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Investigation and analysis of job burnout of hotel staff

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Abstract: job burnout (Job Burnout) referred to as burnout, refers to the individual and because can not cope with work in various continued pressure on a long-term psychological and physiological reaction.Hotel staff's job burnout in high-risk population, their job burnout directly affect the physical and mental health, work efficiency and interpersonal relationship.This study adopts Job Burnout Scale (MBI) and job burnout of 168 employees in hotels are investigated to understand, the job burnout of hotel staff and the related factors, in order to provide basis for prevention and correction of job burnout.The results show: the hotel staff job burnout is not serious, but there is a certain degree of emotional exhaustion; 38.1% of the hotel employees emotional exhaustion score higher level of emotional exhaustion; increased with years of growth, the elevated position and educational level has increased, and there are significant differences; depersonalization and personal a sense of achievement in different groups of the difference was not significant; job burnout had no significant difference in gender.
Keywords: job burnout, emotional exhaustion employees in hotels and
1 Introduction

Job burnout (Job Burnout), also known as the occupation burnout, occupation burnout, referred to as burnout, refers to the individual and because can not cope with work in various continued pressure on a long-term psychological and physiological reaction.It includes five aspects: (1) the symptoms of mental or emotional exhaustion, fatigue, depression and other typical fidgety symptoms; (2) on mental and behavioral symptoms rather than somatic symptoms; (3) associated with the work; (4) no psychopathology symptoms; (5) a body performance difference.Research on job burnout began in the nineteen seventies, a clinical psychologist in New York in 1974, Freudenberger first put the "burnout" is a term used in modern psychology, a group of negative symptoms he used "burnout" to describe the work of individual experience, such as long-term emotional exhaustion, physical fatigue, job involvement degree is low, the service object is not humane attitude and a reduced sense of accomplishment.Later, many scholars have extensive and in-depth analysis on job burnout, produced many theories and models.The concept of Maslach and Jackson proposed the three-dimensional effect is the most widely, namely 3D defined job burnout: (1) emotional exhaustion (Emotionatexhaustion EE) refers to a lack of enthusiasm for work, feel their feelings in an extreme state of fatigue, it is regarded as the core of latitude burnout, symptoms and most obvious; (2). Personalized (Depersonalization, DE) refers to deliberately keep a distance in their own and work objects, with indifference, disregard of object and the environment; (3) low personal accomplishment (Personataccompelishment PA) the tendency to negative evaluation of their own, and accompanied by decreased ability to work experience and achievement experience.There are many occupation burnout measurement tools, such as questionnaire, Maslach occupation burnout of burnout, Occupation Burnout Questionnaire in Rome, where Maslach and Jackson to build weft's Job Burnout Inventory (MBI) has become a classic measurement tool of job burnout.
In developed countries, the job burnout in the last century 70's reached a peak, is now beginning to ease, but in China, the phenomenon of job burnout is a workplace harassment.Xu Yan professor of Psychology Department of Beijing Normal University thinks, China is entering the peak period of job burnout, job burnout has become a social "epidemic".Tian Bao professor of psychology of Capital Normal University also think, "because of the society more and more uncertainty," the phenomenon of job burnout showed an increasing trend in china.All survey data shows that, occupation burnout happens the most easily in the service industry, because on this type of occupation people obsess about the ideal of life and the way, but may not be able to obtain the desired good, resulting in fatigue and failure.At present, China's intervention on job burnout problem (treatment) hasn't done enough, on job burnout research much concentrates in health care, education, police, counselors, dealing with people in the industry.
The hotel staff are engaged in the work, is a service occupation is one of the most typical, the occupation pressure.First, the characteristics of their occupation: to directly face the market, dealing with all types of people, work load big, strong work post competition, greater mobility, need not only professional knowledge, but also have good service consciousness.Secondly, the hotel service industry situation, each unit there are organizational justice, lack of compensation system is not perfect, internal communication is not smooth and so on.In addition, the hotel staff social status is not high, the economic income gap is larger and the average income is relatively low, so their occupation belief is not strong.If employees have job burnout, then may cause it can not effectively perform their duties, the service object is not responsible, this will have some negative effects on the individual, family and organization, and influence the service quality, work efficiency and interpersonal relationships.Based on the above reasons, the author intends to job burnout of hotel staff were investigated to understand, the job burnout of hotel staff and the related factors, in order to provide basis for prevention and correction of job burnout, the job burnout inventory (MBI).

