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Application of organizational citizenship behavior in human resources management in Enterprises

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Abstract: organizational citizenship behavior has become a hot topic in human resource management, enterprise how to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff, so that employees work behavior to fulfill their role, also can have initiative, innovation than spontaneous work behavior in-role performance, there will be conducive to enterprise operation efficiency.This paper expounds the concept, organizational citizenship behavior significance, on the application of organizational citizenship behavior in the management of human resources is discussed.
Keywords: organizational citizenship behavior of human resource management in

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, is directly related to the fate of the enterprise human resources, has become a bottleneck restricting the development of enterprises, especially the degree of effort, staff's initiative.How to motivate staff to complete the work within the scope of work of the task, and can take and engaged in some job description of the position outside the scope of the duties required by the responsibility and work, become the core content of enterprise strategy management.Therefore, organizational citizenship behavior and employees have a close relationship.

concept and role of 1 organizational citizenship behavior

Organizational citizenship behavior (Organizational Citizenship Behavior, referred to as OCB) concept proposed by the United States Indiana University professor Dennis W. Organ in 1983: a spontaneous by employees, clear or direct recognition is not yet in a formal organization of the salary system, but on the whole is beneficial to the operation of the organization function and efficiency.The researchers of organizational citizenship behavior presents about 30 different forms of organizational citizenship behavior, most of which overlap.In 2000, Podsakoff and Mackezie all kinds of views on organizational citizenship behavior are summarized, which will be divided into 7 dimensions of helping behavior, sportsmanship, organizational loyalty, organization, individual initiative, civic virtue and self development.
Studies have shown that OCB can influence the whole performance of the organization, the staff management to OCB is an important basis for evaluation, promotion and pay rise to, OCB will also have an important effect on employee satisfaction, a sense of fairness, leadership support and organizational commitment.Although the organizational citizenship behavior is some trivial employees to do, do not fall within the scope of its responsibilities, no direct connection to their salaries and bonuses, appear on the surface of the work itself has no contribution, not immediately to improve the efficiency of the enterprise, but from the long-term development of organization and personal interaction, to the whole organization operation smoothly or not will have a great effect:
(1) to create a harmonious and friendly atmosphere.For example, "clown" type of figure make a relaxed working atmosphere, settlement of disputes; colleagues help each other to tide over the crisis; colleague initiative for each gang boss to mobilize manpower, reduce repair gang trouble.
(2) with the cooperation between team members and the members of the Department for work.For example, find others work inadequate guidance in a timely manner; each individual initiative for the sake of others, from the overall situation, to sacrifice himself in order to obey group.
(3) effectively reduce the rate of turnover, attract and retain talents.Take the initiative to work overtime, active assistance to colleagues, take the initiative to help new employees with the environment, take the initiative to care about the development of the company and make suggestions and so on, are organizational citizenship behavior.Highly organized acceptance and satisfaction will make employees more loyal to the organization, reluctant to leave.

2 Chinese organizational citizenship behavior.

(1) compared with the Western employees, "the harmonious interpersonal relationship" is one of the important contents of Chinese organizational citizenship behavior.Although the salary management system design did not consider the employee must maintain and superior, colleague relationship, the staff will not get additional rewards because "the harmonious interpersonal relationship", but "and" is the Chinese traditional culture essence part of Chinese employees, advocating a "and" for you, that harmony is the basis for development of enterprises and individual good.
(2) in China, the spirit of selfless dedication as a traditional virtue of an ancient, has a broad mass base deep, Chinese advocates the spirit of Lei Feng, advocated to study tree model, typical, advanced science, enterprise managers with selfless spirit of the staff have a higher evaluation.This and the West emphasizes responsibilities, focus on results of different.
(3) China is a country with 2000 years of feudal monarchy ruled the country, feudal ideology and culture in particular deep, a strong hierarchy, between the upper and the lower limits of the apparent, "official standard" mentality are "the only officer", "only", while the Westerners emphasize equality, they the social hierarchy is relatively weak.Therefore, Chinese employees will prudently very consciously according to rank things, follow the prescribed order work, enthusiasm, initiative, creativity of employees are restricted.
(4) and the western countries emphasizes respect for individual employees, the impact of the oriental culture, especially the Marx doctrine in China, collectivism as the core values of Chinese culture, the collective interests above personal interests become the mainstream ideology.Chinese generally "units" as one of the security and the settlement established their own social status, widely popular "only in the collective protection can live better" thinking, respected individuals to the collective.Application of
3 organizational citizenship behavior in human resources management

Many research results show that the performance of organizational citizenship behavior of enterprises will have a great impact, therefore, the human resource management of enterprise, must attach importance to organizational citizenship behavior, strengthen the functions of human resource management, encourage, guide the staff to make more accord with the legal interests of enterprises organizational citizenship behavior, so as to promote the performance of the organization.
3.1 pay attention to recruitment and selection, pay attention to the potential organizational citizenship behavior of
Personal traits influence organizational citizenship behavior is a very important factor, with the collective value orientation, high sense of responsibility and trust in leadership were more likely to have high levels of organizational citizenship behavior.Therefore, to stimulate staff's organizational citizenship behavior should be started before employees are hired, comprehensive use of interviews, the written test, interview and situational personality measurement screening tool, through the organizational citizenship behavior will be a candidate personality, potential and with the organization of the cultural values of unity in the evaluation standard, will those easier to show the selected organizational citizenship behavior of employees.
3.2 to strengthen the training and education of
Enterprises should pay attention to the training and staff development, establish a scientific training system, through the analysis of scientific training needs, develop training content, reasonable training goal, the training method is effective, on staff training and education, to enhance the capacity of staff, the development potential of employees, improve employee's work and interpersonal skills. Skills, and improve the level of employee's organizational citizenship behavior, appear to make the desired form of organization.
3.3 rich tasks
Correlation between research shows that job characteristics and organizational citizenship behavior, although the design and organization of work tasks, personality factors, but the enterprise can work characteristic model uses, from task, diverse skills identity, task significance, autonomy and feedback etc, combined with the characteristics of employee, make job enrichment, have a positive psychological state of the staff, based on self-monitoring and produce a strong motivation to work, show the willingness and ability to implement OCB.
3.4 the construction of enterprise culture and
Tissue culture means members shared values, a common code of conduct.Although there is no direct data show the correlation between corporate culture and OCB, but the effect of OCB employee satisfaction, organizational justice, organizational commitment, leadership behavior, is the enterprise culture and reflect the results.
Organizational citizenship behavior is beyond the requirements of the role of members of the organization behavior, not easy to be perceived by managers and reward and punishment system formal motivate employees to implement these behaviors.At this time, managers should be created to encourage and support the organizational citizenship behavior of the culture in the organization, the organizational citizenship behavior as potential behavior standard curing in tissue culture; through the organization culture construction makes the employees in the value level identity to the organization, more strong emotional ties between and organization to form.
Organizational citizenship behavior is not the reward will be incentive, natural speed slow, return so, must establish a party organization culture can better guide the organizational citizenship behavior.Organization to employees, with corporate culture, communication value, make the staff to accept,
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