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Enterprise information technology and information management and information systems professional personnel training

Author: HaoChenJian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-27 08:47:31 Read:
Abstract: In this paper, based on the analysis of enterprise information construction demand for talent, combined with actual talent demand type of enterprise information construction, information management and information systems professionals to develop overall goals and specific objectives; education model teaching organization, teaching content and teachers' personnel training, information management professionals to develop a number of recommendations.
Keywords: information management curriculum system of enterprise information

Xi'an Institute of Technology "letter and professional since 2002, enrollment in teaching staff construction, teaching content, teaching conditions of the building as well as teaching methods and means of research and teaching organization with management and other many aspects made some progress, but because of the professional by the merger of the previous multi-disciplinary, personnel training by former professional position is not clear enough; employment situation, but also less than ideal, in this article from the perspective of the demand for talent in the process of building enterprise information, information management the training of professionals in the information system has made some comments and suggestions.

1 construction personnel needs analysis

The majority of our production and operation and management, e-commerce software, ERP software and CRM software is gradually to be used, but information department only attach importance to the development of software technology and equipment maintenance management of information resources is very weak; overall business plan did not pay attention to the different departments, different software data can not be shared, information silos serious; Although some companies use ERP software, but the absence of specialized information management talent needs positioning deviation, using the results is not satisfactory.
Analysis, mainly from the perspective of information professionals use the enterprises lack thinker and business management with information systems development and maintenance of secondary specialized information professionals only rely on a software development company, involved the application system, secondary development and maintenance, not a long-term meter; second is the lack of high-level planning and construction of enterprise information management personnel, generation of enterprise information silos, and corporate planning is closely related to global information.
Based on the above analysis, the human resources information, enterprise information construction in China is mainly divided into four major categories:
(1) the operation and management system development and maintenance personnel, such officers should have the operation and management of knowledge, familiar with business
Management of business processes, master and application of information technology in system development, secondary development and maintenance work.
(2) information systems planning and analysis staff, mainly engaged in the management information system analysis and design work, such officers to have good communication and communication skills; familiar with the cutting edge of information technology; to have the operation and management of knowledge, proficiency in the application of information system requirements analysis and design The methods and tools.
(3) information management manager (CIO), the office is primarily responsible for corporate strategy and planning, information systems project management and effective organization of corporate information resources, to ensure the smooth development of the information management work. Such officers belong to the high-level personnel should be familiar with the modern enterprise management thinking, with a sound knowledge of IT system, and has a high level of information literacy.
ΆΘ professional development and application of information systems, such officers in addition to having the operation and management system development and maintenance personnel
To ensure basic quality, fully equipped with the knowledge of information management system, ERP software for manufacturing enterprises to use the more common type of talent for enterprises to implement ERP, the demand for larger.

The targeting information management and information systems personnel training

The overall goal: information management and information systems professional training objectives is to develop the theoretical basis of modern management disciplines, computer science and technology knowledge and application capabilities, knowledge and ability to master systems thinking and systems analysis and design methods, and information management, senior professionals engaged in information management and information systems analysis, design, implementation, management and evaluation at the national levels, departments, businesses, financial institutions, research units and other departments.
Specific objectives: The overall objective of the premise of social demand-driven undergraduate major train operation and management system development and maintenance personnel, information systems planning and analysis staff and professional information systems development and application, which focus on training to assume the operation and management system development and maintenance personnel and ERP information system maintenance, the secondary development professionals, graduate education, systems analysts and information managers and high-level personnel, as well as academic research could focus on personnel training.

3 school information management and information systems curriculum system problems

Analysis of personnel training programs in our school before the third (2004-2006), from the the Applied Talents targets, there is the following question:
(1) economic management and computer theory course more, fewer courses of professional applications;
(2) practical link is not enough to focus only on the curricular experiment on the computer, the lack of a comprehensive experiment, students can not be the combination of the economic management and computer knowledge.
(3) professional applications less lesson lessons, lack the necessary training, curriculum design cycle is shorter, the result is students only mastered the expertise, but did not really have the corresponding expertise.
ΆΘ electives too narrow, especially the lack of the latest computer applications technology-related courses, leading to a mismatch between the students of knowledge and skills and the actual application requirements.
ΆΙ graduation internship mere formality, many students did not complete the internship with the relevant professional graduation internship lack of professional targeted, can not achieve the desired results. Information management and information systems professionals cultivate a few suggestions

(1) applied insist on a wide basis of specialized education mode
Information management and information systems professional students should first master the basic knowledge of advanced mathematics, foreign language, computer science and other information technology, a generous basis, but does not require students to mastery of discipline knowledge. Professional basic courses and professional curriculum, information science and information technology for the main courses, computer and management courses for the wings, for the development of information systems, IT applications (ERP system) and other related courses should be increased accordingly teaching and training hours.
ΆΖ strengthen professional laboratory construction, strengthen the simulation.
The formation of specialized laboratories, such as knowledge and information organization, information systems design, information analysis mode, information network management, to ensure that the experimental curriculum and teaching supporting, and take full advantage of the opening up of specialized laboratories for professional students. ERP sand table simulation practice teaching system should be increased, so that the students really grasp ERP management thinking and business processes, and help to improve the skills of student management information system development.
(3) speed up the construction of teachers and teachers to update their knowledge
The emerging interdisciplinary professional, the professional school teachers sources of the same, a young teacher, the high side, Teachers, on the one hand, to focus on attracting other the institutions relevant information management class professional graduate students and doctoral work to the Institute, on the other hand can be taken domestically and abroad for further studies, young teachers studying for master's and doctoral graduate students information about the management class professional way to promote the growth of young teachers in the school, at the same time, enterprises should create for teachers to sector information management time; teachers themselves should also pay attention to their own knowledge structure update.
ΆΘ establish graduation practice base
The need to build a solid teaching practice base. To select practice base, to pay attention to a few points: First, internships, there must be a better modern information technology equipment; internships have a good relationship with the faculty, such as long-term cooperative research projects; to mutually beneficial can promote mutual development. Internship process requires students to software companies, Internet companies, and a variety of enterprises and institutions to carry out a survey of the construction and operation of management information systems, or directly engaged in system development and design, network and system maintenance, web design, and even participate in the management information diagnosis and innovative research system or other management issues, can be arranged in the third and fourth years of winter and summer vacations.
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