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Study on human resources management of transport enterprises

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Author: Liu Xiaguang Guo Haidong Liu Wenfeng
[Abstract] along with the great changes of the social situation and the increasingly fierce market competition, the knowledge workers of the intellectual capital of small and medium-sized enterprises how to fully and rationally, how to make these knowledge workers and give full play to the role of the intellectual capital, has become a new topic faced by smes.The competition between enterprises is the talent competition, talent shortage of the enterprise may not get long-term development.Some problems existing in the human resource management of small and medium enterprises, and put forward the corresponding countermeasures.
[keyword] human resource; incentive mechanism; corporate culture; strategy of

Small and medium-sized enterprises to speed up the development and growth of enterprises, the difference must be in the face of rapid development of technical innovation and management innovation and rapid change of customer demands hitherto unknown challenge and competition, but the competition in the final analysis is the competition of talents, with the opponent more than loyalty, more outstanding, more active and creative talents, can greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.An international consulting company were tracked in 200 of the world's fastest growing company, has designed a such questions: what is that employers and President of sleepless nights? According to the results of the survey, ranked in the top three are: how to attract high-quality talent? How to retain key employees.? how to develop the existing staff skills? Small and medium enterprises to adapt to and meet these challenges, we need to continuously improve the employee talent, energy and performance, fast building their own human resource advantage and core competitiveness, only in this way, enterprises can effectively realize the grand strategy, development strategy can be effectively implemented, in order to maintain the normal business survival and promote the sustained, rapid development of enterprises.

There are 1 main problems of small and medium-sized enterprise human resources management in the

1.1 the lack of systematic idea of human resources management: the small and medium-sized enterprise human resources indifferently understanding and random management malpractice is becoming a bottleneck to restrict the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, many believe that human resource management is to be restricted and management in staff attendance, rewards, salary, and in stimulating the employees' enthusiasm, initiative and creative understanding is not in place, work is not solid, supporting training, incentives are not timely, can not effectively play the role of performance appraisal.In the introduction of talents, cultivation, use, promotion, reserves, retained without the formation of an effective, viable mechanism.Human-centered idea has not been really accepted by the small and medium-sized enterprises and use.
1.2 the lack of real human resource management functions with the development of enterprise development and competition, although some enterprises set up the human resources department, but most is the original "personnel" changed its name to, "a superficial reform", the exercise is still file management, wages and labor insurance and other traditional to "do" center personnel management function, not the exercise of real human as the center of the HR function.Many small and medium-sized enterprise also has a strong "emotional economy" consciousness.Especially the family enterprises, relationship between enterprises become main staff of the rope, top management and financial and other key positions were mostly relatives and control, make some outstanding talent away from its core layer and make it difficult to.
1.3 the lack of human resource performance evaluation and effective incentive mechanism: establish a set of objective, accepted by staff personnel evaluation standards recognized, the formation of talent assessment system perfect, and the evaluating result and the employee's salary, promotion incentives such as close to hang a hook, is the management of human resources in the most driving force and decisive a link.At present, the lack of scientific, strict appraisal system for many small and medium enterprises.Also has the obvious "patriarchal" brand, talent assessment rests in the hands of the minority leader, majority of single evaluation, assessment, old standard, strong rule colors.
Human resources incentive mechanism of 1.4 enterprises do not live, "mess" phenomenon seriously: at present, the incentive mechanism of our country small and medium-sized enterprise mainly for salary and reward and punishment.The small and medium-sized enterprise incentive mechanism of human resources efficiency, the first performance in salary incentive system lacks of strength, the level of wages can not pull apart, many units have not set up different incentive mechanism, obviously does not match the excellent employee pay and income, namely the existence of a serious imbalance in the "two eight law" (the 20% people to do the work of 80% 20%, take the reward); secondly, there exists serious "tend to be promoted according to status" in the talent use and evaluation, pull back, equalitarianism phenomenon is serious, cause needs professional personnel department was there after the door, has a background in low-level mediocrity possession, inhibit innovation activities of young talents; title evaluation system is not perfect, evaluation of performance and technical personnel is not fair.
1.5 on human resources development and training of staff awareness is low: small and medium enterprises lack of human resources strategic planning and investment concepts, no human resources as the resources to deal with.The main reasons are: one is because of the small and medium-sized enterprise scale is small, the shortage of funds, fixed training funds is difficult to be guaranteed; two is the majority of small and medium enterprises in order to avoid the loss caused by the employees training investment risk.Therefore, the majority of enterprises are matched in formulating marketing strategy, product strategy has failed to establish corresponding human resource strategy, human-centered concept has not been accepted by the enterprise owners and managers, the general lack of training of talents.Short-term behavior and even some small and medium enterprises have training is "now use the training".
1.6 the lack of good enterprise culture: the enterprise culture is the condensation, precipitation in the long-term practice of business enterprise values and the spirit of enterprise, it is to the employee's behavior and habits will exert strong influence.At present, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises do not pay attention to the building of enterprise culture, the staff lack of common values, the enterprise identity is not strong, dislocation often results in personal values and corporate philosophy.Or the building of enterprise culture of some enterprises, a political slogan, representation and rigid, employees do not agree with, even privately boycott, formation of enterprise culture and staff behavior apart.

2 to strengthen the human resource management of small and medium-sized enterprises countermeasures

2.1 to strengthen the "people-oriented" human resource management consciousness: small and medium-sized enterprises want to do a good job in human resources management must renew the idea, must change the backward management concept of human resources.One is to establish the concept of human capital.Human capital is the value of human resources in enterprises.In today's era of the knowledge economy, enterprises increasingly fierce competition and changeable, entrepreneurs, staff's knowledge and will become more and more important, the knowledge efficiently into competitiveness, has become a key enterprise of vital importance.Therefore, to labor factor to the traditional distinction, separating the knowledge elements from labor, admitting knowledge in wealth creation status, distribution form and give the corresponding.Two is to establish a "people-oriented" management thinking.Human resource management must be stressed people-centered, respect for employees, trust, rely on staff, give full play to their potential creativity, emphasizing the subjective initiative of employees, pay attention to meet individual needs for self-actualization, which is highly embody the core values of the enterprise.
2.2 to establish the performance management of human resource management system: the pursuit of high performance is an important goal of enterprise existence and development, performance management is the core of human resources management.Effective performance management, can provide timely feedback to employees, help them avoid weaknesses, improve performance, development of skills and enhance the quality of.At the same time, the results of performance evaluation and compensation, training, incentives, promotion for managers to provide a reliable basis for decision of human resource.For the small and medium enterprises, can not like large enterprises that has the abundant fund as a strategic investment, may not invest a lot of money, take a long time and effort to establish and perfect the human resource management system.Therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises should adhere to the performance as the center in the design of human resource management mode, namely the establishment of an effective guidance, performance evaluation and performance improvement system to accurately assess the guidance, a variety of employee performance, and thus establish the incentive system, talents training and development plan, personnel promotion system and advance and retreat the formation of the corresponding process etc..
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