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Analysis of Industrial Cluster and Regional Innovation System Interactive Relationship

Author: SongLiHua WangJianYan BianYun From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-27 12:53:13 Read:
Paper Keywords: industrial cluster of regional innovation system interaction between
Abstract: closely related to industrial clusters and regional innovation system, strengthen the construction of industrial clusters contribute to the regional innovation system innovation resources, to contribute to the improvement of regional productivity and regional economic structure adjustment, and, ultimately, to promote the construction of the regional innovation system; construction area innovation system helps the structure of the industry cluster upgrades, contributing to the enhancement of the competitiveness of the cluster.
Industrial clusters and regional innovation system in the geographical relevance, there is an overlap in terms of structure, the functional similarity between the two. From these industry cluster is an effective way to enhance regional innovation capability, the regional innovation system is the fundamental driving force of the development of industrial clusters.
Industrial clusters to promote regional innovation system performance
Industrial cluster is an important carrier of the regional innovation system, has an important significance as an important mode of development of the regional innovation system, regional innovation system.
Industrial clusters contribute to regional innovation system innovation resources
Industrial clusters of enterprises and other organizations gathered in a particular region, and very similar to the conditions and environment, which helps enterprises mutual use of each other's experience and technology to speed up the technological innovation of enterprises, strengthen links between enterprises in the cluster, resource utilization increases, the objective is to accelerate the exchange of information and knowledge update, and a corresponding increase in the opportunities for innovation. Enterprises in the cluster through mutual learning, the operator has to master a more effective organization of production; technical personnel to learn how effective improvement of machines and other production tools; raw material suppliers may have learned how to understand the business needs which materials, and use this advantage to lower material costs passed to the enterprise. Enterprises will be more interested, more capacity for technological innovation, thereby speeding up the construction of the regional innovation system.
Industrial clusters contribute to the regional increase in productivity and innovation advantages play
Development of industrial clusters in the region formed an agglomeration economies, enterprises in the cluster can share resources, such as infrastructure, human resources, intermediary services, information, thus potentially reducing the corporate production costs, economies of scale, business owners will focus on new product development and technological innovation to further reduce costs, increase resource utilization, resulting in improved regional productivity. The enterprises in the cluster formed in a long process of development, close and cooperative relations and to strengthen relations of cooperation with research institutions, new research for the first time applied to the production, shortening the production of knowledge to the middle part of the application, accelerate the advantages of technological innovation, promote the development of regional innovation advantage to some extent.
Industrial clusters contribute to the regional economic structure adjustment
Industrial cluster is an important mode of development of the regional innovation system, promote the efficient allocation of resources in the region and a rational division of labor, reduce the convergence of industrial structure and redundant construction and other issues, achieve economies of scale and economies of scope the formation of regional characteristics of the economy, so as to promote regional industrial structure optimization and upgrading of the healthy development of. Especially the high-tech industry group is the formation of hope for the development of the region's high-tech industry development and the new economy. In the high-tech industry, small and medium enterprises is very active, and improve the development of SMEs and structural upgrading to some extent led to the upgrading of the structure of the high-tech industry cluster. In our country, whether coastal, central and western, have initially formed or being formed industrial clusters, especially the high-tech industry group led regional development typical. Such as in the central, eastern China's Silicon Valley - Zhongguancun, with communication industry groups led Shenzhen, Qingdao led to large household electrical appliance enterprises, small stone processing enterprises cluster Yunfu; "Optical Valley" - Wuhan High-tech Zone led to new materials industry base in Zhengzhou High-tech Zone; led to large pharmaceutical companies in Chengdu, known as "China's western Science City, Electronic City" in the west, Mianyang, and so on. These high-tech Development Zone, relying on the unique advantages to provide scientific and technological support for the local economy, and provide technical support for the development of local enterprises, improve the capability of independent innovation, to take the high road laid the foundation for economic development, for the adjustment of the regional economic a contribution.
Industrial clusters contribute to the improvement of regional competitiveness
Industrial clusters access to low-cost advantage by saving the cost of transactions between enterprises in the cluster, the common external promotional regulate quality standards, identity patented technology, the promotion of a common trademark, shared cluster reputation to seek their own differences advantages, industrial clusters play to the advantages of specialization and economies of scale, as well as the network as a link to the social capital attracted effect of the factors of production, resulting in a special capacity for innovation and technology diffusion capacity to attract resources outside the region, access to the competitive advantages of regionalization. The formation of industrial clusters not only improve the level of regional economic development and regional competitive advantage, to further promote the improvement of regional competitive advantage. Beijing's Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park as the heart of the high-tech industry cluster, make full use of its technology and talent advantages for the regional innovation system provides innovative resources for the promotion of technological innovation within the region, organizational innovation, cultural innovation and knowledge innovation, and promote regional economic the restructuring and productivity improvements, so as to promote the construction of a regional innovation system, improve the regional competitiveness and led to the building of the Beijing regional innovation system. Second, the regional innovation system to promote the performance of the construction of industrial clusters
The main purpose of the regional innovation system to promote industrial clusters and technological innovation, system innovation, management innovation, improve the competitiveness of industrial clusters promote the development of industrial clusters, and ultimately to achieve regional economic development. Therefore, the construction of the regional innovation system plays a pivotal role in the development of industrial clusters.
A regional innovation system to promote the upgrading of the structure of the traditional industrial clusters
Traditional industrial clusters with respect to the information industry, new materials industry and other emerging industrial, steel, coal, textile and other industries. China's traditional industries are generally relatively backward technology level is not high, do not increase product quality, business efficiency is not good, it is difficult to assume its proper responsibility. The impact of the wave of new technology to transform traditional industries is imperative. The key to the transformation of traditional industries through technological innovation to achieve the upgrading of the structure, then the role of the regional innovation system is particularly important. Only regional innovation can revitalize traditional industries to improve their economic and social benefits through regional innovation with high technology to transform traditional industries, machinery automation transition to intelligent automation, and enhance industrial competitiveness in the process of raising labor productivity. Regional innovation system of traditional industries with high technology, to transform its production technology, process equipment, scientific management, to promote the technical basis of the traditional industries to high-tech transformation, product technical content increasing, market adaptability and competitiveness has been improved, so that the The traditional industrial structure upgrade.
Regional innovation system to activate the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the cluster
SMEs are the vitality of the industry cluster is an important source of competitiveness of industrial clusters. SME development needs continuous innovation to remain the permanent vitality, and large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the cluster, but the overall strength of the weak, the lack of strong economic strength backing for innovation, the lack of information resources by small-scale impact of its own production, do not have the economies of scale in research and development, and the ability to take risks, the low level of internal management, these areas makes its innovation has been limited. The formation of regional innovation system, making the labor market, commodity markets, capital markets, technology markets and other elements of the market can be established, the market mechanism to perfect, making enterprises, universities, research institutes, government agencies, various social intermediary service organizations, social service organizations gathered together to form a regional innovation system, the formation of a joint force, be comprehensive utilization of the resources of the region, to create a favorable external conditions for the development of enterprises in the region, to enable enterprises to become the technological innovation and diffusion of the innovation system important subject.
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