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Leader cadre team construction practice of large state-owned enterprises

Author: SunXianDuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-28 04:42:00 Read:
In today's world, with economic globalization is becoming more and more closely, enterprise development increasingly showing the complexity and diversity, the enterprise only by constantly "production talent, use talent" in order to ensure that their core competitiveness, in order to have "no matter how the world changes, I do not move" from the towering pride, to break through the cage and resistance, continuous development success.
The key depends on the realization of enterprise development strategy to correctly judge the situation, to co-ordinate the deployment of the global and the propulsion system, the leader cadre team to put forward higher requirements.Therefore, the leading cadre troop construction work is particularly important.

1 grasp the law of state-owned enterprises, construction of leading cadres to the basic

First of all, we must emancipate the mind, change ideas, firmly establish the correct employment idea.We must resolutely get rid of old ideas be promoted according to status, demand perfection, balance, the training and selection of their own people to take care of, and gradually establish a young people can take on the important task, the talent can accelerate the growth of mature, talent has timeliness and personnel training is the new concept of performance.
In the construction of leading cadres and management process, to gradually establish a forward thinking ideas, to fully consider the relationship between enterprise development and personal growth, to reach people and harmonious development of enterprises to establish a global ideological trend; construction of leading cadres, to break the standard main ideology, especially in the group structure optimization process to the cooperative; to establish a cadre exchange ideas, increase efforts to improve the quality of cadres work, full range, and enhance the sense of crisis and sense of competition; to fully understand the natural development law, the younger cadres in the use of "Yangtze River to bring forth the new through the old, the world people in the old people" common heart; to establish cadres exit mechanism, breaking the cadres can not only under the, even the lifelong system thinking, to provide jobs and opportunities for outstanding talent talent showing itself.
Second, the ideological and political construction and the quality of Cadres Construction in the construction of leading group of the first.Attention to the contingent of leading cadres, a lot of attention is the selection of the assessment information, task light tube always thought there.
With the enterprise, the market internationalization, we will integrate the traditional ideological and political construction of the soul into the universal executives troop quality construction.As general manager of China aviation industry of Lin Zuo-ming proposed that in the business management team, to vigorously carry forward the spirit of patriotism, the spirit of internationalism, scientific truth-seeking spirit, humanitarianism and the spirit of innovation, heavy contract, honesty, hard work, selfless dedication, as one of the entrepreneurial spirit; to guide and encourage enterprises to consciously create excellent executives the character of justice, harmony, sunny attitude, personality, responsibility of life.Enterprise employees, especially enterprise executives team's character is not only a personal thing, the first element is composed of brand value and business reputation.
Third, the formation of competency model and behavior style of reserve cadre job family system based on.
According to the characteristic of state-owned enterprise, a comprehensive analysis of the enterprise development strategy, corporate culture, organizational structure, core business processes and other factors, to consider the enterprise existing positions and duties and future requirements, can be divided into technical management, production management, operation management and market management of 4 position, also can be promising, balance of power in the comprehensive occupation managers category, and is convenient to the higher level development, through its rapid growth channel, the company reserves executive talent.
Through the evaluation of the existing more than 500 leading cadres and the merit, the formation of the existing post group division and each job family of competency model and behavior style.
Competency model (based on the iceberg model) as shown in table 1.Each job family table of allocation according to the iceberg competency model, including 1, 3, 5 respectively represent the ability should have the job family in general, strong, strong three levels:

According to the above model and behavioral style were tested on more than 230 reserve cadres, evaluation after the job family division, at the same time, the formation of long-term mechanism, ensure that the talent pool has water and effluent.The move brought a comprehensive upgrade of mothball cadre team construction efficiency, the basic realization of the right people post, post person, give full scope to the talents, abilities, improve the reliability and validity of selection, training cycle and shorten the adaptation period, greatly saving the cost of human resource in enterprises.In the establishment of a sound reserve cadre team construction system, further improve the mechanism of selecting and appointing cadres, outstanding young cadres efforts to increase.State-owned enterprises in the company within the scope of the open recruitment of outstanding young cadres.Through open recruitment, for the majority of staff especially young employees to create a good atmosphere of humanistic care, cause attention, inspire young staff temper volitional quality, improve their comprehensive ability, the occupation career planning for better, and innovative and enterprising attitude to actively participate in the company in the process of reform and development.
In addition, we also take the "focus" strategy to strengthen young cadre selection.Focus on the outstanding graduates in recent years, through the archival analysis, understanding, positive communication mode selected staff to focus on, the conditions are ripe to promote the use of, make it into the cadre training sequence, so as to broaden our vision, to accelerate the speed of growth of young cadres.Of course, a good grasp of the scale to be here, to select talent to grow sturdily, can not spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, a waste of talent.

2 pay attention to the selection and optimization of structure, and promote the overall function of state-owned enterprises in the leading bodies at all levels to enhance

Xi Jinping's talk on the selection of cadres in principle has pointed out: to correctly implement the party's cadre line and cadres policy, adhere to have both ability and political integrity, to Germany first, adhere to the correct orientation.The first point is, the good cadre entrance off, especially members of the leadership team, to have both ability and political integrity, outstanding performance, masses accepted promote to leading cadre post.
Should adhere to the principle of collective leadership and individual responsibility combined system, promote the unity of the leading group, strengthen the leadership of the cohesion and combat effectiveness.Work to form a "collective decision-making, division of responsibilities, cooperate closely" management mode, pay attention to team unity and form resultant force.In the decision-making process, members of leading bodies should fully express their views, make the job duties on the strategic thought on discrete, fusion; specific business division, target benefit fusion.Guarantee of scientific, democratic and decision-making, effectively promote the coordination between members of the leadership team cooperation.
Pay attention to team structure optimization, first is the age structure in the leading cadres in particular form "echelon structure five, four, three" team of the age; the second is the professional structure, in the cadre examination, should increase the understanding of the cultural level, professional knowledge and professional expertise, and comprehensive evaluation, from selection appropriate cadre; the third is the knowledge structure, a good leader must be "reasonable combination, phase, handsome", in order to complete the coordination, play the best performance; fourth is the structure of temperament, unique among the members of the leadership, style, bearing must be compatible with each other, and strive to achieve cliffide flower, compatible and complementary.

3 to establish the system, strengthen management of scientific and effective

First of all, the formation of a set of leader cadre management system.In practice, we established the leading cadres to process management system, implement the closed-loop management training, selection, supervision, assessment, feedback, improvement, implementation, and gradually build and perfect "135" leading cadre management system, which is a core, three bases, five pillars, the implementation of leading cadres process management mode, building a diligent government real high-quality leading cadres.
"A core" refers to the Service Corporation for the development and the leading cadres growth needs;

"Three bases" refers to the system, leading cadres management system construction, leading cadres management informationization leading cadres archives management;

"Five pillars" refers to create "four good" leadership activities, performance management, cadre selection and appointment, supervision and training cadres, mothball cadre team construction.
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