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Human load model: Research on Evaluation of employee occupation pressure of Chinese Petroleum Enterprises

Author: YangYuMin ZhengLinKe From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-27 07:56:10 Read:
Abstract: Objective To explore the petroleum enterprise employee occupation pressure evaluation model and the human resource management strategy.Methods using the "Oriental Geophysical Research Institute of China Petroleum Group employee assistance program (EAP) survey project" in the "occupation" stress scale random sampling of the enterprise employees 876 people, take the United States SPSS13.0 statistical program to explore the potential factors of occupation pressure, and fitting the occupation pressure prediction model.Results the number of petroleum enterprise employee occupation pressure potential with 2 factors: the protection of the occupation pressure and incentive occupation pressure, double due to pressure differences between multiple groups; more than 50% of employees under free overtime, position competition, work stress and deadline pressure; leisure overtime pressure of 70% workers by the order task deadline for acceptance, quality control, and work stress caused by pressure; with work stress, quality control approval, order task and deadline pressure employees, bear occurrence of leisure and overtime pressure ratio (OR) were 5.87, 3.04 employees without the pressure, 2.02 and 1.90 times; the staff conclusion petroleum enterprises under occupation pressure heavy, proposes to carry out the corresponding EAP employee assistance programs and HR human resource management.
Keywords: Oriental Geophysical Research Institute of employee occupation pressure EAP HR

1 Introduction: EAP technology in China Petroleum Enterprise

(1) the EAP development at home and abroad.EAP (Employee Assistance Program) [1][2][3] the United States that the "Employee Assistance Program", "Chinese localization business counseling".EAP originated in the nineteen fifties, clinical psychology prototypes for the United States of America psychologist to help veterans of World War II or disabled persons from alcoholism, drug induced by up and adverse drug addiction behavior.After 70 years, EAP has been applied in enterprises, because enterprises employees have alcohol and drug abuse problems, these problems seriously affect the production and life of employees.After the United States established "international EAP Association", the initial goal is to aid the staff to implement abstinent alcoholics and drug addicts.Practice has proved that the EAP staff psychosomatic crisis assistance, to the enterprise production security and family life maintenance, and thus attracted the attention of social all circles.EAP later evolved to solve the employees and their work, family, marriage, occupation, communication, health and other related psychological and behavioral problems.After the 1979 American general uses EAP as the labour project has achieved great results, the organization's interest in EAP is greater.80 years later, EAP established the CEAP (EAP certification consultant) association, and create a EAP consultant this occupation.In 2002 September, EAPA (Employee Assistance Professionals Association) has more than 6200 members and 103 branch.Most clubs in the United States, and some in England, Australia, Chile and other countries.In 2000, Japan was also established, this is EAPA first representative organizations in asia.In 2004, "China EAP service center" was established in Shanghai.
(2) application of EAP management.From the modern sense, EAP is a set of system set up by enterprises for the employees, long-term welfare and support project, through the psychology, behavior science, management science, be trained with regularity of professional organization diagnosis is proposed and the employees and their immediate family to provide professional guidance, training and consulting, the purpose is to help solve all kinds of psychological and behavioral problems of employees and their family members, improve employee job performance in enterprises.Carry out EAP management, has the practical significance in China's enterprises.Employees in the process to meet the various needs of life, there will inevitably be many problems, problems, difficulties, and even disaster and crisis, such as life, work, love, marriage, occupation, communication, children, health and many other issues.Therefore, now the enterprise management more and more humane, as in the past no longer just matter whether people, although production regardless of life, although enterprise whether employees, just material treatment regardless of spiritual demand, but the quality of the products regardless of the health of employees.In this context, one of the most humane management of the service project was born, that is: EAP- employee assistance program.This project in a foreign country is very developed, but in our country has just introduced, little-known.
(3) the first successful oil EAP.Since 2007, China Petroleum Group Dongfang Geophysical Research Institute commissioned Xi'an Petroleum University Psychology Research Institute conducted a "Chinese Oil Group Dongfang Geophysical Research Institute research project" EAP.Cooperation in the project's original intention, is to implement the party 2007 Institute do something a few things for the workers: "to carry out mental health advisory services" for the staff; the aim is a comprehensive survey and evaluation of the employee's psychological health status, for the future of the "Employee Assistance Program" (EAP) to provide realistic on the basis of a number of parameters and.This project two projects are divided into EAP and EAP.The first phase of the project is the "Oriental geophysical investigation of EAP project" was in 2008 April in the East geophysical research Changqing branch (Xi'an) after the stage of acceptance and research results obtained satisfactory, now in China Petroleum Group and obtain the relevant departments for approval.This results in the first research results for China Petroleum Enterprise EAP, including a number of management psychology and organizational behavior of the staff in Eastern Geophysical Research Institute (8 /28 projects /160 index) evaluation research: (1) psychological stress field: the occupation pressure; salary; interpersonal relationship; family; (2) the psychosomatic health: health index; physical disease; neurasthenia; depressive symptoms; (3) stress field: stress; psychological crisis; fatigue; impulsive effect; (4) coping defence: defense mechanism; social support; (5) occupation Psychology: driving; team spirit; hierarchy of needs; demand recommendations; (6) excellent psychological field: emotional intelligence; success factors; mental ability; (7) personality psychology: Big Five personality; personality; type A behavior; (8) management psychology: human flaws; personality; cultural values; political participation consciousness.Evaluation of employee occupation stress and stress management of research in this paper is one of the key results of this project.

