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Analysis of enterprises in our city to migrant workers training

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Abstract: the enterprise should be one of effective ways to talent showing itself in the fierce competition in the market is fully developed, the scientific management of human resources in enterprises and the most important way of enterprise human resources development is the enterprise staff training.Analysis of the existing training work of enterprises migrant workers in our city, provide the corresponding policy recommendations on how to enhance the effectiveness of training of migrant workers in our city enterprises.
Keywords: talent shortage of migrant workers training
The talent shortage is a worldwide phenomenon, especially the high skill talent shortage is more urgent, domestic enterprises will face challenges from the global economic competition, talent competition.Training is not only a effective way to develop the staff ability, an effective method is also attracting, retaining talents, incentive.Our company has formed a set of basic norms of the system in the training of employees, labor and social security departments formulate the corresponding "workers", "national technical regulations on assessment of occupation skill appraisal standard" and the "national occupation standard" wait for a series of standards, but many problems still exist in the training work of the actual enterprise in training, often a mere formality, although persisted, but no much effect.Therefore, to research the enterprise employee training has important realistic significance.This paper first analyzes the existing enterprises in our city foreign employees and the training work, and provides the corresponding policy suggestions on how to enhance the effectiveness of enterprise of foreign staff training in our city.

1 of our city team status of migrant workers in

Sustained and rapid economic and social development of our city, push the process of city, constantly optimize the employment environment, has gradually become one of the most easy job in the city, the migrant population security system perfecting, the foreign population also shows the trend of rapid growth.By the end of 2006, the city has a total of 2727000 floating population, and this year the foreign population reached 3900000 people, most of them are engaged in industry, floating population has become an indispensable force modernization construction of our city, economic development for the city made great contributions.
(1) from the age structure of population, mainly young labor.The migrant population in our city mainly handling, enterprise work, manual labor, get paid through the work, improve their own economic conditions and social status.
(2) from the education of floating population, education level was generally not high.In my 6 years old and above the foreign population, the junior degree migrant population accounts for the proportion to reach as high as 88.7%, college degree or above accounted for only 2.6%.The migrant population in our city's cultural quality is generally low, which determines the employment direction of the foreign population can only request is not high in the cultural and skills with physical labor, the industry to a great extent.
(3) based on the distribution of floating population in the industry, mainly concentrated in the second, the three industry, the two together accounted for 97.9% of the population of alien employment.From the proportion in every industry employment, the proportion of foreign population in the manufacturing industry in the highest, is 68.7%; in the second is the construction industry, 8.8%; again is the wholesale and retail trade, 7.6%; accommodation catering, resident services and other service industries ranked fourth and fifth, respectively 4.2% and 2.6%.
(4) from the point of view of occupation distribution of foreign population, mainly the production of transport equipment operators and related personnel.Engaged in transportation, operation and other types of migrant population accounts for external employment 75.5%; second is commercial, service industry, accounting for 16.9%.The foreign staff of Ningbo city's cultural level is low, professional and technical personnel in state organs, and the party organizations, enterprises and institutions responsible for the two occupation proportion is lower, only 1.8% and 1.1%.
(5) from the population employment work unit or the type of work, private enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households account for a higher proportion, accounting for 59.6% and 28.6% respectively, the contractor had the lowest percentage of land, only 0.9%.
(6) from the income of the foreign population, income level is generally low.The monthly income in 800-1000 yuan between floating population accounted for 46.8%, 800 yuan of the following accounts for 28.7%, 1001-1200 yuan accounted for 10.1%, 1201-1800 accounted for 9.4%, more than 1800 yuan accounted for only 5%.The foreign population of low income, this and their culture level is not high, the employment level is relatively low is consistent.

There are 2 enterprises of migrant workers training problems of

Occupation skill training work in the national related policy instruction, has been well developed, this work from scratch, has gradually been understood by the majority of workers, being understood by the society, and has been the support of the parties concerned.However, in the actual occupation skill training operation, there are still some problems need to be solved further, and strengthen, to really play good occupation skill appraisal performance.
In recent years, with the rapid development of our economy, especially foreign workers some foreign trade enterprise workers more focused unit, enterprise management has gradually realized the importance of staff training, but the training work is not ideal.The specific point of view, the training work of migrant workers has following problems.
2.1 enterprise management problems of
(1) the enterprise management concept has not changed, before training in general are not scientific, reasonable system.Most corporate managers for staff training is still in the stage of perceptual knowledge, no training into a long-term strategic business development in the planning, and establish a strict system of training.
(2) training inadequate control, effect evaluation lag.In reality, most of the enterprises in training activities, control or can not effectively control not to follow one's own inclination, training activities, even have found the effect is poor, also do not actively adjust.
2.2 teacher training problem of
(1) effects of training the teachers' quality, whether external or internal selection and training are shouldering the enterprise personnel training, the level of quality, determines the quality of human resources in a certain extent, while the latter determines the enterprise's prosperity and decline honors and disgrace.
(2) training teachers do not understand students, to do a good job training, training teachers should advance understanding of employees' real needs and their background knowledge in training before, then develop training plan, specific training teachers teach students in accordance with their aptitude, but some are in accordance with the training of enterprise to the headline, imagine yourself some training content, often and the employee does not meet the requirements, but also deviates from the goal of enterprise training, from the curriculum design is also less consider the knowledge level.
(3) training methods exist errors, light weight theory of practice.To enhance the effect of training, training alone when the theory is far from enough, the trainer should provide enough opportunities for employees after theory study in practice, so as to consolidate the training results and timely leak turnover, improve training.But at present, most of the training is still using the traditional "inculcating" education method, combined with the actual business requirements rarely give employees the opportunity to practice, situational simulation games, action learning, group discussion and are used less, it is learned a little theoretical knowledge and the flexible application of difficult in practical work.2.3 students problems
(1) the enterprise managers in selecting training staff, generally worried about business technology backbone off-the-job training will affect the work, then arrange some work is not busy, not too important, but with the training contents do not related employees to complete the training mission.The results should be trained staff because the job is busy, not long-term training to improve, and went to the training of the staff and because of his work little contact, in the training enthusiasm is not enough, often deal with the matter.
(2) some of the employees to participate in the training objective is not correct, employees were more interested in their interest to participate in the training of the project, in order to get a diploma, for their own future promotion to get some capital, as can learn much knowledge, mastering many skills while little attention.At present many enterprise employees to replace training just take the form, training staff to focus on just can bring political, economic benefits for their diploma or certificate, whether for the enterprise to create some more benefits like has nothing to do with them.
(3) training can improve the basic quality of the staff, but with the improvement of the quality of employees, some of the excessive pursuit of material reward, the demand is also the pursuit of a higher level, plus business "poach" behavior, then trained employees to
The enterprise dissatisfaction, on balance it is possible "fried squid boss".Enterprise managers in the hope that through training so that employees bring more benefits for enterprises, but because of trained employees job-hopping will bring negative returns to his training.This negative feedback often lower managers on the training enthusiasm and attention, and may even not willing to conduct training.
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