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Standardize the management of the new situation of scientific research institutes and institutions of labor and employment

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[Abstract] along with the implementation of the new law, diversified employment forms, standardize the management of labor and employment, the prevention of legal risks, become the new subject of scientific research institutes and institutions of human resource managers face.This paper discussed how to do labor management work under the new situation, to provide some ideas and system for Scientific Research Institute of human resource management at the present stage and after the reform of the institutions.
[keyword] institutions; labor contract relationship; to regulate the management of

1 Economic and legal environment background analysis of

First of all should be clear, scientific research institutes and institutions to sign labor contracts with the workers for "labor law" and "labor contract law" adjustment."Article second labor law", "labor contract law" the second, the ninety-sixth have special provision.
Institution is an organization of endemic to china.Between the unit and the employees is a long-term human relations, the cadres and workers to identity difference, the preparation of management.With the development of market economy, scientific research institutes and institutions began to promote the innovation of system and mechanism, the gradual introduction of management personnel, professional and technical personnel, skilled workers.Because the cause of the preparation of limit, the employer take flexible employment way, with the signing of labor contracts, labor contract relationship.Therefore, there is such a phenomenon: the coexistence of a unit personnel relationship and labor contract relationship, respectively, by the adjustment policies of different laws and regulations.Due to the profound changes brought by human way, will inevitably bring about many aspects of the original management mode, especially the new "labor contract law" and "Labor Contract Law Implementing Regulations", put forward higher requirements on the management of human resources.In personnel management inherent mode of thinking, the labor management of scientific research institutes and institutions show a lack of experience, management method and system construction in the process of gradually found in.
From a long-term point of view, the establishment of Ministry of human resources and social security institutions, promoting employment, pension reform in institutions and other series of policies, and accompanied by the institutions themselves to enterprises reform, means that the future of units will be changing employment mechanism, from identity management to post management mode transformation.
Therefore, research on how to standardize the management of labor and employment, as well as scientific research institutes and institutions of human resource managers in the new subject faced at the present stage, but also for the personnel management in the future after system reform experience and provide reference.In this paper, combined with the author's Institute of scientific research institutions, to discuss how to do the labor management work under the new situation.

2 change management ideas, establish the legal concept of cost

First of all, should change the management idea and the working train of thought.At this stage of the central part of the enterprise subordinate research institutes are still the cause of corporate property, there exist two of people under the preparation of internal and external staff, originally belong to the Ministry of personnel and Labor Ministry, policies and regulations for different, there is a certain difference in management practice.This increases the difficulty of actually also to scientific research institutes and institutions of workers and management, policy and law environment, in the face of more complex, the managers of the policy level and management ability to bring a greater challenge.Managers need to break the original fixed ideas of identity management, at the same time, pay attention to preparation and staff of two groups, put them on an equal level, the establishment of two kinds of management modes are integrated, consider the balance relationship between the parties of interest, to maintain the consistency of human resource practices, is conducive to the parties to take policy measures, arouse the staff's creativity, even from the ideological and psychological work, let the compilation of the labor contract workers also have the sense of identity, sense of belonging.In this context, how to realize the equal pay for equal work is needed to focus on.Labor law and labor contract law defines the requirements of "equal pay for equal work, equal pay for equal work", cannot simply be understood literally, not absolute fairness is not only suitable for compensation.In fact, equal pay for equal work is required for us to carry out the work of human resource management process, should set up the equal protection principle, give full play to the initiative of both parties, including the work environment, rest and vacation, occupation development and other aspects, both sides realize a win-win situation, to promote the establishment of harmonious and stable labor relations.
Secondly, emphasizing the organization and personnel construction.Under the new regulation, labor management requires that we gradually from extensive management to fine management, the mechanism and function setting, professional and dynamic labor management require should be an independent functions and other functions of human resources management in the equally important aspect, hand specializes in charge.From the top to the base of human resource management policies and regulations, strengthen the study and training, enhance the legal awareness and management level.
Thirdly, to establish a "legal costs" concept.With the increase of labour relations between the two sides constantly running and workers' legal consciousness, the labor dispute is inevitable, in case of any dispute, we have to pay extra time and effort to deal with, this must be a management job losses.Therefore, managers must save, actively grasp the policies and laws, more legal norms to carry out the work, to prevent disputes risk, avoid the illegal take more management cost, time cost, legal cost.3 combined with the actual unit, establish and improve labor relations management system

Labor management system of scientific research institutes and institutions, is the labor contract personnel work and order management, the parties to the labor contract entered into, is in the process of performing must comply with the rules and procedures of the contract.Establish and improve labor relations management system, is the premise to standardize the management of labor and employment.
The rules can be divided into two categories, one category is for the labor contract personnel management system, one is the labor contract management system.The first category, including performance appraisal, attendance, salary and welfare, rewards and punishments, overtime management etc..For example, research institutes and institutions of workers usually work behavior and work output is extensive management mode, there is little overtime management system.But for the labor contract personnel, we must take into account the possibility of working overtime, overtime and overtime calculation rules, otherwise generated controversy when both sides each sticks to his argument, it is difficult to confirm.The author place unit developed specialized labor contract workers salary management, salary structure reference institutions, the system of labor contract wages are refined design, greatly facilitate the management and operation.Second kinds of rules and regulations may include labor contract labor contract negotiation method, dynamic monitoring methods, internal three party consultation mechanism, departments of communication and coordination mechanism, coordination and supervision mechanism, and trade union rights work flow.Rules and regulations perfect design, can advance to filter out potentially controversial problems.
In the process of building system, to grasp three points: one is to have a definite object in view for this particular group of labor contract workers, and balance in the preparation of internal and external coordination, ensure the consistency between the management practices, to avoid conflicting or contrasting situation.The two is to ensure that the rules and regulations of the specific operational.The three is to pay attention to legal entity, but also pay attention to the legal procedure, "the provisions of article fourth labor contract law" will reflect the three meanings: one is established by law, after the two democratic procedures; three is to be public or inform.

The 4 play a positive role in the formation of trade unions, the internal microscopic three party coordination mechanism of

At present, many scientific research institutes and institutions are more engaged in the trade union membership management and organization of work, in the coordination of labor relations also failed to play an effective role."Labor contract law" article fifth of the coordination of labor relations of the three party mechanism to make the provisions.Fourth, fifth, sixth, forty-first, forty-third and fifth chapters, the sixth chapter are clearly the should more reflect the status and role of trade union."Labor law" provisions of the trade union organizations in safeguarding the rights and interests of workers, have the right to carry out investigation, put forward opinions and requirements to correct violations of workers rights and interests behavior.The author thinks, inside the unit should also develop a microscopic by human resources management department, employers, trade unions three party coordination mechanism, in the formulation of relevant and personal interests of the staff rules and regulations, the supervision of labor during the execution of the contract, in advance, in the thing formed, after the communication and dispute processing work mechanism.In the occurrence or possible labor disputes happen, first enable the internal three party coordination mechanism for consultation and mediation, avoid direct go to arbitration or litigation process, reduce the cost and the negative impact of the dispute between the two sides.The three party coordination mechanism, inherent requirement of internal management is the unit, but also embodies the performance of the labor contract law, will be beneficial to the promotion of positive effects for the development of a stable and harmonious labor relations play.
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