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Be on the application of degree of control in the personnel management in Colleges and universities.

Author: WangDan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-28 07:52:18 Read:
Abstract: on the basis of control theory, the personnel management in colleges, height, use of reliability, validity, dimensions, abundance, fitness, schedule, strength, coordination, testimonies, concept development, dominance, and do a good job in the work of personnel.
Keywords: high reliability control personnel work analysis using

Personnel working in the university reform and development plays an important role in support to provide strong organizational guarantee and personnel.University personnel management work in all aspects and links to grasp the "degree" concept, the formation of control, adapt to the development goal of the school of personnel work, continued to improve work efficiency and level, has the vital significance.This paper intends to give the personnel management in Colleges of control by some of the views put forward, in order to cause the attention of personnel.

1 in deepening the reform of personnel system in Colleges and universities, determine the personnel work guiding ideology and goals, philosophy should pay attention to the height control,

Here refers to the means of College Personnel Orientation in the guiding ideology, culture, value, it can be multi-dimensional, but the goal orientation should be the same.The reform of the personnel system and personnel work target to achieve consistency and school running direction, consistent with the idea of running a school, personnel training and teaching team construction goal.For example, the personnel work to implement the scientific outlook on development, people-oriented, set up to promote the overall development of the staff thought, in order to planning, positioning personnel work direction; to highlight the main body position, respect people's subject value, misleading formation, so as to ensure correct guidance from the source to the policy.
To determine the guiding ideology and objectives and personnel work, to grasp the proper altitude, we should take the sustainable, steady development of education as the goal, has a high degree of control.For example, to use modern management idea, aimed at the advanced level at home and abroad, combined with the school, guiding idea sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, have the personnel positioning to determine the characteristic, development advantages.Policy should be widely research assessment, give full consideration to the current new situation, new characteristics, university personnel system reform in the new trends, and make a prospective deal with some of the problems.

2 in the personnel work should pay attention to reliability, validity control

This article called reliability refers to the personnel work to obtain the trust degree of the general staff, is a kind of credibility.Personnel work involves a wide range, strong policy, related to the vital interests of the broad masses of staff, further strengthen the mechanism of competition, the reform of personnel system, will inevitably encounter some hot, difficult problems, such as the open recruitment, equal competition, preferred employ process, is according to the national related personnel policies, to actively and steadily, security staff and the school of the legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law; to promote the reform of the distribution system, how will staff wages and job responsibilities, work performance, the actual contribution etc..The author thinks that should from the point of view of focus on reliability, one is to real power in organization, coordination, control, supervision and other aspects of each work hold open, fair, just principle, two is introduced in the system reform, reform of the distribution system relates to the immediate interests of the staff reform measures should reflect the degree of involvement, transparency and satisfaction; three is the full respect people, understand people, care about people, strengthen communication, do a thorough and painstaking ideological and political work, manage emotions, resolve conflicts, eliminate misunderstanding; four is to strengthen the information feedback and supervision mechanism; to reduce the working reliability is not enough, not a sense of fairness or do not trust the negative effects are produced.
Here the word validity refers to the degree of effectiveness of the personnel work.To avoid duplication of work, randomness, should establish a working mechanism efficient, improve the work effectiveness, not to repeat them.

3 in strengthening the construction of teachers' team measures development process to reflect the dimensions, abundance and fit

The so-called embodied dimension, refers to the personnel work relates to a wide range, to grasp the work as a whole, the work to the overall design, outstanding key, comprehensively promote.For example, in the reform of the distribution system, introduced the distribution measures, also taking into account the impact on other work level.At the same time, the work should not only consider the particularity of the personnel work, but also the personnel working for the school development service, for all the staff service, training service for the school personnel.
Abundance is the individual number (density) community of quantitative measure, here referred to as in personnel work to various groups focus on schools exist in the interests of the different demands of the degree, do not care for this and lose that, causes the personnel work measures as far as possible, with the vast majority of staff benefits.
This article refers to fitness, also mean analysis on different groups of interests based on, take different measures of work.For example, the value of career development, realization of self value groups, should focus on the development platform and the space is good for them, and not just the economic interest incentive.That should differ from man to man, have a definite object in view, to do a good job, make the starting point, starting point in the work, the foothold and work requirements and accept the way to maximize the fit, to achieve the best results.4 in the personnel work process design and implement programs to grasp the progress and the strength of

The so-called master schedule, is simply according to the personnel work order of priority, overall design, implement step by step, steadily push forward.To reasonably design stage goals and measures according to the development goal of the school, not eager for a quick success.The strength control, also known as the stiffness control, refers to the incentive degree personnel work to a good grasp of policy and staff acceptance, there are incentives for excessive and intent may be different.
The personnel management in Colleges and universities still exist a lot of issues, such as overstaffed, burden is heavy, difficult to optimize the allocation of limited resources; egalitarianism idea still exists, there are still difficulties reflect the income principle; overall optimization evaluation method to the existence of conflict, emotional and so on; to solve these problems, must have a good grasp of the drug and strength, we must promote reform of personnel and distribution system, but also to meet the demands of teaching staff in two aspects of material and spirit, through the establishment of coordination mechanisms and orderly best-selling, create a harmonious and stable personnel working atmosphere, reduce blind underwent radical measures to increase the difficulty of the follow-up work, to form the pattern of steady development work.

5 in the construction of long-term mechanism of personnel system construction, to highlight the testimonies and the coordination of

The so-called prominent testimonies, refers to the personnel policies of colleges and universities is strong, always in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations and the relevant policies of pull, adhere to administration according to law, the rule of law, in accordance with the law, to consciously improve legal knowledge and legal consciousness of personnel cadres, proper maintenance of school and staff in the personnel on the relationship between the equal main body status, maintain the legitimate rights and interests according to law.Legal should not only in the legal documents of personnel agency, contract and so on, to achieve the legal procedure.
Coordination degree here refers to the personnel management and management between, between the organization and the organization, the organization and the individual to achieve the maximum identity.University personnel work is a sensitive, delicate and complicated work, relates to the interest of the staff, but also a most can manifest whether it represents the fundamental interests of the broad masses of staff work, in formulating policies, reform, to carry out the work, to a wide range of opinions, on repeated discussions, the full implementation of the democratic centralism in the widely accepted, based on the introduction of policy measures, which can not only avoid the mistakes, prevent the inconstant in policy, serious of policies, and strong communication and understanding, to improve operability, lay the foundation for the smooth implementation of.Strong, strong controllability, inspection, and urge more convenient.

6 in the overall planning of the personnel work to highlight the development and advantages of

In this paper, the development degree of dominance, refers to the personnel management in Colleges and universities should pay attention to efficiency, quality, and gradually increase the level of personnel work effectively support continued to improve the personnel training and new work and school development degree, formation of work continued on the level of the state level.
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