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Analysis of the human resource management of construction enterprises

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[Abstract] the undertaking unit of construction enterprises as labor-intensive projects, strengthening human resources management is particularly important.Based on the characteristics of human resource management of construction enterprises is summarized, based on analyzing the human resource management of the existing problems, puts forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.
[keyword] construction enterprises; human resource; management analysis of

In the management of construction enterprises, construction project management to a more and more important role in the.With China's accession to the WTO organization, construction enterprises are facing a great opportunity, the market competition in the final analysis is the competition of talents, with the arrival of the era of economic, high-quality, complex, pioneering talents has become the motive force of the development of construction enterprises, an owner who is, who is likely to win in the market competition in.But the talent as a construction enterprise's most important resources, how to strengthen the management of human resources in the new situation of accession to the WTO will have a profound influence on the development of enterprises.

1 construction enterprise human resources management features of

Complex composed of 1.1 human resources: most of the construction enterprises, the human resources is more complex, not only have low degree but the practice of experienced skilled workers, have higher knowledge level of the college graduates, they are as fresh blood to improve the overall quality of enterprises, but also the relative lack of experience; there are some enterprises, experts devoted to the introduction of management personnel and technical personnel.These people are at different levels with their own characteristics and value goal, the requirements are also different to realize their own value.Therefore, the construction enterprise human resources system composed by their considerable complexity.
1.2 human resource layout was dispersion: a remarkable feature of the project is the strong liquidity, unlike the general production-oriented enterprises, has a fixed production sites and production department.As the project builders construction enterprises, the organization it is generally varies with the project, usually according to the specific conditions of a project, such as project size, technical requirements, the characteristics of the geographical situation to build a suitable project management institutions, and with the end of the project in the beginning, the next project, staff and new adjustment.Therefore, the construction enterprise human resources have significant dispersion, liquid characteristics in its layout.
1.3 human resources evaluation and information collection is difficult: along with the fierce competition of domestic construction market and develop international market, at the same time as the characteristics of the construction industry itself, now many projects of construction enterprises throughout the country, some companies more has been involved in international engineering.Although the information transmission at present is very developed, but because of the many projects relatively remote, coupled with the construction enterprises in the construction of information network is still relatively backward.

There are 2 construction enterprise human resources management problems of

2.1 enterprises emphasis on human resources management is not enough:
Gain and loss of human resource management practice depends mainly on the management of the essence of human resource management thought understanding.Behind the "talent bottleneck", real limits to the human resources management system construction lies in the concept of "bottleneck".The so-called concept of "bottleneck", is refers to the enterprise managers and human resource management of enterprise human resources and human resources management system, have not formed a comprehensive understanding, scientific, can not grasp the basic concepts of human resource management fundamentally, is the current human resources management in the fatal injury.Although the construction enterprises can fully realize the importance of talents for the development of the enterprise, but often only focus on how to introduce talents this point, simply think that as long as the need to attract talent in it, while ignoring how to carry on the management and development of human resources.There are many reasons to cause the loss of talented people, but a key is the enterprise managers lack the correct concept and enough attention on human resources.
2.2 the lack of professional human resources management talents:
Human resource management still remain in the traditional personnel management level, did not rise to the human resources management consulting, technology and application development and management level, often in the filing, fill out the report, annual evaluation procedures, formulaic work.Most human resources management staff without special human resource management learning, training, the lack of professional knowledge of human resource management, and human resources management team is bound to be difficult to meet the requirements of modern human resources management.
2.3 the lack of design short-term goal and the long-term demand:
Neither the insight into the management trend, not with the business trend of the human resources activities, human resources activities without the production target of dynamic planning, no target stage design of the enterprise human resources management, specifically manifested in: the enterprise need to be equipped with what the staff did not make analysis on what period; lack of information communication personnel allocation and business departments, the lack of in-depth analysis of the real needs of the business sector, to the enterprise human resource allocation is lack of effective overall consideration.Not only is easy to cause the waste of human resources, and the quality of personnel also cannot get enough assurance, which can not meet the demand of the quality of personnel development engineering products, enterprises.
2.4 of the risk of human resources management generally lack of knowledge:
The risk of human resources management from all phases of human resource management, including personnel risk, human resources management of the external environment risk, analysis risk, recruitment risk, performance management, compensation management risk, risk management risk, moral risk, training, employee relationship management risk and cross-cultural management risk.Because the risk awareness is weak, it is difficult to develop a practical emergency plan, effectively solve, avoid possible in every link of the risk, it is impossible to implement on enterprise strategic planning form the powerful support.The Countermeasures of strengthening human resources management
3 Construction Enterprises

3.1 to establish a scientific system of human resources management system:
In order to improve the level of human resource management of construction enterprises, to promote the development of enterprises, the enterprises should strengthen the awareness of its importance, at the same time, we must set up a scientific system of human resources management system in enterprises.As a modern construction enterprises, should information on enterprise human resources composition, distribution and comprehensive collection and collation, determined to be developed, culture and the urgent need to introduce talents, and to develop the evaluation standard system of enterprise human resource, human resource management of enterprise information network to build smooth, making human resource management system for enterprises to choose, training, and provide the basis to use talent.In a word, only to establish a scientific human resources management system, to achieve the enterprise need to attract talent, fully tap the potential of the talent target.
3.2 the establishment of efficient all-round talent incentive mechanism:
The ultimate purpose of human resource management is to fully develop and utilize the human resources of enterprises, make the staff to maximize their enthusiasm, initiative, creativity.To achieve this goal, to restrain the behavior of employees is not enough to rely solely on the scientific human resources management system, must adopt incentive means, realize the goal of human resource management.Incentive, refers to work hard to meet the needs of staff to make it through, to achieve the goals of the organization.Appropriate incentives, so that employees can clearly aware of their value in the enterprise, clear that the enterprise should play the role in.Key incentive way of human resources management should be put into how to reflect their own value, set up to improve employee's sense of achievement, to the realization of the goal of incentive mechanism oriented.Let employees more involved in business management, so that employees have a sense of ownership, so as to motivate their enthusiasm.
3.3, strengthen staff training, pay attention to employee occupation career design:
To strengthen the human resource management of construction enterprises, it should be emphasized that the "people-oriented" concept, taking "people" as the center, improve the two-way communication between managers and employees, to do a good job of "people" as a fundamental human resource management.To strengthen staff training, occupation career design for the staff, is to achieve "an effective means of people-oriented" management concept.Therefore, strengthen the training of employees, not only to establish a stable team of talents for their own, but also improve the enterprise internal cohesion and external competitiveness.Between managers and employees to communicate effectively.Communication is the process of information transfer and communication between people.Successful communication, not only the means of information transmission, but also includes the message to be understood.Communication is the
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