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Library's special "Librarian" - On the Tsinghua University Library Work -

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[Paper Keywords] work-study students of Tsinghua University Library librarian
[Abstract] Tsinghua University, development and experience a systematic exposition of the the library student work-study work. The tradition of retrospective work-study work, library work-study work in the past ten years to achieve the scale of participation is constantly increasing, forms of organization and systems and the evolution of continuous development; practice in combining based on the work-study into students' self-education and self-development of an important class of new ideas; attendance student students team improve library service capabilities are discussed. Finally, discusses in detail the concept of work-study work should grasp the principles of scientific management.
According to the statistics of the education sector, about which college in Beijing nearly 20% of students come from relative poverty or lower income families. Faced with this situation, Tsinghua University solemn commitment to the community: "Never let a hard-working and talented students drop out of school because of family financial difficulties." ... Over the years. Tsinghua University financial aid system to award aid, loans, diligence, and complement other measures complement each other under the joint efforts of various departments, including work-study led one of the measures in the funding system. Library as early as the mid-1980s, students began to study at Tsinghua University to provide work-study opportunities, several students from the initial to the later development has dozens of students each semester, and then to set up nearly two years to students self-management-oriented library work-study units, work-study work to achieve a qualitative leap in terms of size and organizational management system. Provide financial assistance to participating students successfully complete their education at the same time, work-study work to help them to cultivate self-management, self-service, the ability to self-education; On the other hand, these special libraries librarians " also actively involved in the construction and management of the library. Become a vital force of the library building.
the 1 library work-study student work of traditional profile
Tsinghua University Library Work - a strong legacy. Of the last century, the mid 8O's Library has carried out the attempt of the students' work-study. With the establishment of the 1988 school work-study guidance center, Tsinghua University, work-study as an important form of student financial aid, to encourage students through their own legitimate work to overcome the economic difficulties. As the core unit of the school work-study work, the library quickly established a fixed relative to the work-study jobs. The number of work-study students from some of the original expanded to dozens. Students through work-study in the library in addition to the availability of a normal return on work-study can be obtained from the school's work-study funds a certain percentage of work-study grants, to a considerable extent alleviate the participation in the economic pressures of the individual student.
2l century, the library to respond positively to the call of the school setting and implemented a new funding system objectives, Library substantial increase in school work-study jobs and school work-study with the help of the guidance center in library work-study unit was established in 2007. Unit for the purpose to serve the students to guide the majority to participate in work-study students industrious and thrifty, professional dedication to the concept of unified organization, coordination to carry out work-study students in the school. Unit organizations and managers are all served by participating in the work-study students, library work-study students' self-management.
Up to l2 months of 2008, the library in each of the organization of the work-study jobs involving a total of more than l0 business positions to multiple business units, including auxiliary teacher assistant positions, as well as the circulation department of Chinese science and technology books borrow area, foreign language book lending contracting stacks positions, and so on; annual work-study reached 400 people. Library work-study unit has four teams Committee, contracting stacks 3 person in charge and the team leader, Assistant positions 2 person in charge of coordination, each batch of 80 to 120 people; sustained in Library Work - the number of students for more than one year up to 50 people. Detachments organization's activities reached more than 6 times a year, work-study library unit won first place in the school work-study brigade organization's "work-study appraised Talent Competition" in 2008.
the 2 library attendance role of student work
Work - in large part to ease the economic pressures of the poor students. According to the statistics of Tsinghua University, semester, per capita income of about 450 yuan, month, summer and winter holidays in per capita income of about 2,000 yuan / month, its level to meet their basic living expenses.
Of particular importance is that the library work-study work in the culture and develop students' self-management, self-service, the ability of self-education has played a significant role. In addition, these special libraries librarians "through their active and full of innovative labor has made a solid contribution to the development of the construction of the library.
2.1 cultivate the students' self-management skills
Library work-study students to exercise self-management, in fact, provide a true sense of the practice space, help to improve the problem of independent analysis and problem-solving skills training and work-study students. Tsinghua University Library work-study after the establishment of the unit, from the work-study students new recruit, interview arrangements to the post, from the pre-job training to the attendance of the day-to-day work, the new players are familiar with the process of working to day-to-day work coordination problems encountered are all down in full-time librarians, guidance by the Commission and the person in charge of library work-study detachments team management and resolution. Self-management through the work-study students, students in the work culture positive spirit, and enhance a sense of social responsibility and professional ethics, and laid the foundation for them to establish a correct outlook on life.
2.2 cultivate students' self-service capabilities
Library work-study units have a slogan: "They, on your side!" Work-study students in the reading room on duty for the reader to go through the reading procedures; others responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the contracting stacks; some with the librarian part of the research project data compilation and data entry. Through work-study in the library, students further understanding of the business processes of the library, how to make good use of library resources has played a positive role in promoting. Responsible for libraries TP library work-study group, for example, the students here understand the "CLC", understand the trestle rules and order, not only looking for a book do not worry, but also take the initiative to help other malfeasance in the shortest possible time to find looking for books.
Library work-study work culture of the students' self-service capabilities, and establish a good work ethic, to improve their labor practices, and also help them to deepen the understanding of the value of labor.
2.3 cultivate students' self-education
Library for work-study students and people, develop their social skills condition. Work-study students by acting as a different role in society, and all types of people in the same school have extensive contacts, and enhance the ability to communicate with people. Good communication environment, work-study students also enhances the self-confidence to overcome the problem of poor students in common "psychological poverty.
At the same time, the library work-study work also exercise the unity and cooperation of the students. Work-study unit internally to do the work-study student members of the internal division of labor and cooperation, to coordinate mutual relations; foreign will have to fight for the support of the relevant departments, staff and readers, good communication with each other. Through exercise, work-study students a sense of identity within the group also had a strong cohesion.
2.4 increase the vitality of the internal library work
Through work-study, the students involved in the management of the library, improve the structure of the library workforce. To the library injected new vitality. Students in the process of work and practice to fully understand the internal organization of the library, the business scope of work, job responsibilities and the rules and regulations. As the library's special "librarian", most of them are actively working in the first line of the Library Service. Active thinking, the problems encountered in the work is unique insights, all of which can make the library staff was inspired to broaden our thinking and thus to improve the existing work. Tsinghua University Library work-study unit also regularly carried out for the professional skills of the labor competition participated by The group members and the relevant departments of the library librarian. During the contest at the same time help to improve labor skills, and promote exchanges between students and between students and librarians.
Work-study students to join, to improve the efficiency of the work of librarians, reduce the pressure of the work of librarians, library workforce is more younger, better educated.
2.5 Strengthening Library external feedback
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