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The enterprise information and the "information management and Information System Speciality" talent cultivation

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Abstract: Based on the analysis of the demand for talents of Chinese enterprise informatization construction, combined with the enterprise information construction of our country's actual demand for talents type, the specialty of information management and information system of personnel training goals and objectives; and from the mode of education, teaching organization, teaching content and teaching personnel training and other aspects of the some suggestions on human resources information management professional training.
Keywords: enterprise information management system informatization in

Xi'an Technological University professional "fuse" since 2002 since the enrollment, teaching staff construction, teaching content, teaching conditions and teaching methods and means of study, teaching organization and management and other aspects have made some progress, but because of the specialty by many professional with past and become, talent cultivation affected by the original professional, positioning is not clear; from the employment situation, and not too ideal, this article from the demand for talents in the process of enterprise information construction point of view, puts forward some opinions and suggestions for specialized talents in information management and information system.

1 information construction personnel demand analysis of

The current production and operation and management of the majority of enterprises in China, e-commerce software, ERP software and CRM software has been gradually used, but because of the information department only attach importance to technology development and equipment software maintenance, information resources management is very weak; enterprise total information programming without attention, data can not be different departments, different software sharing, information isolated island phenomenon is serious; some enterprises, although the use of the ERP software, but because there is no special information management talents, demand orientation deviation, the use effect is not ideal.
From the information talent use angle analysis, mainly is the enterprise lacks both management and specialized information personnel information system two times the development and maintenance of application system, after input, only rely on the software development company for the two development and maintenance, not go on for long; two is the lack of high-level enterprise information planning and construction management information personnel, production enterprises "information island", a close relationship has no global information planning and enterprise.
Based on the above analysis, our country enterprise informatization construction of human resources demand information is mainly divided into four categories:
The management system development and maintenance staff, the staff should possess management knowledge, familiar with the business and
The business process management, master and apply information technology, engaged in the system development, the two development and maintenance.
The information system planning and analysis, mainly engaged in the analysis and design of management information system, the personnel with good communication skills; familiar with the advanced information technology; the management system of knowledge, can skilled application information system requirement analysis and design methods and tools.
The information manager (CIO), this position is responsible for the enterprise information strategy and planning, effective organization of information systems project management and the enterprise information resources, to ensure that the information management work smoothly.The class of persons belonging to high level talents, should be familiar with the modern enterprise management, information technology and perfect knowledge system, have higher information literacy.
The professional information system development and application, the categories of personnel in addition to the management system development and maintenance personnel
Basic quality, should have the information management system of knowledge, for some manufacturing enterprises, the use of ERP software is widespread, this kind of talent on the implementation of ERP enterprise, demand is bigger.

2 personnel information management and information system training target localization of

Overall goals: training objectives of information management and information system speciality is to train with modern management theory, computer science and technology knowledge and application ability, to master the knowledge and ability of the system of ideas and information systems analysis and design method and information management, in the national levels departments, industrial and commercial enterprises, financial institutions, scientific research units in sectors such as information management and information system of senior professionals analysis, design, implementation, management and evaluation of the.
Objectives: to the overall goal as the premise, take the social demand as the main driving, the undergraduate training management system development and maintenance personnel, information system planning and analysis personnel and professional information system development and application of personnel, which focus on culture assume management system development and maintenance personnel and ERP information system maintenance, the two development professional graduate education, emphasis can be placed on the system analyst and information management and high-level talent and the related academic research personnel training.

3 my school information management and information system construction of curriculum system existing problems of

Based on our previous three (2004-2006) for analysis of the talent cultivating applied talents, from the goal, has the following problems:
The economic management and computer more theoretical courses, professional courses less
The strength is not enough, only pay attention to practice, the lack of experiment, comprehensive experiment, students cannot be organic combination of knowledge management and economic aspects of computer.
The professional application classes, lack the necessary training, curriculum design cycle is short, the result is that students only mastered the professional knowledge, but not really have corresponding professional skills.
The elective range is very narrow, especially lack of course the latest computer technology application, resulting in students' knowledge and skills and enterprise applications require disjunction.
The graduation practice to become a mere formality, many students did not effectively completed an internship with the relevant professional graduate, professional practice aiming at the defects, can not achieve the desired effect.4 information management and information system speciality training suggestions for

Insist on wide application specialist education mode based on
Information management and information system speciality students should master the basic knowledge of higher mathematics, foreign language, computer science and other information technology, has a wide base, but does not require students to master the subject knowledge.In the setting of specialized fundamental course and specialized course, should be based on Information Science and information technology as the main course, related to the course of computer and management for the two wings, the application of information system development, information technology (ERP system) and other related courses should increase the relevant teaching and training hours.
strengthen laboratory construction, strengthen the simulation experiment.
To form such as knowledge and information organization, information systems design, information analysis, information network management and other professional laboratory, to ensure that the experimental curriculum and teaching facilities, make full use of professional opening laboratory for students.In the practice teaching system should be added in the ERP sand table simulation experiment, and make the students master the ERP management and business process, improve students' management information system development skills.
to speed up the construction of teachers and teachers to update their knowledge of
Because of the specialty of the emerging interdisciplinary subject, the professional teachers from our school each are not identical, the young teachers are, therefore, in the construction of teachers' team, one should pay attention to attract other college information management professional master's and doctoral students to school work, on the other hand can take home and abroad young teachers, study information management professional master's and doctoral graduate school, promote the growth of young teachers, at the same time, for teachers to create to business information management time opportunity; teachers themselves should pay attention to their own knowledge structure update.
The establishment of graduation practice base
In the teaching of the need to build a solid practice base.Selection of practice base, to pay attention to the following points: one is the practice unit, must have the modern information technology equipment better; two is the practice unit and the Department should have good relations, such as long-term cooperative research projects; three is to mutual benefit, can promote the common development of both sides.Ask students to a software company, network company internship process, investigation and all kinds of enterprises, system construction and operation management information, or directly engaged in the system development and design, maintenance, network and system design, webpage, diagnosis and innovative research and even participate in management information system or other management issues, can be arranged in third, the four year cold summer.
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