2 methods of

2.1 the research object
With more than three star hotels in Hangzhou city staff as survey.A total of 180 questionnaires, 168 valid questionnaires, the effective recovery rate is 93.3%.Range in age between 18-49 years of age.There were 62 males, 108 females; high school and below education 80 people, college education 52 people, bachelor's degree or above 36 people; working years 1-5 years 6-10 years 58 people, 39 people, 43 people of 11-15 years, 28 people more than 16 years; the primary service personnel 89 people, middle management 62 posts, 17 posts of senior management.
2.2 the survey tool
Scale using MASHACH burnout scale (MBI), a total of three latitude of 22 topics, including emotional exhaustion dimension into 9 topics, such as "I feel their jobs are not understood," depersonalization into 5 topics such as "when I face when there is a feeling powerless," a sense of personal accomplishment dimension for the 8 questions, such as "I feel work inappropriate ways".The questionnaire adopts Likert's 7 points rating scale, 1 represents "never" 7 Representatives ", every day".Emotional exhaustion and depersonalization score higher, stronger degree of job burnout, the lower scores, job burnout is weak; the dimension of personal accomplishment scores higher, job burnout is weaker, the lower the score, the greater the degree of job burnout.In this investigation, the scale of the Karen Bach a coefficient is 0.740, the emotional exhaustion dimension is 0.844 to 0.619, depersonalization, personal accomplishment dimension is 0.749, higher reliability.Emotional exhaustion and depersonalization between the 0.502, between emotional exhaustion and personal sense of achievement for 0.140, depersonalization and personal accomplishment the relationship between the 0.351, with the scale method for each secondary factor of low correlation (0.1 - 0.6) requirements.In the course of the investigation, the basic situation of subjects were also obtained, such as gender, education, work experience, job etc..

2.3 survey
The subjects and the hotel's basic situation and burnout scale designed to ask tired.In three sectors (water conservancy department, Department of agriculture, Department of Commerce) above the three-star hotel, with each department as the unit, with the consent of the person's consent, by secret ballot to fill in the questionnaire.A unified instruction questionnaire before, back within the time stipulated in the completed questionnaire.
2.4 data analysis of
The data input into SPSS12.0 for statistical analysis.

3 the results of

3.1 job burnout scale scores overall situation of
Hotel staff emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment in three different dimensions scores overall see table 1.

We are 4 points as the standard of comparison, we can see the emotional exhaustion dimension average
Scores greater than 4 of the total number of 38.1%; depersonalization average score above 4 of the total number of 8.9%; personal accomplishment mean score above 4 of the total number of 72.6%.The results showed that a part of the hotel staff, there is a certain degree of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization to a lesser degree, and more than half of the staff have a sense of achievement.
3.2 job burnout scale scores and working life of the relationship between
Statistical analysis, the work period is divided into four age groups, age 1 - 5 years for the age group I, age 6 - 10 years for working group II, age 10 - 15 years for working group III, length of service for more than 16 years for the age group IV.Each age group are in three dimensions of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment questionnaire subscale scores mean and standard deviation are shown in table 2.

It is seen from table 2, there is relationship between score and working life of hotel employees emotional exhaustion, longer working life of score is higher; depersonalization score increased first and then decreased and then increased, but the overall difference; personal accomplishment dimension score decreased in working group II, but the overall scores are higher.Variance analysis of the above four groups, shows that the emotional exhaustion dimension has significant difference between different working life (p
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