Method 2: employee occupation pressure survey and statistical

(1) the data source.2007 4~8 months, the project team has in China Research Institute of petroleum prospecting in Zhuozhou headquarters (including research center, processing center, computer service center, tape library, overseas business department and research institutions), Dagang Branch, North Branch, the branch, Korla branch, Urumqi branch, Dunhuang branch. Subordinate units of staff in the sampling survey of 887 people, off 11 questionnaires, 876 valid questionnaires (total of investigation number 98.8%).This study selected 876 samples as the foundation data evaluation and discussion.In the total sample, 426 men (48.6% of total sample), 435 women (49.7%), lack of gender is missing 15 people (1.7%).
(2) research methods.(1) investigation method: using self-compiled "" China Institute of geophysical prospecting for petroleum employee assistance program "(EAP) research project" [4] survey staff occupation pressure: including 10 evaluation: task orders, position competition, technical requirements, deadlines, achievement recognition, work, job stress, job security errors, leisure overtime, quality control acceptance.(2) statistics: take the United States "statistical package for the social sciences" SPSS13.0 analysis of survey data, the main methods: frequency analysis, mean comparison, multiple regression, factor analysis and statistical chart.

Results: 3 > comparison and analysis of

(1) "occupation pressure" is important? Leisure overtime pressure and post competition pressure employees to be the first to bear the brunt of
The pie chart statistics on the prevalence rate of 10, occupation pressure employees showed: in 876 sampling staff occupation, load is the most important leisure overtime pressure (67.8% employees to reflect "often work overtime, so that the rest also at work"); post competition pressure (60.8% employees to reflect "the industry position competition, people feel pressure"); work stress (56.4% employees reflect "work has been very taut, no rest, leisure time"); deadline pressure (55.3% employees to reflect "project task to the deadline, times feeling pressure"); second is the recognition of achievements in pressure (48.2% employees to reflect "work achievement can be recognized, makes me anxious"); quality control approval pressure (42.6% employees to reflect "often project
Plagued by quality control and acceptance and trouble "); the errors of work pressure (40.2% employees" work reflects the error might be criticized, I fear "); occupation lighter load is the order task pressure (30.8% employees to reflect" a lot of, domestic and foreign orders is busy come nevertheless "); safe working pressure (21.5% employees of the" difficult to ensure personal safety, overseas working pressure "); technical requirements of pressure (18.4% employees of the" technical requirement is too strong, too, to ").See figure 1.
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