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On China's electric power enterprise human resources management problems and solutions

Author: JiangYing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-27 08:57:01 Read:
Abstract: This article is the first concrete analysis of some of the problems that exist in China's power enterprises human resources, times based on three solution, that is, to a multi-channel to recruit employees, to ensure reasonable personnel structure; want strengthen the training of employees, and efforts to improve the level of staff skills; employees incentives to establish practical.
Keywords: electric power enterprise human resources problem solving

China's electric power enterprise with the continuous expansion of production scale, the demand for professionals in substantial growth. In this new situation, it is necessary to improve the electric power enterprise competitiveness, the core is to create a good talent, and to enhance the attraction of talent. Therefore, the analysis of the current issues of power in corporate human resources management, and targeted solution to an important part of the stable development of power production. The paper first examines some of the problems existing in China's power enterprises human resources, followed by recommendations propose some solutions and measures.
At present, China's power enterprises human resources exist mainly in the following areas:

1 overstaffing problem serious

Capacity standard power enterprises has been performed since the power system is the standard the extensive management mode planning system. During the many revisions, but still not very scientific and rational. This has resulted in the Enterprise Capacity in macro control live, do not live micro enterprise units to complete the task of competing To Capacity indicators, blindly increasing phenomenon of Capacity. Enterprise macro also lack the necessary regulatory mechanism, resulting in the growth of the labor force continued to climb, the formation of a large number of redundant staff. Superiors assigned administrative mode due to the long-term, step-by-step process of personnel changes, appointments, tones between the same level positions, through the back door by the relationship shoehorned into a large number of staff, which are caused by too much power enterprise overstaffing important reasons.

2 relative shortage of professional and technical personnel

The electricity business is capital and technology intensive enterprises, the need for a large number of professionals in the production, operation and management. However, the general quality of the employees is not high, the lack of professional and technical. Also employees a variety of training, but because employees feel less than the pressure of competition in the enterprise, the lack of self-up requirements and training are a mere formality, the surest difficult to be improved, so that the quality of staff. Many employees work experience, level of knowledge is often very different, and engaged in the job requirements seem to do things more than people, but is often limited knowledgeable people to key positions on key personnel. Power corporate management team familiar with the traditional business and more familiar with the modern enterprise management, legal and computer knowledge; staff are familiar with the single business and more complex talents. Lack of effective staff incentives

The so-called staff incentives, in fact it is to meet the needs of employees and work hard, to achieve organizational goals. Corporate incentive mechanism design is good or bad, largely determines the work enthusiasm of employees, thus affecting the realization of corporate objectives. The electricity enterprise incentive pay is not enough, not enough reasonable salary distribution, the tilt of the front-line employees and the employees of important positions is not enough, not yet reasonably reflect personal wit differences, not closely linked with the efficiency of the workers. Improved wages, bonuses than before, but it can not effectively motivate staff enthusiasm. The current wage system in turn pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and other costs linked to the total wages, it is difficult to form a good atmosphere of innovation and competition.
To solve these many problems, the power company first from ideologically pay attention to it, and has targeted the implementation of the following recommendations.
3.1 multi-channel recruiting employees to ensure that the corporate officers of reasonable structure
Electricity enterprise recruitment range is relatively narrow, a considerable part of the job is the employees' children and the system run by professional and technical school graduates to fill such a situation can not meet the requirements of corporate human resources for development. Therefore, we should be according to their need for non-electric class college open recruitment. Enterprises to blanket solve the problem of employment of employees' children, already does not meet the requirements of enterprise development, is also not in line with national advocacy job fair concept. In accordance with national regulations on employment of graduates from colleges and universities, graduate employment market oriented, the national macro-control, graduates and employers to implement a two-way choice. Through open recruitment, not only to the inflow of talent for the enterprise, while the erection of a good social image for the enterprise. Therefore, enterprises should conscientiously according to the development needs of the enterprise itself recruitment.
3.2 To strengthen the training of employees, and strive to improve the level of employees' skills
Electric power companies in the past recruiters because of the limitations of the concept of a tendency to focus on the external conditions of the staff, such as the level of knowledge and skill levels, but decided to outstanding performance largely depends on the intrinsic quality of the personnel. These need training specific to do the following two aspects:
(1) on the basis of the analysis of the work of the different positions, different levels of employees to take a different training methods and technical means. Technical staff to focus on the good technical relationship, focusing on high-tech development and learning; operation and maintenance personnel, in addition to a certain degree of technology, but also a high spirit of service, to foster communication among employees coordination capacity; managers will have to focus on learning the knowledge and skills of modern enterprise management, and so on.
(2) To assess the effect good training to ensure that the benefits of training. Various forms of assessment, training and appropriate to give feedback given to the re-education or unqualified staff to properly handle. Training is a strategic task of corporate human resources. In addition to vocational and technical training for jobs, enterprises should also pay attention to the construction of the power of corporate culture. Excellent corporate culture will have a respect for people, caring for people, cultivating good atmosphere, can power enterprise into learning, innovative enterprises, to further stimulate the creative enthusiasm of the members of the organization. To form a motivating environment and incentives, so that human resources play potential.
3.3 To establish the practical staff incentives.
Staff incentives to promote one of the employees work hard power. You can try to implement within the electric power enterprise:
(1) broadband pay. The remuneration of the so-called broadband, enterprise original more pay grade is compressed into several levels of remuneration for each salary level, but at the same time a floating widened to form a new salary management system and operation processes [1]. Within the same job level, set up and down the wage change interval based on the midpoint of the salary scale, used to reflect the differences in staff skills. Under the broadband pay system, the level of income of each employee is no longer only associated with the jobs and work hard to create excellent performance with high incomes, can also be obtained in the corresponding rank. This remuneration income played a really stimulating.
(2) can be different for different types of employees to take incentives. For example, the first who fail to communicate with its performance situation, to discuss performance goals to determine the short-term treatment; then provide short-term training to help them get the basic skills to meet the demands of the job; efforts of workers, can be retained in their present job, by salary increases provide incentives; talents, the enterprise should be retained investment and development, and offers leadership training and development opportunities, so that they give full play to their talents in the more challenging jobs.
Power enterprise's internal and external environment in recent years occurred a dramatic change, caused by increased competition, and increase of knowledge workers in the enterprise, as well as corporate internal promotion opportunities reduced. Therefore, only the above three aspects to solve the problem in order to promote the power of corporate human resources management improved more in-depth in order to meet the development needs of China's power enterprises in the new situation.

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