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Cultivate the loyalty of employees.

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Abstract: the training of staff loyalty has always been paid attention to by the enterprise, this paper discusses the loyalty of employees is mainly influenced by the two aspects of the enterprise itself factors and personal factors, the factors of enterprise itself is the key factor.In the enterprise work itself, according to the characteristics of enterprises in their own staff, for the training to employee loyalty, employee loyalty can be developed.
Keywords: loyalty occupation development plan of salary and welfare system

In recent years, the author often loyalty training for enterprise employees, the author thinks that only the employees unilaterally loyalty training, with little success, it is difficult to achieve the ultimate goal of enterprise training.This is because loyalty is relative, two-way, the enterprise wants to obtain the loyalty of employees, enterprises must first be responsible for their own employees.Modern society is a cooperative dance era, between the leadership and staff is actually a kind of cooperative relationship.Since it is a cooperative, requires a win-win.Only a win-win situation, enterprises can get the loyalty of employees, can let the staff really becomes the inner motive power of enterprise development.

1 Factors of the enterprise itself is a key factor affecting employee loyalty and

In today's enterprises, there are many employees to work with enthusiasm to dedicate their ability for the enterprise, but because the enterprise etc., zeal and confidence to the employees of enterprise gradually reduced, that is to say the enterprise more and the cohesion of the staff is weak, so that an original keep faithful and true employee finally no enthusiasm for work, and even on the turnover road.
As an enterprise, want to let employee loyalty, I think first of all enterprises should be for staff to do the following work:
1.1 helps the staff to formulate the occupation development planning perfect, pay attention to the employees personal development
Occupation development planning is the most important job in safety loyalty cultivation measures.When new employees into a new organization, they are looking for a suitable for their own long-term development platform in this new environment, and can be found to recharge yourself opportunities from this new environment.This employee in enterprise, enterprise according to the employee's personal conditions and background, negotiation jointly by the employee and the enterprise human resources department, staff development plans in the development of enterprises and route, help employees develop all kinds of knowledge and skills, to achieve personal expertise opportunity, paved ladder occupation development, make the staff to understand their have the skills, interests, values, and try to make the director and company need to agree, so that employees have a clear direction of development.Understand their personal plans, and strive to reach the goal, must make the employees have a sense of achievement, no one would be willing to leave a can continue to make himself successful organization.Good occupation career planning will promote the common development of enterprises and employees, realize the benign interaction between enterprises and employees, the occupation of diversified modes of development, enhance their ability, the inherent power of improvement, such as two kinds of occupation development ladder is not same as the professional and technical personnel and management personnel.Create interactive internal labor market, employee occupation to adjust their own road of development.Take the staff to participate in the management, the staff work job design, mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees, business.Staff will be their personal goals, personal growth, personal value realization of individual social identity, expectations and business organically, realize common development of personnel and enterprise, form the benign interaction in pursuit of personal and corporate vision, give employees the embodied self maximum value of life, give them enough space to display their talent, to help them to achieve their goals, so that it can and enterprises long-term cooperation, to achieve a win-win situation of individual and enterprise objective.
1.2 to establish individualized compensation and benefits system, enhancing the cohesion of the enterprise
Staff for the salary requirements for the job are different, different jobs, salary and welfare design should be differentiated.At present in our country the overall income level is still relatively low, as the compensation incentive can not be ignored, according to Adams's "theory of fairness", once an employee that its income is less than the number of references, will generate discontent.When the salary and welfare can not fully reflect the characteristics of labor personnel and staff pay, naturally think unfair pay and full orientation.When they feel that they have not been given due attention, within the sense of injustice will make them difficult to accept, compensation and benefits as employees material foundation for its own value, the pursuit of self development plays an irreplaceable role, so enterprises should establish individual salary and welfare system, to enhance the cohesion of enterprises.
Individual salary welfare system refers to the different compensation and benefits system according to each job characteristics, staff management level, to business performance, employee work level of responsibility, performance, quality assessment factors determine the enterprise employee compensation and benefits of a system.Taking the annual salary system and the option incentive combination approach to senior managers, to determine a reasonable option exercise period, it is the incentive and constraint, the technology innovator, with a one-time award, or according to the technical content of shares.On the general staff in the improvement of basic salary and treatment, which can be paid in part out into a living wage and bonus, together assessment floating.To develop good personal salary and welfare system, we must establish a set of perfect and feasible performance appraisal program, through the establishment of reflect employees work performance evaluation criteria and evaluation index, the daily show staff to quantify evaluation index reflected as far as possible, to enable the performance justly evaluated, the salary incentive its function, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, attract and retain staff, reduce employee turnover rate, the enhancement enterprise cohesive force.In addition, enterprises paid leave people master level, outside the enterprise, employee's salary is higher than or roughly equivalent to the average level of the same industry, opened appropriate salary gap in the enterprise.
1.3 full authorization, let employee participation in decision making and
A highly positive correlation between empowerment and employee loyalty.Through the reasonable authorization, to the staff to build ability to play, the ability to display the stage, not only conducive to find talent, use of personnel, training personnel, but also can be the decomposition of responsibility, under pressure, to stimulate the staff's sense of responsibility and sense of mission.Of course, a license is not a simple power.First, authorization must be based on trust, with trust authorization, this means that employees will have control over all or part of their work, and make the staff establish a sense of ownership, so that employees feel their value, encourage employees to give full play to their talents, a willingness to work.Secondly, authorization is not nothing, laissez-faire.Managers must always pay attention to the staff to perform the duties of the situation, timely guidance, help employees to solve the difficult problem to solve.
Employee participation in decision making can make the employees to work more, and create a good working atmosphere, so that not only can make the employees loyal to the enterprise, but also the cultivation of reserve forces for the company.Employee participation in enterprise decision-making range more widely, the greater the degree, evaluation of their position and the importance of the enterprise staff is higher, the sense of belonging to more strong, able to make employees more loyal to the enterprise.
1.4 to create a good corporate culture, to create a good atmosphere of
In business management, system management forced people meet minimum standards, cultural management to guide the people to the highest standard.Therefore, the most fundamental employee loyalty is to start from the loyalty culture construction, through the cultural inheritance and continuity, the loyal consciousness internalized in the mind, outside of the line, life and growth in nature.
Enterprise culture is the enterprise staff in the long-term production and management activities of the highest goal, common values, beliefs and behaviors, it affects all the staff of the mode of thinking and behavior model.Good corporate culture can promote the management of the enterprise, so that employees feel oneself are a vibrant, fair competition, strict self-discipline working environment.Enterprises should be adopted to improve the staff's sense of fairness, establish a "consensus" leadership style, the implementation of the "knowledge management" business purpose, to establish a distinct way, to create a good atmosphere, create a good corporate culture, so as to play an important role in retaining staff.
1.5 enterprise managers should lead by example, from a strategic height to ensure stability of the team
Requiring employees loyal to the enterprise at the same time, employees in the enterprise on employee loyalty.The development of an enterprise needs a high loyalty of staff, first of all need a high degree of loyalty to the management team.The general staff do, managers must take the lead to do.Managers should first efforts in enhancing the "five abilities", namely, develop
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