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The analysis of the current employment situation of university students and Strategies

Author: PanXiaoCheng From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-28 05:15:26 Read:
[Abstract] financial crisis swept the world, different degree of its influence, therefore, the employment problem has become the world face and focus.This article in view of the present college students employment difficult phenomenon, analyze the causes of the employment difficulties of university students, proposed the corresponding countermeasure and the measure, to enable students to establish a correct concept of employment and values.
[keyword] college students; employment situation; strategy of

[Abstract] Fashionable whole world of financial crisis, is not the same as degree in every country be affected by the person, issue of obtaining employment already becomes the focal point being confronted with and paying close attention to in every country therefore. The article is aimed at capital at present phenomenon of college student difficult to obtain employment, analysis has aroused difficult college student employment cause, has brought forward corresponding countermeasure and measure, has made a college student be able to set up correct the Taoist Temple obtaining employment and outlook on values.

[Key words] the College student; Employment circumstances; Tactics

Talent exchange market rentoucuandong, 09 years civil service exam enrollment has set a new record, Peking University students selling pork, digital these phenomena and employment report by CASS explain each other, common to become a topic -- the employment of university students is more difficult.
In recent years, people generally feel that the job more difficult, even if a university graduate, graduate or from overseas, finding a job is not easy as one wishes.Investigate its reason, is mainly the following
China is a new urban labor employment, reemployment of laid-off workers and the transfer of rural surplus labor "three meet", make originally existing employment difficulties become more prominent.
Two is the enterprise restructuring to reduce labor, the use of high-tech and other reasons, the demand for labor is decreased.
The three is with the deepening of reform, farmers continue to lower the threshold, the migrant workers are increasing, so as to further increase the pressure on urban employment.
Four is in recent years, the United States sub-loan crisis triggered by the global financial crisis, the global economy is facing serious challenges, current, the global financial crisis is accelerating the spread from the virtual economy to the real economy, the economy of our province to the inevitable impact.
Five is the large-scale expansion of colleges and universities across the country is too short, some schools in teaching quality of landslide due to expansion and decrease the upgrading of the school or teaching conditions, personnel training is not combined with the demand of social development is very good, a certain extent the result of college graduates employment difficulties.
All levels of government are actively implement the instructions of the State Council, trying to find a way out to solve the problem of employment of College students.In order to better cope with and resolve the current difficult employment forms, it is necessary to form a consensus on the following:

1 to change the social concept of

Now the Chinese are generally concerned about the employment of university students is already a global problem.Of course, the corresponding countermeasure is not reduced, but increased employment opportunities through public policy.At the same time, we can not because of temporary employment of college students, have denied the necessity of university enrollment at that time, because now the world university education in the popularization of.The more you read though not necessarily represent higher ability, but at least give the necessary foundation to improve your ability.Expansion is the transformation of our nation a higher knowledge and ability, this transition will be far-reaching.Bacon said: "knowledge is power."In the era of knowledge economy, strengthen learning skills is correct.Society should form a truly respect knowledge, respect talent good atmosphere.So we should solve the problem fundamentally and not that difficult employment will reduce the cultivation of talents cultivation, only people with knowledge, to change the present situation of faster, faster economic development, encourage enterprises to adjust, the national promotion.2 people to adjust the good mentality and

Because "the desalination rate elite complex" did not catch up with the popularization of higher education popularization, the employment direction people become narrow, and autonomous and diverse career also will be very limited.Therefore, we should correctly understand themselves, rational choice of employment.Some of his own ideas of change:
2.1 college students generally pay expectations too high, some enterprises and units can not make large-scale recruitment, and foster new will be wasting a lot of resources, thus inhibiting the enterprise demand for college students of the labor force, so their salary expectations can not be too high, after all the students have no practical experience, we should start from the basic unit, the accumulation of experience.Then slowly development, improve their salary value.
2.2 local industries and local talent surplus, from the industry point of view, we all want to state organs, scientific research units and joint ventures to, rather than to the employment of private enterprises, small enterprises.From a regional perspective, most college students are willing to go to big city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, employment, rather than to the western remote areas, grass-roots development, make things imbalance in economic development.Therefore, we should encourage students to, the development of small city, you just use where it needs to go.In order to solve the small and medium-sized city town, the lack of talent, but also can solve the difficult employment situation of University students.
2.3 "a lifetime employment, occupation" concept still exists, in the fierce competition in the employment, the ideal occupation is important, but in no better choice under the premise, but also a matter of expediency temporarily.College students should establish the "employment first selection and entrepreneurship" concept of employment, and actively to the grass-roots level to go, go where our motherland needs us most, is the gold will shine.At the same time, college students is the most important to do is to face the reality, since reality cannot change, we are the best choice is to integrate into reality, and then try to change.Besides, destiny is in their own hands.

3 the government should further improve the policies to promote employment, increase the intensity of

In the face of rising year after year, the employment of college students in the writer's opinion, the government "hand" to strive to develop more effective measures, such as the use of information superiority, to provide more employment guidance and services for graduates; the use of legal means, ensure fairness of various talent employment; support by certain policies and funds, strengthening skills training for university graduates of the employing units; through education and propaganda, and guide students to change their concept of employment.Cultivation of College Students' employment outlook is not a short duration of time. At the same time, from the start, do not think that soon graduated to build their values of employment, to students guidance from the beginning, guiding students to correctly understand themselves, set goals, let the students know what to do in the future, to prepare in advance what, providing industry the new dynamic, guide students to establish a correct view of employment.While the government's "one hand" will have to do more comprehensive treatment.For example, do not rush to the pursuit of quantity and ignore the quality; not blind pursuit of high academic qualifications, high degree and ignore the diversified development of educational level; trend of development not to ignore the complex social structure and occupation skill of the old concept of higher education, stick to the "elite", want to learn book knowledge and social practice, guide the students to put theoretical knowledge into practice, etc..The State shall promote
Employment policy.Encourages the development of labor-intensive industries, service industries, the non-public sectors of the economy, the small and medium-sized enterprise, multiple channels, ways to increase employment opportunities.Increase support for college students entrepreneurial efforts, further clear and broaden the channels of employment of College students.

The 4 colleges and universities should grasp the economic and social development, optimizing the personnel training program of

Many university graduates reflect, now many enterprises are required to university graduates have some practical experience, have the ability to operate.China's economy, society in rapid development, but our education basically no big change.Students and society's demands a certain gap.Institutions of higher learning, focus on theoretical knowledge training, to strengthen the practical skills training, to achieve cohesion and social needs.At the same time, to improve the university employment guidance and service system, strengthen the employment service informationization construction in Colleges and universities.
Seek truth from facts to say, college students find a job is not difficult, difficult is to find an ideal job.As full of youthful spirit, young people in their prime, there is no need to "do not see the forest" blinders, there is no need to worry about personal gains and losses, hesitate to press forward or give up, take a long-term view, more than the accumulation of social experience, to view the university graduates employment situation, grasp the nettle, worthy of the glorious era of choice.
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