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Problems and Countermeasures of enterprise performance management system of Municipal Corporation

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[Abstract] along with our country market economy system and the entry of WTO, China's market increasingly standardized, and the increasingly intensified competition, enterprises want to survive, must develop, must start from their own benefit, pay attention to performance management.Our performance management thinking is still relatively backward, in the light of some problems existing in the performance management of the Municipal Corporation is analyzed, and puts forward some suggestions to improve the level of performance management, and puts forward some specific suggestions for the design and improvement of the company performance system.Establish and provide reference for the implementation of the performance management system of Municipal Corporation's enterprise.
[keyword] performance management; municipal construction engineering company; recommendations for improvement of

Enterprise of municipal administration company achievement imitates

[Abstract] Competition aggravates at present day by day, enterprise needs to exist, to develop, with the fact that our country market economy system being perfected and adding WTO, marketplace of our country is more and more standard, has to grasp up from oneself beneficial result, attach importance to achievement effect administration. And the thought the achievement of our country effect is managed has fallen behind comparatively, has carried out analysis specifically for the municipal administration head office achievement effect manages some problem of existence, suggestion having suggested that some improve company achievement effect control level, achievement imitates the improvement that system designs and improves and perfects having brought forward a few concrete tentative plans to the company. The enterprise achievement effect administrative system being a municipal administration company is built and is put into effect providing a reference and drawing lessons.

[Key words] The achievement effect is managed; Municipal construction engineering company; Improve suggestion

1 municipal construction engineering company existing in the performance management problems of

Design of 1.1 performance evaluation index is not based on work analysis: job analysis and job analysis, is a clear rules for a specific work, and complete the work which needs to have what kind of behavior is determined.Municipal Corporation in the existing management, has a clear definition of each post company, including work, title, degree of project.Steps and methods of research and analysis of each position in the enterprise nature of the task, content, form, complete the task, and the use of the machine.Analysis for the job, the company mainly research and analysis of each task, position, size and range of important degree, at the same time the job analysis, the position and the relationship between the position of each side, labor intensity and working environment of each position, investigation and analysis of the required knowledge, skills, experience, employee's physical, psychological quality qualification.
1.2 no performance evaluation responsibility main body to carry out special training: performance management in Municipal Corporation, from planning to the end of the year assessment, have the regular course of official duties feeling, some managers lack of understanding of performance management.Unable to see the performance management system, can not be process performance into management, only provide simple performance appraisal to managers, empty and lack of persuasion.The process of performance management is relatively simple, the lack of communication and guidance, just think when necessary to organize some guidance and assessment of performance, resulting in performance management becomes a mere formality.This is the most important and managers know about.
1.3 did not seriously carry out Performance Coaching: after a plan, to the implementation of performance.The assessed to begin the work according to plan.In the process, managers need to be assessed communicate continuously, to be assessed to guide the work of supervision, for the problems found timely help to solve, and changes with the adjustment of the actual situation of the project.Performance coaching is an important process of performance management.
1.4 on the performance of communication is not paid enough attention to: the majority of enterprises in China most municipal construction engineering company and the domestic is the same, is not very attention to feedback to individual performance.After the completion of each performance appraisal, the human resources department will check list for every staff or department, by the employee himself or department manager confirmed and signed.The performance of department concerned, the Department Manager to organize and discussed, sum up experience, to discuss the work plan for the next step, in order to better complete the next performance objectives and proposed the improvement method.However, almost no organized a special staff to discuss personal annual performance appraisal situation.2 improve the Municipal Corporation performance management of

2.1 to strengthen the training, a thorough understanding of the performance management: the staff and management person all the middle-level Municipal Corporation shall conduct special training, please relevant training or expert, a full-time, short form of training, update staff awareness of performance management, especially the knowledge management.For other employees, the company can use the hair brochure, poster, internal training and other forms of propaganda, explanation, let the staff know the concept of performance management, know as employees of the company in the company's performance management of the rights and obligations.
2.2 based on the job analysis, the development of performance indicators of Science: the company developed the performance plan at the beginning of each year, indicators should be designed on the basis of performance evaluation, combined with the annual development goals and management objectives, the management and staff communication, to scientifically formulate various performance indicators.
2.3 to carry out Performance Coaching: after determining the stage goal and through the conference of clear their goals, as the manager's job is to focus on the workers on the counseling process to achieve their goals.Counseling in two ways, namely, meetings and informal meeting, through meetings, informal means the implementation of the employee counseling through a variety of informal channels and methods.
2.4 further optimization of salary system: the further optimization of the salary system, employees are more satisfied with income.By labor income is the most fundamental pursuit of all employees, without any employee of the company is willing to work, and for income, employees can't fully meet.The salary income, it is very important to every employee, the important guarantee to pay satisfaction and retain talent.
Improved design of 3 Municipal Corporation performance management system improvement suggestions

To further improve and perfect the performance management system is the first Municipal Corporation in performance management.The design of performance management system of Municipal Corporation, the author puts forward the following ideas.
3.1 further clear performance appraisal responsibility: in the performance appraisal process, appraisal must be in communication with employees to get clear, also must let the staff have the real right of appeal in performance evaluation, evaluation of both sides.All kinds of examination after the end, assessment and have the right to know their evaluation results, evaluation has to be assessment notice and explain obligations of result.Assessment if there are objections to the results of the evaluation, should be resolved first by means of communication.Can't solve, have the right to appeal to the higher level supervisor or the human resources department, a supervisor or HR should be within a certain period of time, to reply to the complainant.
Several important aspects of the implementation of the 3.2 pay attention to the performance of the.
3.2.1 should be established with the chairman in command of the performance management leading group, because a company's performance appraisal system can be implemented effectively, and the senior leadership to participate in and support related.
3.2.2 strengthen the management and staff performance management publicity and training.Training, publicity should include: how to set performance targets and standards, how to collect information, data concerned with performance, how to do performance evaluation and feedback of results, how to listen, to persuade, guidance and motivation skills.
3.2.3 before the new system are introduced, the best first piloted in one or several departments, and accumulated some experience and then fully open.
3.2.4 on the implementation of performance appraisal process for regular tracking, understand the system operation, department and employee performance improvement in the situation, in order to optimize the system.
3.2.5 assessment of each should pay attention to when the performance appraisal results relatively objective, fair, and then connect the assessment results and salary, promotion and other content, not necessary to prevent conflict.

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