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The development trend of human resource management and knowledge management in the enterprise development in the enlightenment

Author: WangYunTao From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-27 12:08:04 Read:
In twenty-first Century, full of opportunities and challenges, in the survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest in the world, the competition between enterprises becomes more and more fierce, capital, technology and other traditional resources competition back second place, became the enterprise resource competition first in human capital as the cornerstone of the innovation ability, human resources management has become the enterprise the key to enhance and the source of their competitive ability.
Early in the nineteen eighties, American Ge Corp President Jack Welch put forward the theory of "man, is our most important assets" slogan.In the development of opportunities attractive with the fierce market competition in the world is heading in the era of knowledge economy in twenty-first Century, in such a competitive era, enterprise development lies in the talents competition.Microsoft before President Bill? Gates has made no secret of the said: "if we 20 personal best away, Microsoft will be of little."People decide the future of enterprise, enterprise development is human development.When the talent resources reasonable configuration, continue to arouse the enthusiasm of the people, people's talents and creativity into full play, enterprises can really full of vigor and vitality, ability development.It is no exaggeration to say, human resource management is a deadly weapon of enterprise development in information era of knowledge economy, it can give us a show to be the king of the enterprises in the fierce competition, also let us see an enterprise's grave.
Contemporary famous management master Drucker in 1954 in "management practices" put forward the concept of "human resources", proposes three generalized function of management: management of enterprises, management personnel and management staff and their work.Drucker introduced the concept of "human resources" in the management of employees and their work.He thinks that, compared to human and other resources, the only difference is, and managers must consider a "special assets" resources.Quality of human resource have, is the other resources are not "coordination, integration ability, judgment ability.".The manager can make use of other resources, but human resources can only be self - use.People working on their own whether absolute have complete autonomy.Human resource is the most basic and most important social production resources, compared with other resources, human resource has the initiative, duality, timeliness, regeneration and social.A management function in the past as a human resources management to maintain the normal operation of the organization, now it develops to the management strategy of the enterprise level, status and financial management, marketing and other work equally important.Human resources management for the enterprise to increase the performance of the role has gradually been recognized.The positive correlation at the strategic level and firm performance is also confirmed by the domestic and foreign enterprises practice, with the development and practice of human resource management in depth, human resources management has become a new subject of enterprise management, has become an important branch of management science.Review of the development of human resource management, it passes through the budding period of Hammurabi's code and then to Venice in 1436 after Arsenal wages into hourly wage rate (per diem rate) and piece rate (per piecework rate), scientific management, interpersonal relationship, during the period of humanistic psychology, system management during the period of.Now the theory of human resources management is still in continuous development and innovation.
At present, the research and practice of human resource management has been beyond the traditional content of employee recruitment and allocation, training and development, work design, performance appraisal, salary design, innovation and development.With the trend of the future development of human resource:
(1) the strategic human resource management.The enterprise wants to maintain a competitive advantage in the new business environment, human resources management must change and enterprises in other fields and adapt to the economic environment, combined with the enterprise's strategic management.
(2) the knowledge worker management.Economic development has entered a new era of the human resources management development, in the modern economic environment in the era of knowledge economy and knowledge management, knowledge worker has become the key to the development of enterprises, how to manage them as a priority among priorities in human resources management.
(3) the organizational learning and learning organization.In the era of knowledge economy, an important means of continuous organizational learning is the enterprises to improve their ability to adapt to more enterprises in such an economic environment, the development of skills, the success of the enterprise should be a learning organization.
(4) the organization network.Symbol of the information age is the rapid development of network.Organizations are increasingly open, organizational level decreasing, fully authorized, network characteristics of democratic management, self management has been presented, team organization and management in the continuous molding.
(5) the moral problems of enterprise value, enterprise management and human resources management.An important task of human resource management is to reveal the connotation of enterprise value and its propagation, make employee personal value the effective integration of value to the whole organization theory.
(6) cultural training and cross-cultural management.Cross-cultural management effective intercultural communication and dialogue is the way of realizing the cultural integration and cultural sharing, powerful tool of cultural integration is cross-cultural training.In the face of enterprises under economic globalization problem is problem of cultural differences in management and cultural management, cultural conflict how to effectively overcome the problems caused by internal, cross-cultural management and cross-cultural training is the most effective way.
(7) human resource management outsourcing.Human resource management outsourcing is the organization's human resources management activities entrusted organizations outside of the subject, including: salary, welfare, recruitment and training etc..
Overall, the human resources management in the future development trend of present human resources management will be more flexible and adaptable; organizational limitations will become less and less; organization under the background of economic globalization, the competitive advantage mainly depends on the knowledge and mastery of knowledge.
In the era of knowledge economy, the enterprise wants to survive and develop, the management of knowledge workers to explore the theory and practice of human resources management has become a common problem faced by the community of innovation development.Theories developed in practice, each enterprise according to the reality of their own, in the future development trend of human resource management under the guidance of constant exploration.Tiens Group is a very successful case, from which we may get some enlightenment.
Tiens Group is a biological high-tech industry as a fundamental, both large international corporate finance, real estate, education, culture, logistics and many other industries.Headquarters is located in Beijing Henderson Center, the domestic production base is located in Tianjin New Technology Industrial Park of Wuqing development zone.Since 1997 the development of overseas, Tiens Group has operations across five continents of the world more than 170 countries, in more than 90 countries which established a branch.
Tiens Group in their daily work, reflects the need for knowledge management.Enterprise employees facing internal multitude information resources, do not know how to do it; enterprise decision makers face a complex artificial approval process, often because of the decision process is slow and had to miss opportunities; customers because can not find the right people in the most short time response the demand and have customer service satisfaction; down because employees can not feedback information timely and.Choice of knowledge management is to enhance the core competitiveness in the international strategy during the consideration.The company has not formed to encourage knowledge sharing and innovation of the system from the system, culture, management is at low level of long-term repeated operation state.Choice of knowledge management is to enhance the core competitiveness in the international strategy during the consideration.
Tiens Group to promote the global integration of information construction projects, in 2003 the collaborative work platform, based on knowledge management is the important link in the global integration of information in construction project, in order to enhance the Tiens Group management level, promote Tiens Group business development to lay a solid foundation.Tiens Group from the goal of the knowledge management, knowledge management system, knowledge management system, knowledge management behavior, promote the knowledge management.To promote the knowledge within the organization fast circulation, accumulation, innovation, sharing; the knowledge management based on process (Process-Based Knowledge Management, PBKM) method; build collaborative work platform based on knowledge management; promote the tutor system, the expert system, and the establishment of the knowledge management incentive mechanism.
With the development of knowledge management system and knowledge management support system operation, Tiens Group can quickly provide products and services and to increase income, improve customer service level, through the understanding of the value of knowledge employee and give the corresponding compensation to improve employee retention duty rate, by reducing redundant or unnecessary link greatly reduce costs.The positive role of knowledge management Tiens Group showed more and more, enterprises showing a good momentum of development in many aspects.
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