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Construction of secretary work system group to learn new patterns of management

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Abstract: This article is in the China Soft Software College of Guangzhou University under credit system interpretation of a new group management mode -- director work system.The director really do in class, to the Director-General and each class stem made new demands, the officer classes, arouse the students enthusiasm, to carry out various forms of cultural activities on campus, so as to create high quality campus cultural environment.
Keywords: credit group to learn a class of students cadres

About 1 of the Communist Youth League, students

The Communist Youth League, Student Association (hereinafter referred to as the "group") is a mass organization of advanced youth in Colleges and universities, as the party's assistant and reserve force, responsible for the unity of education of young students, training of young Communists and outstanding student cadre, to carry out the party's education policy, task of developing young students comprehensive quality and prosperity of the cultural life on campus, is one of the core force of educational management, quality education of college students, the construction of spiritual civilization.
School groups as an organic part of university work, play an important role in education, its active campus culture and maintain the stability and so.With the development of private colleges and universities, the extension of the traditional college group learning approach has been unable to reach the league work "cross to the working edge vertical in the end", become the bottleneck hindering League work effectively.
China Soft Software College of Guangdong Province is the earliest independent Campus Software College, part of Guangzhou University.Therefore, feeble academy students work at the Guangzhou University under the guidance of the Communist Youth League school.Since the implementation of school, credit system and flexible educational system of elective system as the core of the feeble academy, this system, is bound to the development of individual students and brought great freedom."Class not feeble academy students, homoclinic different class" phenomenon, the concept of class exist, exist, this situation leads to the class and group learning activities between, most group learning activities are designed, directed, starred.Complete credit system of student activities to the traditional group learning model put forward new demands, based on this, the student activities in the organization of feeble academy structure innovation group learning.

2 the group to learn the function pattern difficult

2.1 the troupes operating mode
Mode of operation group is group learning activities organization management mode.The party's work, school, student cadres, to serve the majority of students as the center, through the ideological education, quality development, community activities, social practice parts work, to serve the vast number of students for the purpose, it is advanced and a high degree of autonomy and the broad masses and service.
The hospital group management model is set up based on the campus of Guangzhou University, with basic teaching academic year system of units -- class work carrier on the students ideological and political education and to carry out a variety of activities, operation, has formed a kind of from high to low tapering form.As shown in Figure 1:

As can be seen, at present, our hospital group management is still used in the academic year system model, its focus is on the sub-committee.The main force of the Communist Youth League work is the Department Director and each class dry, a foothold in the class, most of the activities are by the Director-General and classes to implement, the specific operation process is still in class to finish.
3.2 traditional group operating mode in our hospital the drawbacks of
As everyone knows, focus group study activities of the class, the class -- the student organization form has been accompanied by the growth of students from kindergarten.The success or failure of group learning activities in class management.Feeble academy is no exception, the class is the basic unit of organization of student activities, the cohesion of class activities directly influence the atmosphere and quality.But in South China, along with the credit system deeply, class consciousness is indifferent to, the students belonging to the collective sense of team consciousness weakening, it is difficult to develop and cultivate, personal consciousness, the small group awareness is enhanced, the traditional academic year system has been unable to achieve mission school management pattern effect.For example, in a certain period of time is difficult to minister, summoned to a meeting together, work is also very difficult to find a fixed time work allocated to class dry.The traditional group learning mode to complete credit system under the group learning activities to bring a lot of problems.Mainly displays in:
(1) group learning activities in class consciousness weak, forms of organization are not clear.
First of all, group learning activities is the main body of students, the class is the main force of the accumulation of students.Activity planner is usually a department of science mission, active objects are the students of each class.Usually a activity down, body finally participation have become mission school officers, activities became be worthy of the name written, directed, and.Activities can truly participate students rarely, this and class consciousness indifferent to have great relations.How to drive the enthusiasm of the students, students become solve main pathway involved in efforts to small.Secondly, group learning activities of the organization form is usually based on class level.Group learning activities to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students, the campus cultural atmosphere.An event, the participation of students is very important, the class is the main force in the accumulation of students, ChinaSoft under credit system school groups to the class as the unit reflect not clear activities, individuals involved in the phenomenon, it is indifferent to lead the class consciousness.Group learning activities, organization, human source, atmosphere low phenomenon usually appears.
(2) group learning activities, reducing the role of student cadres, widespread waste of resources.
First of all, group learning activity management is usually the teacher - student cadre - students, but in China soft under the credit system of student cadre, as the class consciousness is weak, the lack of understanding of the students, between cadres itself is also a lack of understanding, therefore, leaders in the student's appeal with reduced.So from top to bottom is directly related to the development and implementation of group activities.
Secondly, group learning activities, work is the main organizer, a lot of work to convey to the class dry by officer, and then by the class to the students.So the officer and classes do become middle power connection group and class.Under the credit system force cadre itself has been reduced, in carrying out the mission school work, from the director to the class to students, it is not only a waste of time and manpower, the work, the accuracy of information is greatly reduced, directly affects the working efficiency.

The 3 group to learn new patterns of
-- director work

The so-called "officer" of youth, students will be the basic composition unit, generalized belong to the student cadre, whose main responsibility is to upload issued, it is the link group and each class.Class stem is the backbone of class, school groups are all through the class to implement, the Director-General and class do belong to the intermediate force, whose goal is learning services for the mission, in the soft class is exist, cadres of the force has been weakened, many of the student leaders will only waste phenomenon in order to improve the group to learn, work efficiency, to seek a more adapt to the development of our institute group learning mode, the game Department Sub-Committee of the new mode of the 2007-2008 academic year in the league work -- "officer work system".The Director-General and class dry merged into a whole, the Secretary to the class, using the class dry lead students, constructing new mode of "Secretary of league work system".
The 3.1 group to learn a new mode of the guiding ideology of
Today's members all have is a common phenomenon in various colleges and universities.In the National League situation, how to continue to maintain the advanced nature of the Communist Youth League and autonomy, so that they do the party's assistant and reserve force is an important problem of the sub-committee of thinking.China soft credits under the system of class still exists, explore the process management model in the group, "a group to build with class, guiding ideology to the class of construction" as the group management mode reform.The students' activity classes, strengthening class consciousness, improve class cohesion, promote the group to learn through the class construction, improve the league work efficiency.
The 3.2 group to learn to build a new model of the
According to "the League building with class, guiding ideology to the class of construction", the game Department Sub-Committee of rising from the class of construction to a high degree, strengthen the cadre's quality, through the strict selection and training class, create schools new Director-General of the situation.Class stem directly into the group to learn the corresponding departments, become a director.Figure 2:

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