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Human resources management of the real estate industry Countermeasures

Author: HuoJunJie From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-27 14:56:51 Read:
Abstract: human resource management for the real estate business is a very important job. This article from the connotation of the human resource management and its role, combined with the current situation of the real estate industry and the problems in the management of human resources, to discuss ways and strategies to strengthen the human resources management of the real estate industry.
Keywords: real estate industry, the shortage of human resources management personnel target responsibility system

Connotation of its role of human resources management

"Human Resource Management" (HR) is defined as: "the use of modern scientific methods, reasonably certain material resources combined manpower training, organization and deployment of manpower and material resources to keep the best ratio, while the people of ideological, psychological and behavioral proper induction, control and coordination, give full play to the initiative of the people, so that their talent, things have lent people appropriate personnel to achieve the organization's goals. " The purpose and vision of the management of human resources through the development and management of human resources investment in human capital, human capital appreciation, and thus create a better value for the enterprise.
HR department's role is mainly reflected in: 1) creating the appropriate organizational culture; 2) to retain the talent needed by the organization; 3) a clear direction for staff training and content; 4) to ease the pressure on employees to maintain and improve morale; 5) develop a sense of identity and dedication of the employees of the organization.
Shows that the human resources for businesses, has a pivotal role in the real estate industry, too, so, we must recognize the problems of the human resources management of the real estate industry, to further improve the human resources management of the real estate industry.

2 real estate industry, the status quo of the human resource management issues

2.1 real estate industry, the status quo of the Human Resource Management
The research data shows that, the majority of our real estate practitioners by gender, age, marital status, childhood living conditions and other factors, the more introverted personality traits play a decisive role, subjective awareness, emotional stability is poor. Specific corporate behavior, practitioners can make judgments based on objective and rational decision-making is relatively decisive, but the leader is too subjective and arbitrary, the lack of organization and planning generally biased in favor of the leadership behavior of arbitrary and cozy. Work practitioners widespread professional quality is not high, the lack of policy and theoretical study blindness between mental alert people, the lack of a democratic atmosphere and cohesion, a lack of training and selection of talent. Affected by external factors, the success rate for men is higher than women; older people than younger more rational and decisive decision-making, but the lack of a sense of competition; conducive to business decision-making and the development of a high degree of cultural practitioners.
2.2 the problems
(1) mechanism problems
Significant decision-making power is concentrated in the executive branch of government, corporate, institutional settings, cadre appointment and dismissal of workers and out, wage standards autonomy is not enough. More personnel changes because enterprise system problems. Due to the system, employees find their place on the job, can not find the vision to work hard.
(2) The talent shortage
For this stage of the real estate business, the role played by the core talent is enormous. Core qualities of talent with comprehensive operating capacity is necessary to have a certain amount of engineering and construction, planning and design expertise and project co-ordination management capabilities, but also open thinking vision and business decision grasp market coordination of social relations, capital operation comprehensive capabilities, these capabilities need long time of temper to cultivate. Therefore, many companies have spared no expense to hunt for such talent around. Meanwhile, with the increasing specialization of the real estate division of the industrial chain business segmentation "professional management talent" demand has significantly increased. Including project management personnel, property operating personnel, financial investment operations personnel, cross-regional business talent, international real estate business and human resources.
(3) lack of personnel constraints organization management model construction
Most real estate companies in China is still in the stage of operation of the project, the small staff size, basically around the project to expand the company's organizational model, flexible organization, and the organization and management is relatively simple. The large real estate companies, is to expand from a regional company or project company evolved. With the expansion of the scale, organization and management and operating models more and more complex, the organization and management capability to become the main bottleneck for the development of large-scale real estate enterprises. At the same time, due to the lack of key talent, scientific ideal organizational structure is difficult to be truly effective. Therefore, the Group's organizational model of the large real estate companies in general in the exploration and practice. 3 countermeasures to strengthen the human resources management of the real estate industry

For the current situation and existing problems of the above-mentioned human resources management of the real estate industry, the following countermeasures to strengthen the human resources management of the real estate industry:
3.1 adhere to corporate leadership attaches great importance to the principle of
Competent leadership talent issues should be considered as a strategy, specifically named institutions authorized human resources management department was established by senior management and senior technical experts, excellent backbone and technical staff representatives, according to the needs of enterprise development, to develop The strict selection criteria and requirements by the human resources department is responsible. The personnel of the powers given to the human resources department, to feel the importance of their own, in order to improve their work enthusiasm, will bring greater reporting.
3.2 improve the overall quality of the human resources of the real estate companies, in particular, to strengthen the building
management team
Culture selection of outstanding real estate professional managers talents effective measures to improve the management level of the entire enterprise and the necessary means. Should explore and develop human resources through existing corporate leadership, general business rose to the leadership of the knowledge-based. Also can be recruited to the introduction of a knowledge-based leadership, creating a favorable working and living environment for them, in order to give full play to their wisdom and talent. At the same time, pay attention to implement a target responsibility system for decision-making personnel require annual or project profit targets, appropriate incentives, rewards and punishments. Doing so not only increased their pressure, enhance their vitality. Their own needs, achieve business goals, while also increasing the satisfaction.
3.3 real estate enterprises to respond to the decision-making personnel of the target responsibility system
Provisions annual or project profit targets to complete the indicators, prizes; Conversely, the penalty. Doing so not only increased their pressure, enhance their vitality. This kind of external pressure into intrinsic motivation, may become a source to stimulate their vitality. Their own needs, achieve business goals, while also increasing the satisfaction.
3.4 "had just the principle of"
Appropriate arrangements in place on the highest standards of personnel. As management theory, advanced only theory applicable skills more important than the outstanding talent. Arrange a lack positions incapable, it is a difficult, employers also do not have to feel flattered, this is not a good thing, and withstood not suited to the torture, before we know it 's really uncomfortable. A capacity to arrange extraordinary people in an extraordinary position, it is a waste of human resources, which the company can withstand such a waste of talents eventually only leaves you.
3.5 focus on scientific and effective training and development of human resources
When the real estate industry's new technology, an endless stream of new ideas, new management model. Pay attention to improve the quality of existing talent, especially real estate professional and technical personnel and senior management personnel to focus on training, and through a variety of ways and means, the new staff, the staff of engineering and technical personnel, management classes, major customers corresponding training courses designed hierarchically depth of professional knowledge, skills and enterprise system and culture training. In accordance with the organization's strategy, based on full communication with employees, career employees design flexible, combined with enterprise development needs and employees work content, career, its design training and development system plan provides employees develop skills and opportunities for self-management.
3.6 intensify efforts to train personnel, is committed to creating a learning organization
Internal personnel training, is conducive to the heritage of the corporate culture, is conducive to the stable development of the organization, and is conducive to build the management team of the act in harmony. Therefore, some real estate enterprise groups to build a system of personnel training system, different types and levels of staff, to take a different culture, to create a learning environment, committed to creating a learning enterprise, gave birth to the enterprise core competencies.
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