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Research and training of navy flying personnel competency model

Author: ShaoRen From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-27 19:22:16 Read:
All things exist in certain systems, where the system has certain structural patterns, training naval flight officers ability also has a system structure model of the problem.This paper starts with the construction of naval flying personnel competence structure model, culture idea of naval flying personnel ability.

1 navy flying personnel ability and quality structure model of the

From the perspective of flying personnel training, teach knowledge, training flight flight ability is to solve how to do flight knowledge and flight, and improve the quality of it is to solve the problem of how to make the flight, flight personnel training quality is to have pilots learn to do flight knowledge and do things to make the flight, Pilots Association flight, then, should develop what ability? How to take flight personnel competence as a system, the system structure should be composed of the following the quality system:
One is flying ability: including perception, observation ability; willpower, adaptation ability; capacity quality thinking, memory, reaction; creative ability; attention, self-control ability.It includes the sensitive and accurate perception ability, sharp and careful observation ability, strong adaptive ability, strong ability, quick and effective thinking ability, quick and accurate movement reaction ability, excellent memory ability, stand on one's own creation ability, good attention ability, emotion self-control quality factor.
The two is the development of ability quality: including self-study ability and quality; research ability; practice ability.
Three is the quality management: including the decision ability of decision; plan and coordination ability; command ability quality organization.
The above three kinds of ability and quality system for flight personnel competency model, called 3D ability structure model.

2 three-dimensional ability structure model and function analysis of

(1) the quality system is classified from the angle of flight training.It consists of ten elements, also known as the flight crew of intelligence:
1) sensitive and accurate perception of quality
Perceived competence refers to all information flying need, ability to sensitively and accurately reflected the quality.The flight, almost no one is left feeling action completed, at the same time, almost all the sensory organs are involved in the work.Perception is the primary factor in the quality of flight ability and quality structure, it is the thinking judgment and manipulation to provide reliable basis constantly.
2) sensitive and careful observation ability of
Observation ability is very important in flight.Master flying knowledge, skills to careful observation, judgment and maintain flight at any time to observe, search to recognize target to observe accurately, especially observed in flight dense space, complicated topography over and air combat is more important.Either the air or the ground, if the observation is not good not only affect the flight quality and flight safety crisis.Visible on a flight action must be based on the well established observation, left the observation, flight cannot be enforced.
3) strong adaptive ability of
The flight of the myriads of changes, the requirements of flying personnel must have a strong ability to adapt quality.
4) strong ability of
Master flight technology is an arduous process, flight personnel must have the strong quality of willpower.
5) quick and effective thinking ability of
Flight staff thinking, judgment and flight operations at the same time, is a whole process inseparable.Due to the particularity of flight, pilots must occur at any time of the active thinking, quick judgment and estimation of possibilities, abandon those not in line with the actual situation to decide, and to take decisive measures.New information is also appeared one after another, so it needs in the original judgment in the form new judgements.
6) rapid, accurate movement reaction ability of
The flight has been found timely and accurate judgment, also must implement precise handling, disposal.
7) excellent memory ability and
The flight is high in the sky, it has three special requirements for recognition: one is not paused long time to memorize and recall; two is no access to more information may; three is the number of quiet in the classroom or on the practice court concentrate one's attention on, be in a calm mood to learn and grasp the memorization of knowledge, skills, to in the engine roar, the mood is not calm, attention tension, even the body bear larger load to use.In addition, such as flight data, operation procedure, the formula and special disposal methods, to memorize things, and the program of strong etc..If there is no good memory ability, flight is likely to miss this and that, flight safety crisis.
8) stand on one's own ability to create quality
Stand on one's own ability to create quality refers to the liberation of thought, the thought is agile, rich imagination, courageous in exploration, and be good at solving some difficult and important problem in flight ability.This is a high level of practical ability, have this ability, can adapt to the needs of future development and high technology under the conditions of the flight required.
9) good attention quality
Any time in flight, must state of motion of the aircraft is very clear stick out a mile.Otherwise, it is impossible for aircraft.
10) emotional self-control ability of
In positive emotions flight, can play a normal technique level, even supernormal level.Emotionally overwrought or in a low awareness, will make the efficiency of all kinds of ability and quality is reduced, and often leads to flight incident or accident.So, flight personnel must be aware of changes in their emotions at any time, can appear the state in emotion, rational self-control and self-regulation, always maintain a positive mood state.
Summarized above, flight ability is a special ability to the general ability as the foundation, is a comprehensive psychological quality.Flight ability is strong or weak, largely represents smart flight personnel, it belongs to the special ability.
(2) quality system development ability is classified from the perspective of educational psychology.It consists of three elements, also known as flight personnel potential: 1)
self-learning ability
In the quality system development ability of self-study ability, which rely on their own strength, using scientific methods of learning, independent access to knowledge ability quality.Flight personnel in the formation of the overall flight ability quality process to understand the relationship between flight and theory, theory of the relationship between the various subjects, the relationship between flight of various subjects; to master the general rule, flight flight technology internal rules, the formation of the flying skills, attention allocation rule; but after a from perceptual understand the process up to the theoretical understanding, finally can jump out the only knowledge and skills of a model, to understand and master the skill level with regularity in flight, common, especially to the troops, constantly updated models, master new technology, all of which require flight personnel must have stronger self-study ability quality.
Study on the ability of
In the quality system development ability of ability is different with the different growth stage of the flight crew, is a kind of learning in exploring, creating and discovering new knowledge, ability and quality.The process of knowledge using flight research is conducted by the flight personnel, is also a process to create new knowledge, practical knowledge.It helps to cultivate the flight personnel flexibility of thinking, profound and creative; and stability to train the subtlety of observation and attention.
3) practice ability of
In the quality system development ability of practice ability refers to the ability of flight on flight personnel, practice, practice ability quality has important significance.
Timing is formed from the quality system development ability, training pilots self-study ability and quality in the former, research ability, practice ability in.Therefore, flight personnel learning stage focus on Colleges and universities cultivating self-study ability theory, and then to the development of research ability and flight ability, form a complete development of ability quality system.
(3) the quality system management ability is the classification from the perspective of management.It consists of three elements.
Special talents in navy flying personnel is the Navy, and naval officers.From the purpose of training quality management capability is their higher level goals.Starting from their first job, it undertakes planning organization and command, coordination of the mission.So, the decision decision ability, planning and coordination ability, organization and command ability must during the college learning culture, which is not only the needs of professional education, but also for future promotions lay management competency based.
In summary, the Navy pilots from flying ability, development ability and management ability of the three competency system to cultivate their comprehensive ability.Relations between the three abilities should be: flight ability is to cultivate the core competence of flying personnel; quality development ability is training basic ability of flying personnel; quality management capability is required as an officer.

3 according to the three-dimensional ability structure pattern design teaching in the cultivation of ability and quality of

This paper constructs the 3D ability structure mode, idea of training comprehensive ability of naval flying personnel must accomplish three:
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