizational cohesion is improved.
(3) to improve the staff loyalty to the organization.The fair management will enhance their team spirit and team awareness, resist the temptation to enterprise's competence concern and will be improved, so as to improve staff loyalty to the organization.
(4) optimization of the organizational structure of talent.Through the performance evaluation, evaluation fair, increase employee job satisfaction and sense of competition, make all kinds of talent vitality is maximized, greatly stimulate talents fast results, many positive achievements, promote the organization for selecting talent, with the director, play advantage, improve the efficiency of the use of talents, constantly improve the organizational structure of talent, to maximize the resource allocation efficiency.
(5) strategic goals for the organization to achieve sustainable development.The fair management work enthusiasm to make employees to maintain long-term, comprehensive, awareness of the organization, to make their personal goals and objectives of the organization are organically combined together,
To achieve a win-win situation for individuals and organizations, so as to promote the sustainable development of the organization.

3 employees a sense of injustice causes

It is not difficult to find, employees in the organization with others or your past process of mutual comparison, tend to overestimate their own contribution to underestimate others now, investment contribution, cause the system to observe the deviation problem.Fair value is a kind of subjective feeling, generally difficult to find an objective and just measure, therefore, equity is subjective characteristics, clear hand, fair standard to determine itself is often a subjective color; on the other hand, the individual based on the fair standard input, output measure also inevitably with hybrid species subjective tendency, which is the main cause of unfairness, employee inherent psychological factors.
Secondly, a sense of injustice generation are the external causes, mainly include:
(1) policy issues, including management system and distribution system itself defects of
A long period of time, there is a mistake in the understanding of rules and regulations, any rules and regulations, will be considered to be the "management, card, pressure pipe".In fact, this is a one-sided view, influence and the traditional management idea ingrained about.From the modern management concepts, rules and regulations of the function is actually twofold, namely the constraint function and encourage function.
(2) management of the bureaucracy and unwholesome tendencies of
In an organization, in general most people are not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tired, are most afraid of principles of leadership does not speak, from the point of view of personal interests, personal likes and dislikes, reward and punishment is not fair, so that employees lose the chance of fair competition, to produce a sense of injustice.
(3) on the staff of
the understanding deviation
Understanding of employee performance, performance assessment by the who is the leader of the masses, or assessment or self assessment, assessment of different people will have different results.As a result of the same tissue is often not performed by the same individual assessment, so there will be inconsistent, to avoid conflict, indulged, prejudice phenomenon.Often "do not say,", caused the understanding deviation on employee performance.
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